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Relationship Repair Services

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Bringing Love, Light, & Healing to Marriages

The Office of Cathy Armstrong LPCS

Tel:(361) 688-8200

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Are You and Your Partner Both Ready to Accept Your Limitations?

Are You Ready to Commit to Change and Taking Personal Responsibility ?

Are You wanting to Learn to Express Your Thoughts and Feelings Better?

Do You Become Defensive and Cannot Understand Why Your Partner Gets Angry?

If you are really ready to both do the work that is required to accept your blind sports, stop pointing the finger at each other, and really want to improve your relationship, give us a Call!

Negative Thinking, taking the other "persons" inventory, becoming defensive, having to be right, having to win, having to have the last work are indications that you are in need to Relationship Repair!

We support 12 step work for addictions, relationships, food,codependency , and alcohol .

We do not offer individual sessions to partners if you are being seen as a couple. We encourage you to find your own individual therapist if you think you need to work though some personal issues before committing to couples work.

Are there Red Flags in Your Relationship?

1) Trouble expressing your feelings.

2) Feeling like you are not being heard, understood or validated.

3) Feeling like your reality is questioned with anger, hostility, lies, and deceit.

4) You find yourself feeling all alone and living with a stranger or a roommate.

5) Lack of intimacy, touch, and affection.

6) Your partner lies to you with a straight face.

7) You feel criticized, put down, feel unworthy, you are full of self-doubt.

8) You feel guilty for no know reason, have poor self-esteem.

8) Snide remarks are made to you.

9) You are lied to here and there.

10) You get mixed messages, Come here and then go away!

11) Easily angry or annoyed with each other.

12) You no longer feel like a couple.

13) You feel alone and isolated in the relationship.

14) You feel unworthy, damaged, and unloved.

15) You feel manipulated, confused, conflicted, and feel it is all your fault.

16) There is no reasoning with your partner.

17) Trying to talk about problems end up in arguments or being walked out on.

18) There is no negotiation. It is one way only.

Some of the reasons couples seek relationship communication coaching and marriage repair classes are:

  • To Improve Communication
  • To learn to Reconnect
  • To Resolve Trust Issues
  • To Address Feelings of Abandonment and Loneliness
  • To Stop Constant Repeated Arguments 
  • To  Address Family Issues –  Parenting, Children, In-laws
  • To Address Problems Arguing Over Financial Issues
  • To Address Jealousy, Power and Control Issues
  • To Discuss Lack of Affection, Intimacy and Sexual Issues
  • To Address Problems of Infidelity/Cheating
  • To Address Problems Regarding Addictions/Drugs/Alcohol Abuse
  • To Resolve Issues About Household Responsibilities/Duties/Chores
  • To Discuss Pornography Issues and Sex Addictions    
  • To Put God, Hope, Faith Back in Your Marriage (All Faith, Beliefs, Religions Welcome)                                                                                                                                                                                                       
  • 5934 South Staples, Suite 206, Five Oaks Plaza Corpus Christi, Texas 78413     Tel;(361) 688-8200