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“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.” -Maya Angelou

Cathy Armstrong, RN, LPC-S Psychotherapy
Life Coaching/NLP/Clinical Hypnosis
In Person Counseling and Psychotherapy
Skype/Telephone/Face to Face Coaching
Telephone: 361-688-8200
5934 S. Staples, Suite 206
Corpus Christi, Texas 78413                                   

Traditional Counseling and  Inegrative Psychotherapy for: Couples, Groups, Marriages, Individuals of all ages.
Most Major Commerical Insusrance Accepted.

Mission Statement

I truly love..
  • to listen, provide theraputic feedback, help, inspire, motivate, engage, and empower the clients I work with.
  • to help my clients remove emotional blocks and self sabbotaging behaviors that keep them stuck.
  • to help couples release the past and move forward to new beginnings.
  • to see the clients I work with become truly happy with themselves; balanced, and successful.
  • to show clients of all ages, how they are greater then they think they are, and how they can achieve much more in their lives than they ever dreamt of.
  • to help my clients change their mold, and move beyond their comfort zone.
  • to inspire others to identy exactly what they want to do, what steps they need to take and go forward with creating the life they deserve to have.
Additional Serivices:
Life Coaching
Play Therapy
Bariatric Evaluations
Substance Abuse Counseling
Smoking Cessation
Weight Loss
Natural Childbirth
Pain Management
LPC Intern Supervision
Energy Psychology
Holistic Nursing Serivces
Faith Based Counseling
Cognitive Behavior Therapy
Spiritual Direction
Pre Marital Counseling

New Groups/Classes and Workshops for Professionals and the Public will be Starting in May, 2014:
  • Fees are $40.00 per person per session:
  • Medical Meditation & Relaxation
  • Mindfulness & Breath Work
  • Marriage and Pre Marital Enrichment 
  • Parent Child Relationship Problems
  • Mothers & Daughters
  • Problems Co Parenting 
  • Anger Management 
  • Natural Childbirth Classes 
  • Infertility Support
  • Energy Psychology
  • Master Mind Group 
  • I Can Do It Group - Louise Hay
  •  Weight Loss
  • Womans' Wisdom Group
  • Addiction Recovery  for Those that Want More
  • Grief & Loss - Moving Forward
  • Self Hypnosis for Change - Learn How to Take Charge
  • Anxiety Release - Hypnosis- NLP- Behavior Change
  • Stop Smoking - Hypnosis - NLP- Behavior Change
  • Codependency- Woman That Love Too Much

Alternative Services to Traditional Psychotherapy

Holistic and Integrative Approach to clear the past, create the future and achieve inner peace. Our goal aims to balance the Mind, the Body and the Soul of the individual while offering other natural forms of healing.

We have added other holistic and alternative healing services to  help individuals seeking help to overcome obstacles, clear the past, create a postive future and set new goals with interactive programs combining NLP, behavioral homework, re-patterning, affirmations, hypnosis, spirtual direction and life coaching. Yoga therapy, chakra therapy and reflexology are combined with guided imagery, meditation, and affirmations. Today most people are faced with a high insurance deductibles of six thousand dollars and cannot afford to utilize counseling and psychotherapy services. There are options to insurance. No deductibles, affordable rates and no more mental health diagnosis when therapy is really not indicated or needed. You do have choices. Life coaching, hypnosis, spiritual direction or NLP can change your life and are affordable as most co pays. Ask us about our special needs programs. Call: (361) 688-8200 today!

 Cathy Armstrong is a holistic practitioner, medical meditation teacher, ordained minister and registered nurse that brings more to her practice that just general counseling skills. Cathy is able to provide a broad range of services in psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, assessment, and consultation for General Mental Health, Relationships, Medical Psychological - Emotional  Wellness, Health Issues, and Spiritual Direction and Faith Concerns. Cathy has been working in Mental Health for over 30 years, participating in  a variety of settings from Hospital Behavior Heath Centers (addictions, in and out patient units), Community Mental Health Centers (psychiatric nursing/ case management/counseling), Medical Weight Loss Centers (nursing/counseling/hypnosis) School Settings (nursing/ behavior management specialist, counseling) Community Organizations ( Lamaze teacher, pregnancy/childbirth educator, parent training facilitator, bereavement counselor), Wellness Clinics (nurse, counselor, educator, hypnotherapist, life coach, tobacco cessation/weight loss) and Private Practice Settings. She is undergoing the process of creating a trade mark for her Tranquil Birthing classes that incorporates metaphysics, hypnosis, NLP, birth education and affirmations. Women seeking unmediated childbirth, drug free, natural birth experience learn to turn into the Holy Spirit, inner resources and faith to achieve birth without fear and create a safe, happy, and stress free birthing experience.

  • Learn to rid yourself of patterns of behavior that no longer work for you.
  • Learn to replicate excellence, reach your maximal level of potential and reach your goals.
  • Learn new tools and identify a road map for life.
  • Transformation is available and you can create a way to reach your dreams.
  • Life coaching is offered one on one and is future focused.
  • Learn a problem solving model to move forward in your life with looking to the future with mentoring, goal setting, behavior change, guided imagery, affirmations and vision boarding.
  • Life Coaching/NLP/ Hypnosis are services available to place you in a lateral relationship with the Practioner or coach guides you to reach your maximal level of full potential.
  • Counseling serivces are offered where the therapist is working with psycho pathology of mental health disorders and there is a DSM psychiatric mental health diagnosis required to be given to you and applied when insurance is involved.

Cathy has both an integrative and eclectic practice as she incorportaes the work of Dr. Carl Jung to Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Dream Work, Chakra Energy Planning to create Balance, working with sand tray, mandalas, archetypes and the collective unconscious to help clients create a new way of achieving desired change and outcome for success.   Carl Jung is well known for his work in analytical psychology. Jung was a believer that religious expression was manifested from the psyche’s yearning for a balanced state of consciousness and unconsciousness simultaneously. Jung spent many years studying and practicing with Freud but this specific theory led them to part ways. Jung  felt that the collective unconscious was one shared by all people. The foundation for this theory was based on specific archetypes and patterns that dictate how people process psychic images. Throughout history and across all cultures, mythology and dream study have maintained a common thread. Jung believed that each person strives to achieve wholeness by attaining a harmony within consciousness and unconsciousness and that this can be accomplished through dream study. Cathy can help you process your dreams and allow you to find symbols and meaning that may help you resolve conflicts, find meaning, or let go of self-sabotage.

Cathy Armstrong is a pioneer in integrative therapy and holistic wellness counseling, NLP, Hypnosis, Energy Psychology, Mind Body Principles that incorporate Faith Based Counseling and Spiritual Direction. Cathy offers help for family problems ranging from preconception to the care of aging parents. Cathy is locally known for the work she does in psychoneuroimmunology and the Mind Body connection.  Cathy works closely with physicians and other health care providers by offering complementary alternative care as an adjunct to medical treatment of autoimmune disorders, fertility problems, IBS, anxiety disorders stress disorders, obesity and addictions. Cathy offer NLP and hypnosis for weight loss, natural childbirth, fertility enhancement, anxiety, phobias and smoking cessation.  If you are looking for more to your life than traditional talk therapy, Cathy offers self-help, life coaching, and spirutal awakening and is practioner of a more Jungian approach to therapy that includes dream work, chakra , meditation, sandtray, archetypes, metaphysics and working with the collective unconsious. Many of these sessions are not covered by insurance but are affordable by taking group or individual classes or on line course work and study groups. Private sessions are also available at the price of what a typical insurance copay is these days. 

Integrative and Holistic Wellness Model for Mental Health

Cathy has received both secular and non-secular degrees. She has degrees in registered nurse education, psychology, counseling, holistic life counseling, and religious studies. She is an Ordained Christ Centered Metaphysical Minister. She has been a guest speaker at serveral local churches on topics of parenting, relationship repair and prayer/faith/affirmation as tools for healing. Cathy's dissertation in religious studies was on outcome studies using integrative and holistic alternatives combining prayer, affirmations, counseling and hypnosis in patients with cancer, autoimmune disorders and IBS while the continued to receive  traditional medical care.
Cathy is an LPC supervisor and supervises LPC interns in the fields of medical and clinical hypnotherapy, marriage, family counseling, and play therapy. Cathy teaches hypnosis and medical meditation to physicians, nurses and other health care professionals.
Cathy has taught HypnoBirthing and HypnoFertlity Classes. She has taught Hypnosis for Childbirth,Infertility and Pain Management to counseling students and nursing students and supervised LPC interns in assessment and advanced therapy skills. Cathy has provided consultation for multidisciplinary teams of Neurologists, Psychiatrists, Pediatricians, Family Medicine, and Occupational/Speech Therapy.
Cathy offers various workshops on stress mangement, holistic wellness, chakra balancing, Jungian therapy, self-hypnosis and energy healing. Cathy has provided past speaking presentation to the local Play Therapy Association and Marriage and Family Therapy Association. Cathy has presented various certifications, training, and workshops to Childbirth Educators, Birth and Postpartum Doulas, Nurses, Midwives and other Maternal Child providers.
Cathy is available to present at workshops at state, national and international levels on the use of Alternative and Holstic Therapies to enhance treatment in both medical and mental health care.

Cathy has two offices in Corpus Christi, Texas. The office that she sees clients on insurance is located at the Life Skills Associates Center, located in the Five Oaks Plaza at 5934 South Staple Street, Suite 206. Call Cathy Armstrong today at (361) 688-8200 to learn how to let go from self-defeating anxiety provoking thought patterns or involvement in unhealthy relationships. Cut the cords to addiction and codependency. Create inner peace and emotional balance in your life. Certification trainings, reflexology, NLP, relaxation water meditation, energy work, pet therapy and lilfe coaching sessions at held at the Allier Center where she works as a Registered Nurse and Metaphysical Minister.

Cathy is able to provide metaphysical teachings, spiritual development and purpose for those seeking to develop their true self and innate potential in life as you achieve your desires for change, prosperity, success, and happiness based on the work of Carl Jung. Through personal work on himself, and with his patients, Jung grew to believe that life has a spiritual purpose beyond material goals. Jung believed that our main task in this lifetime is to discover and fulfill our deep innate potential. Jung studied various mystical metaphysical and religious paths such as that of Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Gnosticism, Taoism, and other traditions, Jung believed that this journey of transformation, which he called individuation, is at the mystical heart of all religions. It is a journey to meet the self and at the same time to meet the Divine, or what God is to you individually.

Cathy Armstrong is a relationship therapist and marriage counselor. She offers marriage, couples and family counseling and support services for creating healthy families during conception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Cathy sees couples for a variety of relationship and marital problems. Relationship-Couples-Faith Based Marriage and Family Counseling Services are offered daily and evening hours are available until 9:00 pm, Mondays and Wednesdays. Cathy offers integrative marriage counseling using sand tray, adult play therapy, expressive arts, NLP, and cognitive behavior therapy. Cathy Armstrong is one phone call away from making positive changes in your life today. Don't delay. Start your path to happiness today. Cathy holds weekly supervision for LPC interns, weekly Sunday meetings on The Course in Miracles, Master Mind Support Group and, monthly workshops and Professional Training Sessions in Mind Body Wellness. Cathy is available to present Advanced Training for Childbirth Educators, Midwives, Birth Professionals, Labor and Delivery RN’s, Student Nurses and labor doulas. New classes are forming for Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Hypnosis Training and NLP Certification.

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