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Mind Body Energy Psychology &  Wellness Counseling 

Cathy Armstrong 

MS, LPC-S, RN, Fellow NBCCH offering Holistic & Integrative Counseling, Consultation, and Coaching

5934 S. Staples, Corpus Christi Texas 78413

Using Faith, Lifestyle Change, Prayer, Tapping, and Meditation for Change

The Power Is Within You

 Call Us (361) 688-8200 Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything..

-----George Bernard Shaw

Hello and Welcome!

I am here to be a stepping stone for self-discovery, creating a sacred space for others  learn how incredibly wonderful they are and to learn to love themselves more. I  teach  my clients and students how to change negative thinking patterns, create new possibilities , and learn to stay focused in the present !

Learn to put the pause button on before reacting in fear and anger! Spot, Stop, Switch those patterns in your head about negative thoughts and fears based on core issues from childhood or abusive relationships! You are worthwhile! You are amazing!  LEARN TO SAY, "Yes, I Can Do It! " Change Your Story and Change Your Life!

Working with Positive Energy, Hope, and Motivation to Be All That You Can Be!

Powerful ways to tap into Self-Improvement, Enhance Your Self-Esteem, Gain Positive Energy in Your Life, Learn the Tools to Stay in the Moment, Forgive...let go...move on, Create a Happier Life and Enjoy Peace of Mind!

Proverbs: "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he."

I am here  to help YOU live a more joyful, peaceful, and balanced life and  help you create the life YOU desire!  My practice offers help to individuals and couples feeling overwhelmed or stuck in the past, their emotional pain, or feel defined by their story. I am here to teach you ways to let go, heal, and move on to reach you full potential. Together we will create a plan designed especially for your own personal needs to help you release and eliminate emotional blocks, clear negativity,  and create new possibilities. 

I incorporate research based integrative mindfulness, cognitive, dialectical behavior therapies, and somatic therapies, to help heal complex trauma, family or origins and relationship pain. I believe in combining bibliotherapy as a useful part of therapy to help create new reference points in exploring new and more positive ways to find personal value in yourself, help  you to remove obstacles that keep people stuck and look at your what you are focusing on and teaching you to examine where you are wasting precious energy that might be draining you emotionally. Together we explore where you could  replace the negative with the positive and where your energy and focus needs to occur  to better help you relieve fear, anxiety, depression, and anger. We create clearing statements, write daily affirmations, set intentions, and explore daily journaling, art work to free a space for more creativity and joy in your life.

Learn to self-monitor your thoughts, your goals, your beliefs, and the words you use to talk to yourself and to others.  Offering you individual sessions, group work,  book club, and online workshops throughout Texas.

I believe that we are a sum of all our parts.  What you feed your body,  your mind, your heart, and your soul all interplay with each other.  Exercise, proper nutrition, and positive thinking are all parts to creating a healthy lifestyle.  I will teach you skills to self-monitor and evaluate your thoughts, feelings, and actions and help you set up achievable goals for success. I help you to create your own mission statement for success and draw up your personal action plan for success.  Together we explore the internal and external negativity in your life and after becoming aware of  your personal and environmental obstacles, I will teach you to take that self-awareness, explore how others negativity combined with your own fears, self-doubts,  judgements, and criticisms about yourself and others stops you from living a happier and more peaceful and balanced life. I teach you to incorporate cognitive restructuring, the work of Carl Jung doing Shadow Work and teach you how it impacts the chakra system, teach you how to put your feelings on the pause button using guided imagery, sand tray, grounding mastery, breath work and expressive arts. Together we will explore where the feelings are coming from...address the core issues using mindfulness cognitive behavior therapy,  EFT, (Tapping), affirmations, mirror work, and learn to process a new way of looking at those feelings. Looking at your core wounds can become empowering as you use narrative therapy to help change your negative perceptions of yourself. I help you rid yourself of the "Should Be, Should Have, Must Be, Must Do, and Ought to Have Done, Ought to be Better, etc.  Statements, " that you might be defining yourself with. I combine meditation, homework assignments, outside reading, and weekly contracts with yourself to keep you focused on the goals your have created. We explore your values and help you create ways to stay on tract to be the best you that you deserve to be. 

I am a resource to help others grow and enrich their lives  promoting emotional wellness, health and wellbeing. I am here to guide you in creating the life you deserve to live.  Together we explore your values, morals, beliefs, and the thinking patterns you have that might be causing emotional pain and self- sabotageI am here for others that are soul seekers and are on their personal spiritual journey. My practice is very diverse and I am sensitive to the needs of each person, their personal values, beliefs and preference of faith, religion, or spiritual path. I have both secular and non-secular education. I have an interest in multicultural healing, shamanism, energy psychology,  ceremonial dance, and world religions. I offer individual, group, and couples Shadow Work based on Jungian principles and archetypes. 

Mind-Counseling, Coaching, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Thought Stopping, Exploring the Possibilities, Neuroscience  Behavior Therapy

Body-Somatic Therapy, Relaxation, Autogenic Training, Moving Meditation, Sleep Hygiene, Mindful Eating

Spirit-Connection to our Higher Selves, Developing Intuition, Listening to Our Inner Voice.  Jungian Shadow Work.

 Grief Counseling is available for pregnancy loss, the loss of a loved one, and for the loss of a beloved pet. Relationship termination is also considered a loss.  Grief counseling is offered for those undergoing divorce, separation, and "break up." Faith Based Counseling is offered upon request. I have a non related counseling doctorate in the field of religious studies. My ordination as a  minister is non related to the field of professional counseling. This is supplemental education and training helps me with my clients wanting Christian and Faith Based Services.

Come Join Us: Using DBT, Mindfulness CBT, Jungian Concepts, and Energy Psychology Work to enhance those that are working in their personal lives on combing, Faith, Prayer, and Self Help Reading of Napoleon Hill, Rhonda Byne, Tara Brach, Louse Hay, and many others that have helped pave the way to healing, success, and change.

Psychology Joins Spirituality with Jungian Concepts. Learn about The Shadow Self and More...

 If you are thinking about getting counseling and you would like to talk to someone about the things that are troubling you, I am happy to talk to you. Tel: (361) 688-8200 

Teletherapy Only at this time!   

Most Services are Self Pay and typically are $100.00 per clock hour.

Cathy Armstrong, MS, LPC-S. RN, Fellow NBCCH
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5934 S. Staples, Corpus Christi, Texas 78413                                                                        

Home of the COVID 19 Mind Body Stress Management Program whose mission is help participants lean how to naturally balance the mind, body and spirit to reduce symptoms of  stress, fear, adrenal fatigue, anger, stress, burnout that can lead to depression and/or anxiety. Read more in our counseling section.  Holistic Zoom Workshops for Corporations, Business, Schools, Universities, Individuals, Couples, and Families.  I have over 40 years of combined mental health and hypnosis experience and am known by physicians, clients, and other professionals for the quick work I do in helping people get "unstruck." Come work with me!

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