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LPC Intern Contract

As an LPC Supervisor, Cathy Armstrong MS, LPC-S is ultimately liable for the actions of her Suprvisees. She reserves the right to interview prospective Supervisees prior to agreeing to a Supervision Contract. You will need a minimum of 150 hours of Supervision and they do not all have to be with the same individual supervisor. If you are planning to change Supervisors, I will need a verbal or written recommendation from your current Supervisor. A Contract with your new LPC Supervisor is different from the Supervisor Agreement Form, which is required to be mailed by your new LPC Supervisor to initiate the approval process by the state of Texas. This for is NOT A CONTRACT.

The Contract between the LPC Supervisor and LPC Supervisee is for your protection. This agreement agrees to provide you the required supervision that is in compliance with the requirements of the Texas Administrative Code Chapter 681.93 and is in accordance with the terms that follows with both parties mutually agreeing to the contract. 

In the LPC Intern Supervision of Cathy Armstrong MS, LPC-S, New LPC Interns be given a contract agreement form to sign before she will sign your paperwork to be submitted to the state board for approval. The contract is a review of the requirements of an LPC Intern according to board rules and the ACA Code of Ethics.

The Contract Addresses:

  • Frequency and Duration covering the minimum hour of supervision required each month, types of supervision Cathy uses (face-to-face, live Internet webcam, and group), amount of each type of supervision you will be provided, how long your supervision will occur, and any additional important information relating to how often, how long, Intern Supervisee will be required to adhere to the supervision contract. You will spend a minimum of 18 months in Supervision.
  • Client Contact Hours: These are hours you spend in direct client contact.  You will need 1,500 direct hours and 1,500 indirect hours adding to 3,000 Total Hours. You can exceed the required hours needed for completion of your LPC Internship. 
  • Availability will be discussed and hours that Cathy is able to provide supervision and the hours that you are available will be included here.
  • At Risk Situations: will be addressed. Any questionable situations can be staffed though Ms. Armstrong at the contact numbers provided. When addressing suicidal or homicidal ideation or other high risk situation, please remember that we are subject to what is called a "Duty to Warn." We will create an action plan where we take appropriate action cases where we assess there is a threat of harm to self or others. if a third party is clearly identified to be at risk of harm, we are required to try to warn that person and document your efforts to do so as well as notify the authorities. if a person is assessed to be at risk for suicide, we will outline steps that should be taken to assure that they are referred for immediate psychiatric treatment or hospitalization as appropriate. We are mandated to report cses of suspected child abuse or elder abuse or abuse to any incapacitated person. You will need to learn the reporting process for both Child and Adult Protective Services.
  • Accountability and Availability for any missed supervision sessions will also be included. Please consider office hours that Ms. Armstrong is here to offer supervision services and the times you have available to keep your scheduled appointments for weekly supervision. Know that emergency situations can occur for both the Supervisor and the Supervisee and the preferred way of providing contact to each other. Non attendance without proper notification is grounds for termination.  Repeated missed supervisory session are grounds for possible conferencing, a growth plan, and possible termination.
  • Fees Structure for supervision will be included in your contract. The current rate of LPC Supervision with Ms. Armstrong is $200.00 a month. You can choose to pay weekly or monthly. Payments are due at the time of service. Failure to pay supervision fees by the agreed upon time frame are grounds for termination. Acceptable payment methods will be discussed. If 24 Hours Notice is not given to cancel Supervision, the Supervisee will be charged for the complete fee of the missed session.
  • Duration---Your start date begins when you receive your temporary license and the end date of the contract will be the date you receive your permanent license. Your termination date for supervision will be the date your official LPC License is received. You will remain in weekly supervision until you are fully licensed.
  • Changes to your contract will occur in writing and are subject to review quarterly. Both parties are able to terminate the contract and I will allow a 30 day written notice if you would like to change supervisors or if I feel that I am not a good match for to be your LPC Supervisor. There are additional reasons for grounds of termination that will be discussed in person.The termination can be terminated immediately if either party fails to maintain necessary qualifications or failure to follow board policies.
  • Liability Insurance is a requirement for Cathy Armstrong to provide supervision to LPC Interns. It is recommend that the Supervisee have a minimum of $1 million dollars individual, $3 million dollars aggregate. We will discuss the coverage you have and talk about ways to avoid needing to use it.
  • Payment of Services for Your Clients. According to Board Rules LPC Interns cannot receive any direct compensation from the clients they see. LPC Interns at this time are not allowed to receive payment from insurance companies and an on-site supervisor cannot bill an insurance company under "their umbrella" for services you provide. You will be asked to bring a sample copy of billing receipts and sample copies of forms that have your signature on therm to ensure that your signature and billing is following board rules.
  • Expectations of the Supervisor and Supervisee will be addressed.
  • Confidentiality Issues:According to 1996 legislation, all communications between clients and their licensed professional counselor are considered privileged. The LPCC must maintain privileged communications and patient confidentiality. All records of treatment are confidential and must remain confidential unless they are mandated to be reported for suspected abuse, neglect or exploitation of a child or vulnerable adult, and under situations where there is suspected threat of harm to self or others

Telephone: (361) 688-8200 Email: [email protected]
5934 S.Staples, Suite 206|Corpus Christi,Texas|78413

If you would like Cathy Armstrong to be your supervisor, please send your resume and to arrange an in-person meeting to discuss your goals.

It is a pleasure to work with LPC Interns that are highly motivated and want to provide high standards of care in the mental health field.