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Virtual Hypnosis and Integrative Wellness Services

How is Your Sleep During Covid 19?

Are you waking up refreshed and clear headed, able to actively participate in your day?

  • Are you exhausted from racing thoughts that keep you awake?
  • Have you tried all kinds of sleep hygiene suggestions and nothing worked?
  • Work life balance spelled in stones on the beachDo you lay in bed and stare at the clock and another hour goes by?
  • Are you frustrated with your inability to fall asleep or stay asleep?
  • Do you get too much sleep or not enough sleep?
  • Do you toss and turn all night and cannot get comfortable.

Hands holding baby feet

Fertility Enhancement Hypnosis--It Is Conceivable!

Reproductive Counseling and Hypnotherapy

Your journey to becoming a parent might have started with some unexpected curves and bumps along the way and the miracle of life you intended to create was not so easy. I am here to help individuals and couples in their journey to become parents. I offer counseling and hypnosis for couples in all stages and phases of becoming parents...from the first thoughts of conception...through the hurdles of becoming pregnant and carrying a baby to term...though high risk pregnancy...relationship problems...planning the birth you want...releasing fears of childbirth...parenting... coping with a new baby and postpartum anxiety and depression.

Many women I see for counseling have unexplained miscarriages and unpredicted problems with fertility that takes them down a road of stress and exhaustion, anger, resentment, and self-blame.

Infertility can be a lonely experience, even though it affects millions of people. One in seven couples have some type of trouble getting pregnant. Financial drains, emotional ups and downs, feeling misunderstood by family and friends can take a toll on you. You are not alone! Support and counseling services are available. We take Humana PPO, Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal, Aetna PPO (most plans, and Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO of Texas. We ARE NOT taking new patients on other insurance plans as this time. We do offer private pay counseling and hypnosis if we are not on your plan.

If you have been trying to get pregnant for more than six months your doctor may be telling to to "Just relax and let it happen," but you cannot relax and hearing that upsets you more, please call us to discuss if you would like to be seen for a class, workshop, group, or counseling session.


Hypnosis for Fertility could: increase your chances of  conceiving naturally, improve your chance of conception with IVF, help you cope with negative emotions and stress associated with infertility, help you create balance and reduce stress on your journey to becoming a parent, and help with the negative side effects associated with assisted reproduction.
You might benefit from infertility counseling services if you are feeling preoccupied about infertility concerns, feeling depressed, stressed, exhausted, confused, anxious, helpless, hopeless, quick to anger, agitated or having problems sleeping. 

It is important to understand how hypnosis can work to help women conceive. Infertility is not just a physical issue, it creates, tension, fear, frustration and stress

Anxiety, depression and trauma are often seen in women and men struggling with infertility.

  • Hypnosis for fertility can help with natural conception or with medical assistance.
  • Hypnosis is safe and less expensive than IVF or any other RTP procedure.
  • Hypnotherapy can increase your success rates in IVF by doubling your chances and increase your success rate of natural conception by an estimated fifty percent.
  • Regardless if you're a man or woman and what part you play in the journey to conception, hypnotherapy can help you balance your life, create inner healing, and give you the confidence and courage to continue onward.
  • Couples Counseling is also available for Infertility
  • TX LPC  3 Hr Virtual CE in Managing Infertility Counseling for Texas Mental Health Providers

Many times the stress of having "scheduled sexual relations," puts stress on the marriage.

  • Couples can start to argue, have mood swings, have trouble remembering or concentrating, have an increase in weight or even weight loss.
  • Individuals might be to the point of deciding whether to create your family through surrogacy and/or egg donation.
  • The steps involved to having a baby might not be something that most of us have prepared for ?
  • Trying to conceive and the choices to be made can become stressful and full of questions, uncertainties, and challenges.
  •  The process of determining what attributes you are looking for in picking a surrogate or egg donor can be very stressful and emotional for many single women trying to become pregnant as well as for couples.
  • Finding a fertility counselor can help during this important time of creating your family.
  • Feelings of anger, shame disappointment and failure are normal and can leave you feeling isolated and mentally "worn out." These are all common feelings to couples and individuals struggling with fertility issues. Women going through infertility experiencing the same levels of stress, anxiety and depression as those that are going through cancer. This emotional stress puts further stress on the body.

Couples might start fighting more and marital problems might increase.

  •  Individual counseling sessions, group therapy, and couples counseling can help people experiencing infertility.
  • Cathy can help you sort out feelings, lean stress management and relaxation skills, learn medical meditation for infertility, improve your communication skills, and to find solutions to your difficulties.
  •  Feel better, cope better, create balance and clarity while trying to create your family.
  • Cathy now  is offering Virtual Counseling & Hypnosis Services from the safety and privacy of your own home during the pandemic crisis of Covid 19.
  • Many couples at the start of their journey of becoming parents beginning with IVF and conception.

If you choose to use a surrogate, Cathy is dedicated to being a mental health resource for you and your surrogate, from the very beginning of the reproductive process. It is our hope that your new little one is created with love, joy and happy memories.

Cathy Armstrong RN,MS, LPC-S 5934 S. Staples, Suite 206 Corpus Christi, Texas 78413 Telephone: (361) 688-8200