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Hypnotherapy & Counseling, Prayer & Meditation for Binge and Compulsive Eating Disorders

With Cathy Armstrong, RN, MS, LPC-S 40 Years of Combined Mental Health Experience

Clinical Hypnotherapist-Trainer, LPC Intern Supervisor, LPC CEU Provider 

Work life balance spelled in stones on the beachServices for Diet Failure and Binge Eating

  • Individual and Group Classes, Consultation, Counseling
  • Services by a Registered Nurse, Hypnotherapist, Professional Counselor
  • Certified in Nutrition, Vegan Nutrition Coaching, NLP, EMDR Trained, EFT/Tapping
  • A Functional Medicine Coach
  • Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider

What you will learn:

The difference between overeating and food addiction.

  • Hunger vs. Compulsive Eating. 
  • Hunger vs. Appetite
  • Learn to Harmonize Your Body.
  • Become Mindful of Your Calorie Needs.
  • Eating Triggers. Anxiety, Anger, Bored, Frustrated, Lonely, Afraid
  • Eating Behaviors. Your Relationship with food. Listen to your Body.
  • Behavioral and Biological Mechanisms Underlying Food Addiction.
  • Eating When You Are Not hungry.
  • Why 7000 Steps a Day
  • The Importance of Lifestyle Change
  • Exercise is not a 4 Letter Word
  •  Disconnection Between the Body & the Mind
  • Cravings for Certain Foods.
  • Why Diets Fail.
  • Late Night Eating Disorder.
  • Guilt and shame associated with binge eating and obesity.
  • Excuses and Diet Failures. Cheat Dates and Addiction.
  • Emotional and stress eating.
  • Low Carb, Keto, Adkins, Weight Watcher, Blood Diet, Anti-inflammation Diet, Plant Based Diet
  • Food Withdrawal Problems.
  • Food as a Way to Self-Soothe, Numb, Escape, or Feel Pleasure.

Telephone (361) 541-4564

Combinge Neuroscience, Nutrition, Mindfulness, Meditation, and CBT for Change, Happiness, Success, and Balance

5934 S. Staples Street, Suite 206 Corpus Christi, Texas 78413

We Do Not Provide Emergency or Crisis Counseling Services. Please call 911 if you are having or homicidal or suicidal thoughts!