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Offering support professional counseling, conusutation, personal coaching for growth and success. Call us today to inquire about our many services and growth plan services for career development, education, training, and LPC Intern Supervision.

Professional Counseling Services

.Do your feel like the people you know and care about, really do not undertand you and what you are going through? Do you feel like an imposter in the office and a monter at home? Do you feel like you are walking on the tight rope of life and feel worried that you are about to fall and crash? Learn to take the challenges in your life and view them as a "practice lab" to create "magic" by learning to take a negative experience or negative situation and turn it into a "golden opportunity" to become happy and successful in your relationship with yourself, others, and in the work place.

I help couples, children, teenagers, and individuals look at their "blind spots," to promote growth, gain positive insights as they create positive energy and personal strength to to "unplug" the negative fuel disrupting their lives. Learn about alchemy, the laws of attraction and how you get in your own way of creating that very desire you are longing for. I am here to help you manifest the life you want and truly desire.

Change is Possible and You Can Do It!

I offer Integrative Holistic Wellness Counseling & Life Coaching Services in Corpus Christi. Office and Web based "tele counseling", and telephone services are available. My office creates a warm, friendly, and nurturing environment where you can explore the possibilities of creating your dreams, reaching your goals, and creating a happier and more peaceful life. Groups, workshops, retreats, and classes are offered during the year. 

My Mission Is to Empower You on Your Healing Journey to Success and find Inner Peace.

I am your guide for transformation and change.  You will learn to follow the laws of attraction, identify the "blocks" that keep you from being happy, learn about your own blind spots and take responsibility for the part you play in attracting the wrong person, issues with coworkers, employers, friends, working in the wrong place or attracting repeated patterns of negative experiences in your life. I take a holistic, whole person, and integrative approach to help facilitate you in making the changes you want to see happen in your life.

Stop your negative thinking, rid yourself of unhealthy patterns that lead to isolation, heart ache, and pain.  Get that job you want, create a happy home life, improve your finances, get that promotion, and create a happy family life. Move forward and resolve issues from the past that create anger that keep your mind stuck in misery, hatred, and fear.  Learn to let go of old thinking patterns that are no longer working for you.


Counseling/Psychotherapy     Professional Life Coaching     Spiritual Direction                       

Individuals, Groups, Families, Couples

LPC Intern Supervision

Integrative Counseling

Expressive and Creative Arts

Prescriptive Play Therapy 

Jungian Therapy, CBT, Mindfulness, Family Systems

Holistic/Whole Person Approach

Clinical Hypnotherapy & NLP

Pet Assisted Therapy Upon Approval

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