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About [email protected] Integrative Counseling and Holistic Wellness

Tel: (361) 688-8200, Corpus Christi, Texas 78413

Hello and Welcome!

Thank you for considering working with me. I would like to share with you a little about myself, my professional skills, work and career experiences, and let you know how I can be of help to you professionally, personally, spirituality, or your family, and your marriage.

I was born and raised in Corpus Christi and my late husband was from Vancouver, B. C. I have been fortunate to travel extensively throughout Canada, the United States, Mexico, and Europe and have been able to attend workshops in mind body medicine, energy psychology,  spirituality, meditation, and hypnotherapy outside of local workshops and online presentations. I have a thirst for knowledge, professional, personal, and spiritual growth. I have two amazing adult children that have given me the gifts of four beloved grandchildren from the ages of 4 to 12. 

Training, Skills & Experience

 I incorporate research based integrative mindfulness, cognitive, dialectical behavior therapies, and somatic therapies, to help heal complex trauma, family or origins and relationship pain. I believe that we are a sum of all our parts.  I am a resource to help others grow and enrich their lives  promoting emotional wellness, health and wellbeing. I am here for others that are soul seekers and are on their personal spiritual journey. I have both secular and non-secular education, degrees, and training. I have degrees in nursing, psychology, with a masters degree in counselor education. I have an unrelated doctorate degree separate from the field of counseling in religious studies and am an ordained minister.  My practice is very diverse and I am sensitive to the needs of each person. I look at the needs of the whole person and help others explore their successes and areas that need improvement. We explore limited, negative thinking patterns, feelings of lacking, not measuring up, and the need to belong. We examine the negative impact of feelings “ of being less than" have on us.  Together we explore boundary setting, people pleasing, and anger turned inward and outward towards those we love. My hope is to empower those that I serve with the tools necessary to deal with the stress that life and relationships bring day to day. 

My skills and over 40 years of combined mental health and experience as a registered nurse, and board certified clinical hypnotherapist allow me to get to the root of problems quickly and show you practical ways to feel more in control with your thoughts, feelings, emotions, fears, actions, beliefs, actions, and attitudes. Since my training I have worked in hospitals, community centers, outpatient units, schools, wellness centers, weight loss clinics.I currently receive referrals from infertility clinics, bariatric surgeons, family practice docs, gastroenterologist, cancer specialists, obstetricians, midwives, birthing centers. I offer continuing education to nurses, mental health professionals, and birth workers and supervise Licensed Professional Counselor Interns. I have been a guest speaker for workshops, events, and trainings for nurses, the community, hospitals, and local professional organizations on The Mind Body Connection, psychoneuroimmunology, mindfulness, meditation, and the use of guided imagery and self-hypnosis.

My Passion

I find joy in helping others reach their full potential and see new possibilities, learn how to un-struggle self-imposed chaos, and learn to live a life with ease, joy, peace of mind, clarity, with a sense of direction and purpose. I enjoy helping others with mastery and self-discovery learning to shift from " the saboteur and the inner critic" part of their thoughts to the "wise one, the magician,  the compassionate observer and become their own cheerleader. I also use narrative therapy to helps others rewrite their script. I enjoy teaching others how to reframe their thoughts, stop self-sabotage, and learn to be kind and loving towards themself, gaining inner strength, faith in themselves, and a belief that they CAN DO IT! I love teaching others how they hold themselves back from happiness and living the they they deserve to have. I want to help you create a shift in your thoughts and perspective away from what is not working for you and help you explore the many possibilities and look at what is working for you and what can and will work for you. I love teaching Tranquil Hypnomama hypnosis-birthing classes and being a virtual labor doula helping couples give birth naturally with confidence, joy, more comfort, and ease! I have attended hundreds of amazing births!

My InterestsWomen meditating

What is my passion? Attending the birth of a baby, creating a new beginning, helping others create a new life together, teaching others they deserve  a fresh start. I am a former Reiki Master, Lamaze, and Hynobirthing Practitioner. I have taught natural childbirth classes in both hospital and private practice settings and have worked as a Labor Doula at home births, birthing centers, and hospitals. The field of psychoneuroimmunology, the mind body connection, the power of energy work is of great interest me. My favorite authors are: Louise Hay, Nick Ortner, Judith Orloff, Rhonda Byrne, and Joe Dispenza.  I find great pleasure and have a passion for helping people on their personal journey to personal happiness, joy, and enlightenment whatever that is for them. I am her to help people find more pleasure and joy in their lives and let go of what is creating inner struggle, defeat and pain. My professional focus has changed after 40 years of combined experience the mental health field as a nurse and professional counselor to my  new role being more of a facilitator, teacher, and coach to clients seeking change, inner peace, joy, and balance. As professional counselor my work still involves teaching, training and supervision using research based therapies. After years of success in a private practice setting I offer consultation services to new therapists and counselors starting up a private practice.   I find great pleasure working with couples and my style is a unique to my years of taking training courses by the noted gurus in couples therapy and creating my own style that helps the individual personally which in turn enhances the strength and bond of the relationship.

 I enjoying staying in the moment and enjoy what is happening in the Now! I want to help you do that too!  I love to dig in the dirt with mother earth. I eat a plant based diet and enjoy cooking healthy and delicious meals. I love to spend time with my pets, family, and friends. I enjoy reading and curling up on the couch and watching television with my grandchildren and fur babies. I also enjoy reading for professional development and personal growth. I strongly believe that we should never stop growing and learning. I enjoy keeping up the latest research and innovative practice in mental health, energy psychology, and holistic wellness and health isssues.

My goal is that you will leave feeling confident, empowered, and have an attitude of I CAN DO IT!

Please call me at (361) 688-8200 for additional information!