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Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond Services for New and Expecting Parents

Cathy Armstrong, MS, LPC-S, RN, CCE, Fellow NBCCH

Board Certified Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor, Clinical HypnotherapistCertified Childbirth Educator, Virtual Birth Doula, CEU Provider for Birth Workers and Mental Health Professionals

              Telephone: (361) 688-8200 At the Medicine Wheel                                                      ALL Classes, Workshops, and Counseling Sessions are Virtual

 Counseling and Support for Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum

  •  Relationships Birth Concerns
  •  Trauma, Grief, Abuse
  • High Risk  Pregnancy
  •  Postpartum Depression
  •  Parenting
  • Pregnancy Loss: Miscarriage, Stillbirth, Infant Loss, Post Abortion
  • Birth Trauma, Birth PTSD
  • Mothers of Multiples
  •  Mama to Mama Groups: psychotherapy, education, sharing, belonging, learning, being, building your own Tribe of Expecting and Postpartum Moms
  • Spiritual Path into their rite of passage to pregnancy, birth and motherhood
  • Holistic Mind Body Counseling for Preparation of Birth and Motherhood
  • Counseling for Expecting and New Couples, Marriages, Relationships
  • Hypnosis-Tranquil Birthing Methods for and easier, more relaxed, and peaceful birth experience 

Tel: (361) 688-8200 The Office of Cathy Armstrong, MS, LPC-S, RN, CCE, CCHt

‚Äč"The birth of a baby is the birth of family. Women become mothers, husbands become fathers, daughters become sisters and sons become brothers. One birth ripples through generations, creating subtle shifts and rearrangements in the family web. The first year following the birth of a child is a time of great, and often underestimated, adjustment."  

__________Gayle Peterson, An Easier Childbirth

Come work with me.

I am an experienced labor and delivery room nurse, former hospital and home birth doula, breastfeeding educator, prenatal and new parent educator, infant CPR instructor, former prenatal yoga instructor that has taught natural childbirth education for over 40 years. I have been trained in three of the leading hypnosis for birthing methods, plus Lamaze, Spiritual Birth, and I am the creator of the Hypo-Tranquil Method of Childbirth that I have taught at local hospitals, wellness centers,to interns, nurses, doctors, midwives, and offering it again to pregnant women and their birth partners again in my virtual private practice. I have attended hundreds of amazing natural births and been a witness to the mind, body connection using affirmations, clearing statements, and self-hypnosis. As a Licensed Professional Counselor I offer counseling and psychotherapy services for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum and offer training to expectant women and their birth partner the art of self- hypnosis using both Ericksonian, eyes open hypnosis, body centered and advanced relaxation and meditation classes for natural pain management in childbirth. these services are available to pregnant mothers across texas. All women can benefit whether they are planning a hospital birth or a home birth, whether they want pain management in labor such as an epidural, IV pain medication, or a medication free birth using the power of their mind and the connection with their inner wisdom and body connection.

 Dear Expecting Parents,

Are You Feeling Overwhelmed, Afraid, and Alone Inside?

Becoming a parent is an exciting time for some couples and it can be a challenging time for others.Unique telehealth services for the childbearing year. Maternal mental health services and wellness for Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond. Childbirth education, hypnosis for more comfortable birthing, support for miscarriage, stillbirth, infant loss, individual, couples, marital, and family counseling services. Offering stress management, counseling, classes, support, and psychotherapy for whole family support and help in creating healthy and happy families. Services from conception, pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum, and parenting. My goal is to help you and your family a safe place to learn, explore, grow, and create a life full of love, joy, balance, and

Not everyone experiences the glow of pregnancy with all the fairy tale hopes and dreams of how pregnancy, birth, and falling in love with your baby would be. I am here to support you during the challenges of the childbearing years and offer a variety of services to meet your individual needs. I offer individual and couples counseling and treatment using CBT, DBT, and somatic integrative methods for perinatal mood disorders, and anxiety and depressive disorders, OCD, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Family PTSD, and Complex PTSD. I am taking new clients on Humana PPO, Aetna, and some Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO, and self-pay to new moms and dads experiencing stress during COVID 19,  or having situational depression and/or anxiety in regard to the changes that come with parenthood. 2020 has been a very challenging year for all of us, and COVID 19 has increased worries, fears, and changes for new parents. Many times couples are faced with disappointments regarding the restrictions placed at the hospital, doctors office, and within the family unit. These changes often times disrupt  plans, excitement, joys and fairy tale magic of becoming parents. Other couples I see have encountered unexpected challenges and heartbreaks, such as infertility high risk pregnancy, birth trauma, miscarriage, or having a sick newborn they had to leave at the hospital. Counseling can help couples work through the many challenges of the childbearing years.

Many times I see new parents for counseling that are faced with decisions and choices they need to make. Often times new parents feel confused and conflicted about the advice they receive from doctors, family, friends, magazine articles, classes, and books. Women during the childbearing years can benefit from counseling and explore their feelings about various options, solutions, and problems they face. Some couples are have fears of bringing a new child into the world during a pandemic. Stress with the changes  about social distancing, safety and limiting the exposure to other people has impacted the joy of baby showers for some couples, limits set on who can attend the birth as well as attend sonograms and mother-baby checks have created disappointment for others. Counseling can help new create more balance and feel supported when coping with breastfeeding issues, colicky babies, baby blues and postpartum depression. Marriage and couple counseling help new and expecting parents maintain a healthy relationships as partners and parents. Prenatal counseling and postpartum counseling can help promote mother baby bonding and prevent and treat postpartum anxiety, OCD, and/or depression. I am well trained and qualified to help new and expecting moms and dads on their journey to parenthood. I am trained as a Childbirth Educator in Lamaze, Tranquil Birth, Hypnosis for Natural Childbirth, Breastfeeding, Prenatal, and Parenting Educator and maintain a private counseling practice that focuses on Wellness and Wholeness using the Mind Body Connection for Change and Reaching Your Full Potential. I offer a variety of Services to Expecting Moms, Couples, and New Families during the childbearing year...Conception, Pregnancy, Birth, and the 4th Trimester, Postpartum! Come work with me and create a happy, relaxed, pregnancy, birth, and journey to parenthood.

  • Transition to Motherhood
  • Empowered Birth and Transformation, Tranquil Birth
  • Counseling, Psychotherapy, EMDR, Tapping, Expressive & Creative Therapy
  • Advanced Relaxation Techniques, Stress Management, Anxiety & Depression Release
  • Somatic Therapies, Resiliency, Moving On, Letting Go
  • Affirmations, CBT, Mindfulness Techniques, Work with Neuroscience Tools for Change
  • Clearing Statements, Thought Stopping Techniques to Allow for  More Possibilities
  • Exploring Core Beliefs, Family of Origin Issues that Lead to Fear and Doubt
  •  Mother-Baby-Bonding Guided Imagery, Meditation, Hypnosis
  • Hypnosis for Pain Management, Labor, Fear Release

Footprints on sandRemember:"Pregnancy is a major transition in the woman’s life  and can be even referred to as a rite of passage.  Stress, Covid 19, and other life challenges can occur  while planning a baby, being pregnant, or after the baby comes. Emotional distress can occur. Help is available! Symptoms can have a negative impact to your overall health and well-being, effect your relationship with you baby, those you love, and take a toll on your relationship. 

If you are a loved on is having thoughts of self-harm, suicide, or injuring or taking the life of  another person Call 911 Now!

Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum Virtual Counseling Services Hands holding baby feet

Initial Intake Session-We will explore your history and how you current  and past emotional psychological, and mental health impact your pregnancy and upcoming birth experience. You will work though any unfinished issues of your past including past pregnancies, relationship with your own mother, childhood trauma, fears of birth, and anxiety issues regarding your relationship with your partner, stress during your pregnancy, and fears of becoming a new parent. Most insurance plans will cover adjustment disorders with depression/anxiety, mood disorders, trauma, addictions, fear, panic, phobia, and anxiety disorders such as generalized anxiety, and OCD.

This is a special time of transformation and change for many women, and because of it being a 9 month journey, it is many times overlooked as a turning point in the life of a woman or a couple. 

Whether you are trying to get pregnant, are pregnant now, or just had a baby, becoming a new mother and parent is not always what "it is cracked up to be " for some women!

Family walking along the beach Planning a family, carrying a new little life inside of you as you... deal with relationship problems, school, work, in laws, plus complicated by the fear of childbirth, or financial concerns might not create the magical and wonderful time of what pregnancy and motherhood was suppose to be. 

In reality, it can be much lonelier than any of us ever dreamed up. Expectations not being met, and not feeling that "glow of pregnancy" can create issues of stress, anxiety and depression. Sometimes even anger, self-doubt, and feelings of hopelessness and helplessness. Not what  you expected.

Many times after the baby is born, we feel isolated with an  newborn that requires our constant attention and lack of sleep. There is no time for us, and we have no time to do the things that once made us laugh and brought pleasure to our lives.

Some of us do suffer from postpartum depression and some of us are in shock and disbelief about how drastically our lives have changed. Some of us want out of our relationships, want to runaway and just hide. Life feel overwhelming.

Please know that many people struggle during times of pregnancy and postpartum. Many women deal with the fears of childbirth whether it is an induced labor, cesarean birth, or a planned non medicated natural birth. The childbearing year is an important time that can affect you, your relationship, and your child for a long time. 

Women that are depressed during pregnancy have a higher chance of becoming depressed after the baby is born. We offer screenings to pregnancy and postpartum women experiencing anxiety and depression. We take private pay clients and are taking new clients on the following insurance plans: Aetna,Humana, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal.

Call Us: (361) 688-8200  Counseling for Anxiety and Depression during pregnancy, postpartum and parenting! Home of Amazing Births @ The Medicine Wheel HpnoMama Tranquil Birth Services