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Hypno-Mama Tranquil Birthing Services @ The Medicine Wheel

Tel: (361) 688-8200 Amazing Births, Natural Birth Preparation, Cutting Edge, State of the Art


Holistic Birth Counseling & Signature Holistic Conscious Natural Birthing Classes @ The Medicine Wheel: Labor Support Training, Advanced Doula Training for A Hypno-Mama Tranquil Birth & Natural Pain Management  Experience

  • An Alternative Integrative Mind Body Spirit Connection to Traditional Childbirth Classes
  • Jungian Concepts. An addition to any prepared childbirth education course for hospital, birthing center, or homebirth. Expressive and Creative Birth Art, Self-Hypnosis, Meditations for Pregnancy
  • Become a Birth Warrior,  Connect with the Divine Feminine, Connect with the Inner Wise Woman
  • Connecting to the Child Within to the Carragious  Birth Warrior That is inside of your, waiting to be acknowledged During Pregnancy,  Throughout the Labor & Birth Process. 
     TeL: (361) 688-8200  Birth with Cathy @ The Medicine Wheel   
  • Taught by a Registered Nurse, Trained in 4 Methods and Trade- Marked Brands of Childbirth Preparation Using Hypnosis. Originator of the Tranquil Birth Method of Childbirth formally taught at local hospitals and a Wellness Center. Board Approved Supervisor Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Childbirth Educator-Cathy Armstrong, MS, LPC-S, RN, CCE, CCHt Fellow in Good Standing at the National Board for Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists! CEU Provider for Mental Health Professionals and Birth Workers: Beginning, Advanced, and Intermediate-50 Hours Training Course for Licensed Professional Counselors! Advanced Training in Specialty Areas of Clinical Hypnosis.

Subconscious Mind Mastery  A PRACTICE OF EMOTIONAL AND SPIRITUAL HEALING, Fear Release, Affirmations, Clearing Statements, EFT, Tapping, EMDR, Expressive Art, Self-hypnosis training, Medical Meditation. Cutting Emotional Cords that keep you stuck, combining energy psychology, positive psychology, NLP, Mindfulness CBT, Gestalt, and Jungian Concepts. Birth Counseling, Classes, Workshops, and Professional CEU's and Training for Birth Workers and Mental Health Providers. Individual, Group Zoom Classes, Workshops, and Counseling and Hypnotherapy Session Infertility, Fear, Abandonment, Rejection, Criticism, and Anxiety. Services for Individuals, Master Mind Groups, Pregnancy, Birth, Postpartum, and Beyond!

Remove Emotional Blocks for Allow your Mind and Body to work in Harmony for your VBAC Birth

Cathy Armstrong MS.LPC-S, RN, clinical hypnotherapy fellow, has been preparing women for over 40 years to give birth. C-Sections are one of the most common surgeries in the U.S. that a woman will undergo. Common Fears that women have  after having a cesarean delivery are: Pain, Healing Time, Body Image Issues, and Ability to Care for their New Baby. Feelings of Not Being able To Trust Their Body and feelings of Failure can often lead to increased tension, pain, and emotional distress. If the emotional distress is not addressed this can lead to postpartum depression. Rates in the U.S. vary depending on region, but on average according the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about 31% of women in our country give birth by c-section. Preparing a woman of Trusting Her Body and Mother Nature is Vital in Teaching Childbirth Classes, but just as important is to prepare the mind, body, and, spirit for unexpected circumstances and teach women not to attach fears to the topic, but to have a knowing that they are strong, courageous, and capable of handling life when things do not go as planned. Hypnosis can help women be up and about many times much faster with her ability to heal, care for her new baby, and feel better faster. The body needs SLEEP TO HELP HEAL! Being a new mother those first few weeks, learning the art of meditation ( 10 minutes twice a day) and self-hypnosis can help make up the difference and help the body heal.


  • As a professional counselor AND hypnotherapist, I have been helping individuals prepare pre-and post-operatively for surgery.
  • Many of the patients I see are planning to have: bariatric surgery, breast surgery, cancer surgery, knee replacement surgery, and scheduled cesarean births.
  • Hypnosis can reduce fear, reduce complications, and quicken healing time associated with a Cesarean Birth.
  • A study at Harvard noted that woman that underwent hypnosis had a faster healing rate from breast surgery recovery than women in the non-hypnosis group.

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean HYPNOSIS

I have been counseling women for over 25 years and working as a RN for over 40 years with that have given birth by C-Section and are in hopes of delivering vaginally with their next birth.

Women benefit from counseling after a C-Section preparing emotionally. psychologically . and spiritually, when planning future pregnancies and hoping for a VBAC.

Acknowledging the impact of an unplanned C-Section can be not only a traumatic event but some women hide their disappointment in unprocessed shame, anger, resentment, confusion, and have an "empty feeling " inside, a sense of failure, loss, disappointment , and inner conflict.

Added shame sometimes occurs because the mothers'  feelings are  ignored, discounted. or  intensified  by well meaning, medical personal, doctors, doulas, childbirth educators, and families... with statements like, "You should be happy...you have a perfectly healthy baby..."

Women need to have a voice, be heard, and respected as they process their feelings about Their Birth Story!

Your feelings are yours and you have a right to them.Work life balance spelled in stones on the beach

Being able to work though these feelings (feeling cheated,  feeling the unfairness, comparing birth stories with others, feeling ashamed, unworthy, like a failure, etc.) Telling your STORY can be healing.

This work creates a safe and sacred space for those women to tell their story, move forward, and experience all the joys of motherhood in her rite of passage as a Mother!

Women that give birth by C-Section undergo Major Surgery may experience a wide range of feelings. Yes, there are many women that feel happy, relieved, and grateful to have a healthy baby...however not all women feel that way! Some women experience great fear and even trauma about complications in labor that led to an emergency C-Section and need to talk openly and without being "judged" as she replays the fears of dying, the fears that her child might have problems with mental and physical challenges as she is quickly prepared for surgery and will be moved to an operating room.

The new mother may have difficulty bonding with her new baby as she is still processing what just happened.hand resting on knee

Yes, even with the birth of a healthy baby by C-Section some women struggle with the trauma of labor, the trauma of surgery, the pain associated with recovery and limitations created from having major surgery. We need to Normalize these feelings experienced by many women! A combination of talk therapy and hypnosis for release, balance, and finding, connecting to what you feel like you lost to what you have gained is achievable with hypnosis. Heal the past and prepare for the future. Use you ability to move forward, undo the trappings of your past birth and create a new pathway to healing your mind, body, and spirit. Let's Do It Together! You Can Do It!


Disclaimer: Cathy Armstrong is not a medical doctor and has no control over the path your labor and birth with take. She cannot ensure that you will have the dream birth you so want. Cathy will do everything she can to help you work in harmony to allow you mind, your body, and your spirit to work together. This does not take away from the possibility that you can have an amazing birth, have your baby vaginally, and without medication.  To have a vaginal birth the passenger (the baby), the pelvis, the strength of you contraction, your progress in labor, the position of your baby must all be working at the same time with the mom and baby's health being of primary concern.

Help is available! Set that Goal! Visualize It, Meditate On It, Clear the Fear, Learn self-hypnosis, and create a partnership with your birth partner to be an AMAZING Support Birth Partner, and enhance your relationship, improve your marriage, enhance your communication all at the same time! Call Cathy Armstrong, MS, LPC,-S, RN, CCE, CCHt, Birth Worker, Doula, Educator, Hypnotherapist, Registered Nurse, Professional Counselor: Tel: (361) 688-8200