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A Personal & Professional Growth Center for the Mind, Body, Heart, and Soul

The Wellness and Spiritual Growth Center of Corpus Christi, Texas                          

Cathy Armstrong , RN, LPC-S welcomes you to her website and her Wellness Counseling & Personal Growth Center located in beautiful Corpus Christi, Texas. Our services addresses both personal change, professional growth, and spiritual development.  Cathy provides a safe, open atmosphere in which couples, groups, and people of all ages learn, explore, and grow.  You may be seeking clarity with life coaching, healing through counseling, transformation through depth psychotherapy, or spiritual growth and guidance. to lead a more joyous and peace filled life. We offer a varietiy of services to offer. Please feel free to browse our website.

" Peace Be With You."

Telephone: (361) 688-8200 to schedule a session, class, retreat, or workshop.

Personal Growth, Relationship Enrichment, Marriage Counseling, Hypnosis, NLP, EFT

"Life will bring you pain all by itself. Your responsibility is to create joy.” ~Milton Erickson

LPC Intern Supervision and Clinical Hypnotherapy Training & Supervision are Available

Reaching Your Potential in Life through the Power of Faith, Prayer, and The Holy Spirit

The Wellness Practice of Cathy Armstrong, RN, LPC-S, CCHT, a South Texas Leader in Holistic and CAM Emotional Health and Wellness offers a variety of continuing education services for licensed professional counselors and  for the supervision for licensed professional counselor interns. The majority of her work is working with individuals, couples, and groups wanting to seek positive transformation and change in their lives. Cathy wants to share with you age-old and currently evolving teachings and methods that can guide and support you on your unique process of unfolding, evolving,  and healing. Cathy provides groups and workshops to draw upon the collective energy of people coming together for growth and empowerment groups (Master Mind), which accelerates and deepens each individual’s experience.

Don't let others steal your thunder, take away your sparkle, or make you feel less than!

Psychotherapy, Faith Based Counseling, Spiritual Direction, Hypnosis, and Life Coaching offer you profound experiences to promote healthier, lasting ways to view and experience the world you live in and the benefits of change are immense. Learn to shift from old, frustrating patterns that no longer work for you and learn to step out of your old self defeating ways to see the world with a different lens. Being able to stop self-sabotage is life changing.

 ***(Please note this is a  practice for personal change, healing, and transformation. Cathy Armstrong, RN, LPC-S DOES NOT provide emergency crisis counseling, Trauma Work/PTSD recovery, medication prescriptions, expert witness testimony and does not work with clients undergoing custody battles, litigation, CPS involvement, Foster Care,or lawsuits. Cathy Armstrong does not provide counseling services for child abuse, personal injury or for clients seeking social security disability payments.) Should an attorney subpoena Cathy her fees are as follows: $800.00 non refundable retainer fee. Hourly rate is $350.00 an hour after the use of the retainer fee has been used. The fees includeany and all of her services for phone calls, text, emails, communication, documentation, record searach, case preparation,consultation, driving time, court time, client time, attorney time.

Services Provided
Workshops/Groups/Classes/Therapy/Life Coaching//Hypnosis/LPC Intership Supervision
  • Couples/Marriages/Families/Relationships​​​​​​/Individuals
  • Spiritual Direction, Teaching and Development
  • Truth Seekers and Soul Seekers
  • Low Level Depression & Lack of Motivation
  • Codependency/Love Addictions/ Relationships
  • Infertility/Pregnancy/Natural Childbirth/Postpartum
  • LPC Internship Supervision
  • Coping with Adult Children
  •  Adult Children of Alcoholics/Emotionally Unavailable Parents
  • Education, Training, Certifications
  • Anxiety and Worry
  • Metaphysical Science Classes
  • Medical Meditation, Mystical Meditation
  • Boundaries- Control Issues, Jealousy
  • Study Skills, Test Taking Stress Relief
  •  Poor Impulse Control in Relationships
  • Communication Issues with Family and Peers
  •  Coping  Problems at Home, Work, School
  • Burn Out, Job or Career Stress, Workaholism
  • Self Love & Self-Acceptance?Stress/Stop Smoking
  • Infidelity
  • Poor Self-Esteem, Body Image, Weight Loss
  • Self-Sabotage
  • Grief and Loss
  • Transitions and Life Changes

If you are troubled with anxiety, anger, feeling lost, conflicted, or confused or have a quick temper, mild depression or other stressful problems, you are very welcome to schedule an appointment with Cathy.  Many people come to see Cathy because they are stuck in negative thinking or report having a "psychic or spiritual block." Clients report that they feel sometimes stuck and are wanting to learn to live on "the high flying disk." We do take some insurances but not many. Insurance plans seldom pay for couples, marriage, and family counseling sessions. When you use your insurance, your counselor, social worker, or psychologist is required to provide your insurance company with a diagnosis on you or your family member in order to collect payment. Most of the couples and individuals we see do  not have a mental health problem. Instead, most of the children, teenagers, and adults we see only need direction and guidance. The people we see mostly are those that are simply wanting to improve and change their lives within themselves and with the lives they touch.  In our office, you are welcome to come alone or bring your partner for couples therapy or marriage counseling. If the problem involves your child or the entire family, everyone is invited to attend including the grandparents and caregivers.

Come and Find your North Star.

 Learn to raise your energy vibration, improve your self-esteem, confidence, and productivity. Cathy Armstrong wears many hats and is here to help you with your personal and/or professional concerns and get you off  that "tight rope." Put joy, hope, love, faith, and balance back into your life and the lives your touch! As a Registered Nurse, Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor, Life Coach, and Ordained Minister , Cathy's' personal style of therapy and trainings is holistic and integrative.  Cathy does not provide "cookie cutter work." Cathy is very empathetic and respectful of personal values and lifestyles. For those clients seeking psychotherapy, she uses interactive talk therapy along with a variety of creative and expressive therapies such as: depth therapy, DBT, ACT, mindfulness, cognitive behavior therapy and other therapies. Cathy uses various techniques and methods to help you look at  and identify any possible underlying issues that keep you stuck in old patterns of self-sabotage. Cathy is here to help guide you to create profound change and personal growth,. She is here to help you explore clarity, life purpose, and heal old wounds if needed.

If you are looking for spiritual direction or help coping with grief or a chronic illness Cathy offers a variety of services to choose from including :Christian/Catholic/Christ Science/Metaphysical Christian/Christ Consciousness/Universalist Life Coaching and Holistic Counseling.  Cathy is currently  working on a second non-secular advanced degree in religious studies called pastoral counseling.  Her first dissertation was on the power of the mind and spiritual beliefs when combined with allopathic medicine to aid in healing. This dissertation explored outcome studies of patients being cared with only traditional medicine compared with those being treated with a variety of CAM services and prayer. The study explored guided imagery, hypnosis, nutrition therapy, chakra balancing, prayer treatment, affirmations, etc being used in conjunction with modern western medicine The results were amazing! Cathy is here to be a part of your medical treatment team if you have a chronic illness or facing surgery. She is available to create your personal emotional Mind, Body, Spirit wellness treatment plan and coordinate services with your physician!Tightrope walking

Learn to live in the present, not the past, and not the future!
Do your feel like  you are missing out on life? Have stress, or feeling of burn out or disconnection taken over your life? Do the people you know and care about, really do not understand you and what you are going through? Do you feel like an imposter in the office and a monster at home? Do you feel like you are walking on the tight rope of life and feel worried that you are about to fall and crash? Learn to take the challenges in your life and view them as a "practice lab" to create "magic" by learning to take a negative experience or negative situation and turn it into a "golden opportunity" to become happy and successful in your relationship with yourself, others, and in the work place. Cathy Armstrong offers services to help you manifest the life you want and truly desire . Individual and couples counseling/ life coaching are offered in addition to workshops and trainings on spiritual development and growth. Cathy offers  both traditional counseling and holistic life coaching with meditative practices,  NLP,  and hypnosis. Cathy teaches you to apply affirmations for healing and self-loving ways to gently process your emotional pain. Cathy is here to help to inspire you with new goal setting ideas. She uses an integrative and innovative approach using creative holistic  wellness prompts including expressive  multi-medium art,  mindfulness, cognitive and emotional re-patterning strategies.  Cathy's clients come  from a variety of religious, spiritual, and cultural backgrounds. In order to meet the diverse needs of my clients, she offers an integrative and holistic approach to individuals and couples wanting to remove obstacles from their lives and move forward. Prayer and meditation along with narrative therapy and creative self-expression will put you on the road to a happier and brighter tomorrow. 
Cathy wants to help her clients sense and trust their inner knowing, help them develop  intuition,  and trust their "gut."  She is here to support and guide each individual in recognizing and experiencing something far greater than their personal self.  Cathy uses  an integrative holistic wellness approach that includes the whole self: body, mind, and spirit with a compassionate, present-centered orientation. Cathy has studied world religions and healing practices from various cultures around the world and incorporate this into my workshops and trainings. Cathy believes in the power of Faith, Prayer, Hope, and the Power of Positive Thinking . Cathy affirms these tools along with the Mind/Body/Spirit Connection helps heal and move us forward in a positive direction.
From time to time we all  feel stuck in life and might find ourselves  repeating unhealthy patterns of relating to others, When his happens our anxiety and stress levels usually go up and  leave us feeling overwhelmed and depressed. I see many individuals and couples that feel stuck, lost, or lack clarity and feel no since of purpose int their lives.
We all suffer from time to time at some degree with emotional pain, worry, feeling lost, confused or battling  poor self-esteem problems. Sometimes we can feel stuck in feelings of self-doubt and feel helpless and worthless. I am here to support individuals to discover the roots of the dilemmas they are facing in life, and provide help and guidance in handle life struggles with fresh inspiration, hope, faith, and to find a new purpose of meaning.
Cathy sees many couples facing fertility issues and many  having trouble adjusting to parenthood after the birth of a new baby. Being a parent can be difficult and even more stressful especially if you work full time and are going back to school yourself. These are just some examples of he kinds of problems where my experience and expertise of over 30 years in the mental health field can help you find some relief.When you begin in therapy with me, we open up the possibility of creating long and lasting change to bring you clarity, balance, joy, and peace of mind. Cathy's approach is to respect the extent of your past and present challenges and address your problems with structure by creating an individualized treatment plan just for you according your own specific needs.
The majority of Cathy's work is not insurance based, but is in the area of spiritual transformation and personal growth. Cathy provides individuals, couples, and marriages with a variety of tools to help them turn inward and find their own direction using a vareity of cognitive behavioral tools, Jungian concepts, metaphysical science examinationing the laws of attraction and distraction. Cathy combines meditation, mindfulness, NLP, self-hypnosis, life coaching, and spiritual direction to help clients explore their whole being. Cathy sees many clients that feel they are having a "spiritual awakening  " and need direction and guidance to enhance their journey. Cathy can take a faith-based approach that correlates with the client’s own personal beliefs and traditions of choice. As a professional in the Coastal Bend, her office offers a safe, compassionate, and supportive  environment. Cathy strives to create an atmosphere with her clients that promotes understanding, insight, clarity, creativity, motivation, and self-confidence.

Cathy Armstrong is here to  help couples and individuals unleash their potential and help them set goals as they plan to make changes bringing positive experience joy and success in their lives. Many times clients tell her that they are stuck and have been told that they have obstacles from another life time that needs to be cleared so that they can move forward. Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT), is available as a separate treatment modality or in conjunction with Holistic Life Coaching and Spiritual Direction. Cathy offers a weekly woman's group that focuses on personal and spirtual growth. Many books have been reviewed and discussed from various authors. Thess books  are currenlty on the market for self-help, change, and spiritual growth. At the request of one of the group members we explored the works of Dr. Brian Weiss  on  Past Life Regression , PLR trainer and author of Many Lives, Many Masters. We have read and discussed the works of many famous authors such as Louise Hay, Napoleon Hill, Maryanne Williamson, and Tony Robbins.

There are many experienced mental health providers in the Corpus Christi, area that have various approaches and techniques to help people make changes in their lives. It is important to find a mental health counselor that you are comfortable working with.

Call anytime at (361) 688-8200 to leave a confidential voicemail and schedule a brief phone call to see if you think we are a "fit," Telephone calls will be retuned within 24 hours of a standard working week.

Learn more about yourself and learn to step out of your own way. Identify your obstacles and learn the main reason your feel disappointed in yourself and with others and how to stop letting other peoples expectations and upsetting behaviors control your decision making and steal your peace of mind.

  • Learn the power of prayer and self protection using guided imagery, expressive art, and affirmations to release your fears of failure, letting your fear of failure, disappointing others, and rejection control your mental wellbeing and control your mind. Gain clarity of the part you play in this scenario and create a different response to your fears and the things that hold you back from feeling confident and successful.  Learn to move past your comfort zone.
  • Learn about gratitude and mindfulness as you discover your personal fears about facing and being successful in meeting your goals. Discover your happy!
  • Rid yourself of self doubt and learn to find your passion, explore your unique talents, gifts, and self-worth. Become confident in all situation and feel free to set personal boundaries with other and say no.
  • Learn how to get out of your head and stop negative thinking that keeps you in your head all the time by stop over-analyzing everything.
  • Build a stronger connection to your intuition and learn to trust it. Learn to listen to that inner voice that send you warning signs and red flags that you ignore because your heart does not want to acknowledge your instincts.
  • Create a morning, afternoon, and evening ritual to help your avoid letting your negative thoughts take over. Create time for prayer, meditation, self-reflection, and letting go of your fears. Set goals, reflect on those goals 5 times a day. Reprogram your thinking, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors so that you  avoid letting your negative thinking and behaviors take and self sabotage yourself.
  • Learn to feel balanced and energized as you identity the connection between your thoughts and habits so you can take clear, positive action steps and reflect back on these 5 times a day.
  • Learn powerful steps you must take to bust through insecurities and gain confidence. Learn to say I can do it! I accept the things I must put in place to move forward and I am committed to make a difference in my life. I can do it and only I am the one that can do it. I am worth it. I am capable and confident of success. 
  • Learn about the laws of attraction in The Secret and how to put those in place to attract people, and circumstances in your life and how to move beyond the negative people and situations you are currently dealing with that fail to bring you peace of mind, joy, and happiness.
  • Learn about the power of prayer, self control, visualization, and affirmation to help you achieve your goals and enjoy life. Learn about mindfulness and the power of identifying your negative thoughts and circumstances and move out of your unhappiness and create joy, balance, success, and inner peace.

Looking for a LPC Intern Supervisor? Please consider Cathy Armstrong!

Cathy is currently taking applications for individuals in need of LPC Intern Supervision in the Corpus Christi, Texas area. Please call her office and leave a message regarding your interest in seeking internship. Cathy is  now  taking new LPC interns that have an interest in a Holistic Wellness Model of Mind, Body, Spiritual Counseling with an emphasis on Jungian Theory, psychoneuroimmunology, CAM, and Mindfulness CBT. Cathy is here to help new interns learn to create a private practice and learn advanced skills in Cognitive Behavior Therapy, ACT, DBT, Play Therapy, Jungian Therapy, Clinical Hypnosis, Couples and Marriage Counseling. Cathy uses an integrative model and tries to match up the skills she use in her own practice and training center. She has advanced clinical experience, education, and training  and over 30 years of combined mental health experience. She has both secular and non-secular degrees. Cathy is here to help you develop your own personal style and learn more about personal branding for success. Cathy is available to supervise interns pursing their careers as Licensed Professional Counselors and Clinical Hypnotherapists. She is here to offer after work hours supervision if needed.  Cathy has experience supervising LPC Interns providing counseling  services to the community in the areas of : Family Violence, Abuse, Mental Illness, School Counseling, Behavior Management, Group, Family, Individual Therapy, Play Therapy,  In and Out Patient Counseling and Group Therapy for Addictions and Psychiatric Treatment.  She has supervised LPC inters in Career Counseling, Human Trafficking, Pain Management, PTSD, Developmental Disabilities, Foster Care, Court/Legal Related Counseling, Marriage and Family Counseling.


The office of Cathy Armstrong, RN, MS, LPC-S 5934 S. Staples, Suite 206| Telephone: (361) 688-8200

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