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Energy Psychology, Tapping (EFT, Meridian Therapy) Chakra Coaching

Cathy Armstrong, MS, LPC-S, RN, Fellow NBCCH 

   5934 S. Staples Corpus Christi, TX 78413Telephone (361) 688-8200

Transformational Coaching, Consultation, Counseling and Training  in Energy Work for Change, Weight Loss, Self-Confidence, Letting Go, Moving On, and Clearing Old habits, negative self-talk and beliefs that keep you stuck and create self-sabotage.  Many clients use this to help release emotional stress, traumas, and worries associated with chronic pain. Energy Psychology (EP) is a Growing Field in Mental Health. I first learned The Emotional Freedom Technique years ago, and personally practiced it for my own personal use when I was anxious, worried, had fears and was  feeling overwhelmed. Therapists at the time had very little knowledge of this powerful tool. I am thrilled that NOW, "tapping" on meridians (acupuncture points) is rapidly growing research evidence and more and more mental health clinicians are learning and using this technique in their practices for a variety of issues. It is a state-of -the- art therapy that uses the mind-body connection. I enjoy using this active and therapeutic approach with my clients and most times see significant change after only one session. I lead clients though my own individualized scripts and encourage clients to use their own words, thoughts and feelings as we go through he tapping process. Brain Spotting is a new, powerful brain-based relational treatment approach used in the treatment of trauma. This approach was developed by Dr. David Grand PhD and is thought to promote better client outcome.

I have taken ongoing continuing education hours in Mind-Body Work, Energy Work, and Complimentary Healing Modalities as a Holistic Registered Nurse, Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor, Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Wellness Practitioner and Ordained Minister.

Suggested Resources:

  • The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss and Body Confidence, Jessica Ortner
  • Instant Emotional Healing, Acupressure for the Emotions, George J Pratt, PH.D., and Peter T. Lambrou, PH.D
  • The Tapping Solution for Manifesting your Greatest Self, Nick Ortner
  • The Healing Power of EFT Energy Psychology, David Feinstein, Donna Eden & Gary Craig
  • The Promise of Energy Psychology, David Feinstein, Donna Eden & Gary Craig
  • The Tapping Solution App
  • The Calm App
  • The EFT App
  • Pesi for Professional CEU Education

Disclaimer: This website if for informational purposes only and is not for diagnostic or treatment purposes. There are no guarantees to any form of therapy. Please discuss energy medicine, energy psychology with your mental health professional to see if this treatment might be of some benefit to you. 

To schedule an appointment for counseling, Tapping, EFT, EMDR, or Hypnosis please contact me at: (361) 688-8200.