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Texas LPC'S  Become a Texas LPC Supervisor via Telehealth Now!

Hand holding plant40 HOUR TEXAS LPC Supervisor Training is Available During Covid 19 from Home or Office for Texas LPC's!

  • 40 Hour LPC Supervisor Training Fee
  • $500.00 Home Study Only, Self Paced 90 days to complete
  • Weekly 1 Hour Flexible Weekly Meetings on Zoom 

NEW CLASSES STARTING NOW !  Call Cathy Armstrong MS, LPC-S, RN, Fellow NBCCH at (361) 688-8200 located in Corpus Christi, Texas 78413

Take the first step to your new career as a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor. Cathy has both secular and non-secular education and training and has over 40 years combined mental health experience as a RN and Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor and over 20 years supervisory experience. Cathy obtained her LPC in 1994 and within a few year had her LPC-S. She is an advanced clinician in hypnotherapy and is a Fellow with the National Board for Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists. She offers training in basic, intermediate, and advanced hypnotherapy. She supervises LPC Interns weekly and maintains a private practice.

Start Today!  Call Cathy at (361) 688-8200Woman smiling at beach

Get 12 Hours Credit in Ethics Create a Blueprint for Your New Career as a LPC Supervisor

You must have 60 months (5 years experience as an LPC ) to become a LPC Supervisor

.Cathy has additional supervisory experience in the areas of:

  • Child, Adolescent, and Adult Mental Health
  • Addictions, Substance Abuse
  • Human Trafficking
  • School Counseling and School Consultation
  • Faith Based Counseling
  • Death and Dying, Grief and Loss Counseling
  • Mood/Personality Disorders
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Shame, Worthlessness, Poor Self Esteem
  • Abuse , Domestic Violence
  • ADD/ADHD, Impulse Control Disorders
  • Expressive & Creative Therapy
  • Pet Therapy
  • Mind Body Spirit Counseling
  • Meditation, Guided Imagery, Mindfulness
  • Psychoneuroimmunology SupportWomen meditating
  • Jungian Therapy
  • PTSD, Trauma
  • Illness, Holistic Model for Counseling
  • Birth Trauma
  • Sex Workers
  • Prenatal, Birth, Postpartum Counseling
  • Behavior and Conduct Disorders
  • Anxiety, Depression, Anger
  • Psychiatric Hospitals & Community Agency Work
  • Equine Psychotherapy, Animal Assisted Therapy
  • Family Counseling & Parenting
  • Couples, Marriages, and Family of Origin Counseling
  • Career Development

All materials for this course are copyrighted by Cathy Armstrong, RN, MS, LPC-S and cannot be reproduced without permission.  Courses Must be Completed in 90 days!

The following information is taken directly from the Texas Board of Examiners for Licensed Professional Counselors regarding obtaining a LPC Supervisor Status:

§681.147 40-Clock-Hour Supervisor Training Course

Texas LPC Board Rules: §681.142 of this title (relating to Acceptable Continuing Education) and:

(1) the course must be taught by a full LPC with supervisor status;

(2) all related coursework and assignments must be completed over a time period not to exceed 90 days; and

(3) the 40-clock-hour supervision training must include at least:

Man smiling(A) three (3) clock-hours for defining and conceptualizing supervision and models of supervision;

(B) three (3) clock-hours for supervisory relationship and counselor development;

(C) twelve (12) clock-hours for supervision methods and techniques, covering roles (teacher, counselor, and consultant), focus (process, conceptualization, and personalization), group supervision, multi-cultural supervision (racial, ethnic, and gender issues), and evaluation methods;

(D) twelve (12) clock-hours covering roles for supervision and standards of practice; Subchapter B (relating to Authorized Counseling Methods and Practices); Subchapter C (relating to Code of Ethics); §681.91 of this title (relating to LPC Intern License); §681.92 of this title (relating to Experience Requirements (Internship)); §681.93 of this title (relating to Supervisor Requirements); other codes of ethics; and legal and professional issues; and

(E) three (3) clock-hours for executive and administrative tasks, covering supervision plan, supervision contract, time for supervision, record keeping, and reporting. "

Due to the pandemic Zoom will be used until issues with social distancing are no longer a problem. Sessions will be conducted via Tele-health. Weekend Face to Face Training is Now Available!

Please check with your licensing board  periodically to ensure that you are not required to have part of this training face to face with the pandemic.

TX LPC Supervisor 40 Hour Tele Training 5934 S. Staples Corpus Christi, Texas 78413 Tel: (361) 688-8200