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Manifest Change, Move Forward, Create Success

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Mind, Body, Spirit

This Program is available in the office and Web cam !
Obstacles blocking my happiness: _______________________________

Others peoples words : ________________________________________

Feeling a lack of success:_______________________________________

Problems with prosperity: _______________________________________ 

Marriage problems:____________________________________________

Couples/Dating/Marital issues:___________________________________

Relationship Issues at Work, With Family, Friends: _____________________________________

My parents (living or deceased-childhood trauma, family of origin issues):________________________

My children, living at home, adult, tots to teens, living away from home:__________________________




 Fears: ______________________________________________________________________________________

"It is not what goes into the mouth of man that defileth the man, but what issues forth." Jesus
"Know thyself."  The root of wisdom and philosophy. 
Know your hopes, your desires, your motivations, your emotions. Listen to your soul.

.Talk so that others listen, respect and admire you. Improve  your communication. Learn to Love Yourself!

Lets Get Started Day One Exercise One

Motivation can be a difficult thing to maintain when facing the day to day struggles involved with reaching your goals, whether in weight loss motivation, regular exercise, study, self-improvement, increased self-esteem and confidence- creating prosperity, marketing your business, finding love...

Re read your stated intentions several times a day. Make sure that your intentions are reasonable, responsible, and respectful to yourself and to others. Connect to then with your heart, mind, and spirit.

Start your day with a morning ritual to get you doing, start focused, balanced, and at peace. This is a gift you give to yourself. You are worth it and most definitely deserve it.!

Set your daily intentions, write them down, review them, read them out loud upon arising and just before going to sleep. This are the times that we are most likely in an alpha state of consciousness and more prone to reprogramming our minds for success and change.
Identify what is  you want to achieve

Do you even know..to create clarity of purpose set your intention...create a plan...create a mission statement about the areas in your life that you want to change for your own higher good

Example: Intention

For today, I am going to be mindful of my words, thoughts, and actions. 

Plan: I will self monitor myself and become aware of my triggers and learn to be my own observer self. Should I become aware of any negative thoughts, attitudes, words, behaviors, or plans that go against my Higher Good I will apply various self-help tools I have learned to STOP AND REGROUP. I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR MY SUCCESS. I NO LONGER BLAME OTHERS, SITUATIONS, OR EVENTS FOR MY LACK OF SUCCESS! I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR MY OWN HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS. I ACCEPT THAT I HAVE THE POWER TO MASTER MY OWN NEGATIVITY THAT KEEPS MY STUCK! AND SO IT IS!

Writing Exercise Two Day Two Taking Inventory

Emotional health in creating healthy relationships,  communication skills, reacting and responding to anger, disappointment, fear.

  • Do you create the flight, freeze, or flight syndrome for yourself?
  • Do you live in fear, have anxiety or panic attacks?
  • Do you freeze and stop in your tracks, only to be angry with yourself later because you failed to respond differently? Explain:________________________________________________
  • Identify and write down your negative cognitions, thoughts, self-talk, beliefs, attitudes, actions, etc.
  1. Do you feel : unworthy, damaged, unlovable, stupid, ugly, fat, worthless, guilty, full of shame, fearful, undeserving, etc.2
  2. Explain: ________________________________________________

Physical health (how you eat, fueling your body with proper nutrition and water, creating restful sleep, caring for your body, preventing dis=ease, exercise, stretching, playing, relaxing).

  • Are you having issues with intimacy or sexuality in your relationship?
  • Is there pleasurable touch between you and your partner?

Social support system: how you connect to other people, joining in, participating, having a well connected support group? We have a need to belong, to connect, to fit in.


  • Do you overspend for your income?
  • Where does your money go?
  • Do you have enough for retirement?
  • Are you a compulsive shopper?
  • Do you live from paycheck to paycheck?
  • Are you overburdened by credit card debt or bills monthly?
  • Are you having trouble getting ahead?
  • Do you overspend to entertain others and get nothing back?
  • Do you over do it at Christmas and Birthdays and get little in return but added debt?
  • Explain: ______________________________________________


  • Are you overwhelmed and stressed due to junk and clutter in your car, home, or office? 
  • Do you have a place to enjoy yourself outdoors in the fresh air and get sunlight?
  • When you look around your home is it aesthetically pleasing and stimulating to look at?
  •  Do you have your own special place just for you either inside or outside of your home?
  •  Are the flower beds overgrown, the yard needs mowed, or the trees need trimming?
  • Does your home smell clean and fresh or have the aroma of garbage, a cat box, or puppy pads?
  • Are the floors vacuumed, swept, or mopped?
  • Is there dust on the furniture and dirty dishes in the sink?
  • What impact do the people in your environments at home, work, school, friendships, families have on you?

Write down the changes you need to make_______________________________________________________________

Career/School/Occupational Success

  •  If you are in school are you giving it your best effort?
  • Are you lazy or a slacker?
  • If you are in a job or career, are you moving forward and upward in the company?
  • Are you satisfied with your chosen field and find yourself happy to go to work every day?
  • Explain:_______________________________________


  •  Do you have a sense of purpose?
  • Explain:_________________________________________________


  • How are you using your creativity to expand you skills and knowledge?
  • Explain: _____________________________________________


Exercise Three Day Three

Create the mindset you desire/The Mind is a Magnet of both Positive and Negative Influences

Our minds are like magnets. What does that mean to you? Write about this.
Our words to ourselves and others are like magnets. Do your words and thoughts create healing, love, acceptance and joy? Yes or No __________
Do your words poison the air and send a negative energy with them to self-destruct or to hurt or destroy, tear down, put down or complain about others? Yes or No _______________
Write about it. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Do you believe that negative thinking attracts negative outcomes for yourself? Yes or No _____________________________________________________
Write about it. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

For me, I believe that our subconscious is our own personal memory bank of the mind.
We operate the majority of our waking hours reacting from our unconscious mind.

  • Here we accumulate and store both negative thoughts and positive thoughts.
  • Many times we react in our daily lives from what is stored in our subconscious minds to have "come to expect" or predict to happen. 
  • This is from the computer like feedback from our subconscious minds to our daily lives, our interactions and  our reactions by people and events based on the past.

Carl Jung was a doctor and famous psychologist/psychiatrist that was an avid mystical researcher. He believed we had to unclutter our unconscious, self limiting beliefs to move forward.
This will be step one in reprogramming your mind to success. Lets create new neural pathways and create change together.

Jung stated, "Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate."

  • Is the above statement True or False for you personally? _________________
  • What does this mean to you? ______________________________
  • Write about it then continue on....See what you uncover about your thoughts, beliefs and actions.______________________________________________________________________________________________

Get ready here we go! 

Exercise Four....Day Four

  • Below are more famous saying by Carl Jung. Think about them, meditate on them and journal about what they mean to you.
  • Feel free to create an art journal as you reflect on your past, present and where you are wanting to go with your life.
  • "The pendulum of the mind alternates between sense and nonsense, not between right and wrong."  Carl Jung 
  • Did you know that when we are upset by a life situation or an event it is our attitude that shapes how the react or respond to what happened.
  • The actual situation has far less of an impact on our lives that the thoughts, feelings, actions, and attitudes we take on to deal with it.
  • Draw or write about your thoughts & feelings.
  •  Look at the things you do not like in other people.   
  • "Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves."  Carl Jung. 
  • Do you see a mirror image of similar things in your self that you did not like in other people.
  • Write about it
  • "Something inside of us knows what is right for us, and we have to humbly learn to track its voice and align its wisdom with our outer choices." Carl Jung
  •  Stop listening to the voice of your ego...turn inward to the voice of your soul.
  • "The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that suits all cases." Carl Jung 
  • "We cannot change anything until we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses." Carl Jung
  • What about You
  • Do you accept the situations, process your feeling, let go, take what works, evaluate what you learned and the part you play in the situation, fail to do, deny your responsibility for, move on, let God, and let go?
  • Do you blame others and find fault in others that blame others yet fail to see that you might be doing the same thing too?

" Every form of addiction is bad, no matter whether the narcotic be alcohol or morphine or idealism." What are your addictions: the phone, games, the internet, gossip, facebook stalking, dating sites, food?

"Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes." Write your vision statement.

 "Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes." Take your own personal inventory.

"The Christ-symbol is of the greatest importance for psychology in so far as it is perhaps the most highly developed and differentiated symbol of the self, apart from the figure of the Buddha."   What does this mean to you?
"Children are educated by what the grown-up is and not by his talk." You are your child's' first teacher. What have you shown your child?

Do you agree or disagree with the above statements? What do all of these sayings mean to you? Which statements catch your attention? Which statements reflect on where you are now and where you need to be in order to be successful at creating and manifesting your dreams, goals, and desires?
Moving Right Along
Next Exercise
Releasing Emotional Blocks

  • Read the following list. and read each word three times.
  • With each word, ask yourself  which words represents a thought, a feeling, a character defect or emotional reality you feel about your self or others in your life now or that were in your life in the past.

Identify:Guilt __shame__ anger__fear___injustice__pride___ jealousy___separation___ inferiority___ embarrassment___self-sabotage___negative self-talk___resentment__disdain__unforgiveness___judgement___exhaustion___burden___dislike__hate__stress__heartbreak__emotional pain__ suffering__protection__pride__selfishness__jealousy__separation,__laziness__inferiority__arrogance__and any other words that keep you consciously or unconsciously you use to block yourself from being successful.

  • Write about how these words bring up memories or feelings about you, events or others and how they once impacted you and 

  • how they impact you today.

Bring this with you to your next visit and we can begin to tear down the wall and create a since of renewal and rebirth to the life you deserve to have. 
Learn to let go and create joy, peace of mind and success. Let go of fear, return to self love and unconditional love for yourself and others.
There is a powerful spiritual teaching that states , We create what we believe.  This belief reflects on that our programming of our unconscious thought patterning can have the ability to override what we consciously desire and want to come to fruition.

Negative affirmations 

Negative self talk can become your reality.  

Negative and self-destructive thinking and can create stress on your body as well as your mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual life. Stress is a killer! The mind and body work in harmony. Your body affects your mind and your mind affects your body.

Positive thinking occurs when you stop allowing negative thoughts to become part of your memory bank and your subconscious mental reality. To let go and move forward you have to identify and stop  your words  that use negative I Am's. These are words that you are saying to yourself or others. Look at your list above. Identify how you put the words together of I am ____(from your list).  
These are sentences using your own words that keep your stuck. Example, I am jealous of....I am better than...I am angry with...I am ashamed of... I have not let go of past hurts by.... I feel stress and pressure about...

Write and journal about these words that hold you back.

Identify your feeling and move on. Look at your beliefs to create your desired outcome and uncover your personal lists of limiting beliefs. Write down the reasons you do not believe you can create good and happy life for yourself.
Examples: I am not worthy. I do not deserve to be loved. I do not deserve joy or to be happy. Nothing good ever comes my way. I am not smart enough. I am not thin enough. I am not creative.I don'g have enough time. I don't have enough money. I can't do it. It is hopeless. I am helpless. I am overwhelmed. I am lost. I do not have enough education. I am not good enough. I am jealous. I am fearful. If I create the life I want others will reject me or envy my. I am not safe. 

You and Others
Learn to let go and let God/Your Higher Power/Source/Higher Self.
Be Aware!
If negative words, criticisms of others, attacking words or thoughts from other people or to yourself , Stop and re-think. You are going in the wrong direction.
You are not being solution focused oriented.
By condemning others, trying to manipulate or control others to "side with you," etc,  you are attracting more negativity and potential hurt into your life.
Start now. Change the Channel of Your Mind.
Allow yourself to learn to bless them, accept their faults, weakness and defects (we all have our own to deal with).
Cancel, cross out, or nullify your negative thoughts. Remember your Dream Catcher, put them there and remember your are not using your Protective Bubble to protect yourself from harm by aligning your thoughts in the Mind of God.
Stop, re-think and then connect with your Angels, Higher Self, God Self, Christ Consciousness Beliefs, The Power of the Holy Spirit and say ,"I nullify my words, I bless them and release them to their highest or best good and pray that their eyes and hearts are opened."
Do not talk needlessly about what you do not like about others.
Learn to keep your own counsel and do not have "loose lips."

  • Do not let the opinions of others make you feel limited to new possibilities.
  • Picture your conscious mind as an absorbent sponge soaking up direction and positive affirmations to your highest good and potential.
  • Do not let others limits you.
  • The only opinion that really counts is the one you have of yourself.
  • One a Scale of 0 being false or not true for you and 10 being very true for you please rank the above statement.

Rate your negative beliefs on a scale of 0 to 7 holding you hostage. Which negative cognitions apply here. Review your list.

Exercise Four Day Four

  • Create your dream catcher to release your negative thoughts that come up from time to time about your past.
  • Put in it any thoughts you have repeated of negative self beliefs throughout the course of your life.
  • Create a collage or a vision board, create new positive affirmations, write your own meditation or prayer treatment to move you forward.
    Look at the Past, Present and Future.

Where do you want to go, become, change, let go of, improve, or create? __________________________

  • Create a drawing to reflect your negative thinking, beliefs and actions that were Your Shadow Side.
  • You can use the Jungian Tarot Reference Guide or Jungian Archetypes to Move from the Past, Review the Present and Create a new and positive Outcome for the Future.
  • The Future Begins Now.

Exercise 5 Day Five

Family Tree of Beliefs Art Exercise
Remember family beliefs also get passed into our unconscious awareness in our conscious minds!
Until we make it conscious we can become unaware of limited family comments about nothing good happening to this family, our family is jinxed, our cursed! What does generational shame and dysfunction meant to you? Do you see patterns of your parents you play out in your life, current or past?

Reprogram your memory bank. 
According to the late Napoleon Hill, , "riches begin with a state of mind, with definiteness of purpose, with little or no hard work."
What does that mean to you?
"Failure comes to those who indifferently allow themselves to become FAILURE CONSCIOUS." Napoleon Hill
Henley the poet wrote, " You are the mater of your fate, the captain of your soul..."and Hill took the statement and added that we have the power to make attempts to discriminate between destructive thoughts and constructive thoughts, that it will urge us to translate into physical reality thoughts of poverty, just as quickly as it will influence us to act upon thoughts of riches... our brains become magnetized with the dominating thoughts which we hold in our minds, and, by means with which no man is familiar, these 'magnets" attract us to the forces, the people the circumstance of life which harmonize with the nature of our dominating thoughts."...we can accumulate riches in great abundance, we must magnetize our minds with intense DESIRE...to create definite plans for acquiring it."
What I learned from Napoleon Hill; 1. Identify exactly you want . You must have a specific Desire. Identify what you plan to give back to the world, God, community, etc. in return for obtaining the goal you desire. "There is no such thing as something for nothing." Establish a specific start date for reaching your desired outcome of reaching  your particular goals. 
Change the negative channel of your mind and recondition your mental memory bank through affirmations, thought stopping, meditation and prayer.

Daily Practice

What is your intention when your speak. Is it to help, find a positive solution or hurt, condemn or criticize?
Be mindful of your tone, your body language, your facial expressions, your attitude, the words you are saying and how you are saying it to yourself and to others.avoid the use of negative words. Words are energy. Be aware of your tone and pitch. Be careful what you put out there.
Be aware of the words you use to avoid attracting more negativity in your life and to create and attracting more positive outcomes. Learn to pause, stop and think before your speak. Get your mental filter working for you. Stop, pause, think, respond. Avoid reacting or overreacting!

According to Jerald Jampolsky, M.D.. we have two categories of thought, one is love and the other is fear. Get in touch with your own sacred journey to your "heart center." Return to the unconditional love from God as you know God to be to you. Identify your fear thoughts and surrender, give them to God. Do not take them back.
Goals to tear down your barriers for success


Prayer treatments

Dear God,( My higher power, higher self, The Divine, Holy Spirit, Saint, etc), I am inviting you into my life to heal my mind and my heart, I surrender to You.
I put  my ( words, sentences, phrases, thoughts feelings you did from the earlier exercise) in your hands, and I place ( my problems, my past, and everything that happened to me or worries me etc.) in your loving hands and I put myself in your loving arms. Please let me see my world with a new set of eyes and hears and help  me to see the world differently and in a new direction.
Please remove the obstacles I have created in my life from my words, my fears, my beliefs, my thoughts and  my actions towards my self and others. I release my fears and let go and remove my unloving, my unforgiving thoughts of myself and others.
I release my  criticisms of  of myself and others, and my separation from You. Please take this burden from me now as I release all of my pain to you Dear God.

As I sit in Meditation

I allow my mind and body to relax.
I use my breathing to quiet and calm my mind.
I inhale the love and light of God( The Divine) and feel the light and love of God (The Divine, Holy Spirit, etc.) around me.
As I exhale I release all negative thoughts, negative feelings, negative beliefs, negative fears and open my heart to love.
As I inhale I breathe in peace, healing, joy and pure unconditional light, healing and love.
As I exhale I allow my mind and body to repair itself. I allow peace to fill me, I am one with (God /Higher Power/Holy Spirit/Jesus, True Self). I have the inborn ability to express myself in  kind and loving ways.
As I learn to let go my fears leave me and my minds expands to the beliefs that I am safe,  I am loved, I am light, I am pure energy.
I am filled with the ability to express myself in a positive and God Centered Christ Conscious manner.
With each new breath I take in, Peace and the presence of the (Holy Spirit) fill me.
My needs are met, I am one with God,.I am connected with God and God is connected to me.
I attract love, joy and happiness.
My mind, body and spirit work together and in complete harmony.
I am filled with the ability to be assertive and set healthy boundaries for myself and with others.
I allow  and attract positive opportunities to come my way.
I use good judgment and have good insight as I allow my thoughts to be coming from that wise place deep within my mind and soul.
I am connected to God and God is connected to me. 
I take good care of my mind, my body and my spiritual life.
I treat my body as if it were my best friend. 
I fuel my body with plenty of fresh and healthy foods. I give my body the exercise it needs to keep m healthy. I treat my body to rest, plenty of fresh air and water. 
My soul blossoms and grows each and every day as I walk in the light and restore my faith in God/My Higher Power.

Before you go to bed or take a nap, you can do this in a prayer, mediation or in self-hypnosis

Reflect on your day.
Review you feelings, self sabotage, doubt, fear, anger, negative thinking, criticisms of self or others.
Go back.
Reflect how your words could have changed your day to a more positive and productive outcome.
Identify the scenes in your mind that your were a negative magnet of your thinking which can create and lead to more of the same in your life.
Nullify, cancel thoughts reenactments in your mind.
Go back and replay those scenes in your mind as if it were a day dream and create your responses, thoughts, beliefs and actions as if you were safe, loved and protected.
Let the words of your mouth be as if they were spoken from pure love, wisdom and were the words that Christ would have used. Learn to use your words carefully.  
Create a calm, serene, poised attitude and personality. Speak from the place of wisdom and truth.
Others will notice the difference. Gain respect, empower yourself with the words you speak, the tone you use, and the body language and actions you take. Enter the sanctuary of your soul, where the power of God and the Holy Spirit or the Divine dwells.

Enrich your mind and change your life immediately!

Protection Prayer
"The Light of God Surrounds Us.  
The Love of God enfolds Us.
The power of God protects us.
The presence of God watches over us.
Wherever we are God is, and all is well
! "... Written by James D. Freeman ...the original version written to protect the soldiers in World War !!.
The Light of God Surrounds me. The love of God enfold me. The power of God protects me. The presence of God watches over me. Where I am, God is, and all is well!...James Fillmore. Unity

Lets Get Started

Session Two Building Your Tool Box Part 1

Letting Go Of My Self Imposed Limitation

  • Complete the writing activities above
  • Prayer & Mediation Activity Journaling
  • The Light Switch to My Higher Mind/ Sense of Source/Mind of God/Christ Consciousness
  • Protective Bubble Meditation 
  • Wisdom Temple Meditation
  • Dream Catcher Exercise, Pac Man Gobbling Up My Negative Beliefs
  • Spiritual Journey With God Exercise,
  • Prayer, Affirmation and Meditation Exercise
  • Raising My Spiritual Vibrations/Increasing My Spiritual Power/The Protective Shield of God
  • Art Activity Entering the Door
  • See Example of Previous Art Work
  • Jungian Exercise Past, Present, Future
  • Rewriting Your Inner Script
  • Creating New Neural Pathways
  • Change the Cards that Were Given You and the Ones You Picked
  • Creating a Vision Board