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Cathy Armstrong, MS, LPC-S, RN      
Pregnancy, Birth,  Postpartum  Depression & Anxiety 
Tel: (361) 688-8200       Corpus Christi, Texas 78413
  • Stress Management, Couples Counseling, Hypnotherapy and Support for Fertility Enhancement, Conception, Infertility
  • Psychotherapy, EMDR, EFT-Tapping, Guided Meditation for Clearing Resentment, for Childhood and Birth Trauma, Mother Daughter Issues
  • Consultation and Therapy for Adjustment Issues: Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Grief/Loss, Relationship Issues, Anger and Fear Release Meditations
  • Family of Origin Problems, Fears, Phobias, Stop Smoking
  • Guided Meditation for Mother Baby Bonding
  • Nutrition and Lifestyle Commitment for Mothers with Diabetes, Autoimmune Disorders, and Stop Smoking Hypnosis for Pregnancy
  • Counseling and Support for High Risk Pregnancy 
  • Support and Counseling for Mothers of Multiples
  • Trauma, Birth Trauma, Breastfeeding Failure
  • Prenatal and Postpartum Substance Abuse Recovery 
  • Fear Release, Feel Comfortable with Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum
  • Hypnosis for Easier Childbirth
  • Now Accepting Medical Referrals for Hypnosis for Natural Labor Induction

About Cathy Armstrong, MS, LPC-S, RN, CCE, Fellow NBCCH

I am here to help women and couples on the journey to parenthood as we work together to prepare their minds, bodies and spirits for a peaceful, conscious, empowering, pregnancy, a relaxed & more comfortable birth experience, and an amazing transition to being new parents.

You and your new family deserve to have a Loving, Peaceful, and Relaxed Beginning as you welcome your little one into your arms in a relaxed and joyous way.

My first career began as a RN, working in mother baby care. labor and delivery, and teaching childbirth education classes.taught childbirth education since 1976, been a former member of ASPO, and taught the Lamaze Method of childbirth until I was trained and certified in medical hypnosis in the early 1980's. I have studied with three major hypnosis organizations offering hypnotherapy for infertility and natural pain management during childbirth with hypnosis. I was certified in beginning, intermediate, and advanced hypnotherapy by Dr. Jack Tractor in the 1980's. I have advanced training in NLP and Ericksonian hypnosis.I received advanced hypnosis continuing education training hours for Nursing and Professional Counseling in the area of childbirth in 1979 in Body Centered Hypnosis and furthered my nursing education by attending a workshop about birth trauma taught and created by Pam England, the author of Birthing Within.
Pre Pregnancy Counseling
The decision to start a family can be exciting, challenging and even stressful. The thought of having a family alone can bring out strong, often conflicting emotions in an individual or couple. Unforeseen fertility problems sometime occur and I offer counseling focused on preparing specifically for this new journey in your life..
Holistic Prenatal Counseling Services                                                                         Pregnancy is often thought of as a time of happiness and joy, but often times it does not carry that radiant glow with it! 
Stress is common in pregnancy and might interfere with the excitement of having a new baby.
Emotional distress during pregnancy is a common occurrence. It is not uncommon for women to experience a variety of emotional changes as well as physical changes during the nine months of pregnancy. Counseling can be helpful in exploring the myths of pregnancy, the fears of pregnancy, the physical discomforts of pregnancy, body images changes during pregnancy and exploration of the changes to come as a mother, couple, family, student or career driven individual.

Counseling for Couples During Pregnancy

  • Couples are often seen during pregnancy because they have different goals about the outcome of the pregnancy.
  • Pregnancy is a happy time if it proceeds smoothly.
  • If unexpected complications of physical complications or emotional stress occur, the mother-to-be is prone to prenatal anxiety and depression.
  • Financial issues might create issues for the couple expecting a new baby and more stress is put on the relationship.
  • Some couples are not in agreement about having children.
  • Trying to juggle work, career goals, attend college, and unresolved relationship issues put a great deal of emotional stress on the pregnancy and the relationship.
  • These emotional factors might have an negative impact the developing child, the pregnancy, labor/birth and postpartum adjustment with the new baby if they go ignored.  

mother and young daughter sitting on beach.Meditation Classes for Pre-birth Bonding

Weekly meditation groups are available to bond with your unborn baby. Creative activities and mindfulness are included in these weekly get togethers! Birth art, sand tray, and sharing! Create a loving and welcoming atmosphere to bond with you little one before he or she makes his or her entrance into the world with ease, peace, and radiant glory. Bond with the child within. Connect to the energy between you. Create a spiritual experience between you and your unborn baby! Learn about how to create a Blessingway Shower and experience your rite of passage and have an opportunity to receive the blessing by friends and family as you follow your journey to birthing and becoming a mother.Happy couples hugging in counseling

Prenatal and Postpartum Groups

  • Psychotherapy for Expecting New Mothers from Conception to Postpartum
  • Meets twice a month, psychoeducation, guided imagery, nutrition, hypnosis for anxiety, fear release and pain management for an easier and more comfortable birthing experience
  • Comfort measures for pregnancy, birth, and after the baby comes
  • Ancient wisdom for birth, community support, a tribe of courageous birth warrior women




    Individual therapy is  scheduled on an individual basis as needed and prescribed in the treatment plan, weekly, twice a week, monthly, or whatever the specific need of the client is. Individual therapy is a one-to-one meeting with a mental health therapist for the purpose of reducing the stress and emotional pain of inner conflict with internal suffering due to  an addiction, anxiety disorder , depression, mood disorder, conduct or behavior, problem feelings creating intense emotions, painful or self-sabotaging beliefs, relationship stress,  or dealing with past experiences.

    Ongoing psychotherapy is also a common and useful means of self-growth and self-actualization but require a psychiatric mental health diagnosis to use insurance. Life coaching is available for those not meeting the criteria for having a mental health problem and are seeking services of personal growth, personal or professional empowerment or success and those searching for spiritual growth and enlightenment of the soul.

    Fees and Insurance

    The majority of my practice is Self-Pay and working with individuals and couples that are not in need of psychotherapy requiring a psychiatric mental health diagnosis. I currently am taking new patients and accepting Humana PPO, some Blue Cross Blue Shield, and some Aetna. 

    Most of the clients  we see are wanting to set goals and more interested in creating balance, health, peace of mind, needing anger management, or wanting to learn how to enhance the quality of their lives. We do work with specific addictions and combine hypnotherapy, mediation, EMDR, EFT,Mindfulness, ACT, Jungian Therapy, and  CBT. Self pay sessions are $100.00 per 60  or  90 minute sessions.

    Self pay rates are based on the specific service offered. Please call to discuss rates. You will be advised of rates before being seen for therapy.

    Most fees range from $50 to $100.00.

  • Postpartum Depression
  • Postpartum Anxiety
  • PTSD/Birth Trauma
  • Couples Counseling After the Baby Comes
  • Group/Individual/Couples Therapy for New Mothers

Help is Available, Please do not feel embarrassed or ashamed to reach out. We are here for emotional support, guidance, and help you create a positive transition into motherhood.

If you or a loved one is having suicidal or homicidal thoughts please call 911!

We don't prescribe medication or emergency mental health services.

Attend a Workshop! Visit with Us at Birth Recovery Story Time

  • Three 90 Minute Sessions

    Our next Virtual Birth Trauma Story Recovery will be Saturday May 30, 2020 from 10 am to 11:30 am. It will be three Saturdays in a row. Cost for the Workshop is $120.00 with a non-refundable deposit and registration fee of $50.00 payable by Monday, May 25th. Pay pal, checks, money orders, and cash are accepted!

Call to register at (361) 688-8200

Is This  Virtual Workshop for You?

  • If you are struggling during the transition of being a new parent, help is available.
  • You are not alone.
  • Often times women struggle during the transition of pregnancy to become a new mother.
  • If you gave birth weeks, months, or even years ago and have unresolved feelings of : Disappointment, Feel Cheated, Feel Like Your Body Failed You, Made Your Feel Unworthy, Disconnected or Stuck in Shame....this workshop could be for for!

The workshop includes : Telling Your Story, Creating a Rite of Passage, Re-connection to Self , Others, and The Divine.

Expressive arts, sand tray, guided meditation,balancing, affirmations, moving out of the darkness circle, releasing, uncreating, dehypnotizing, letting go, and moving on! Create the You that You deserve to be. Happy Mother, Happy, Baby, Happy, Family, Happy Relationships!

  • Seating is in the Virtual online virtual workshop is limited to 4 participants.
  • Mother Journey in to Self explores the Disappointments, Failures, Shame, Anger, and other feelings that keep new mothers stuck and feeling trapped, unable to embrace the "magic of motherhood."
  • Jungian Concepts, Archetypes, Integrative Wellness, Mindfulness, CBT,Energy Psychology and Self-Hpnosis !
  • This workshop is not for women with serious mental health disorders.
  • You must meet with Cathy for an Assessment to be a Participant in the Group.
  • Most of the Moms in the Group are in Therapy with Cathy.
  • Please feel free to call  (361) 688-8200 to inquire about additional services or information.