Tranquil Birth with Hypnotherapy

Enjoy a Relaxed & Easier Labor and Birth with Hypnotherapy
Training by a RN, Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist & Hypnosis Doula
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Hello! My name is Cathy Armstrong and I am here to help prepare yourself for the new journey into parenthood. Pregnancy is a magical time for a woman and a time for celebration! If you are looking to have a more peaceful and easier birth experience please contact me. I have over 40 years of nursing experience working with women that are planning to have a baby or in labor. I am an experienced labor and delivery room nurse, labor doula, birth educator, and clinical hypnotherapy. I teach advanced training in medical hypnotherapy to doctors, medical student, mental health professionals and nurses for pain management.

I have a certification and training center located in Corpus Christi, Texas for NLP, Energy Work, Hypnosis, Labor Doula Hypnotist, and LPC Interns.

I help women, teens, and couples prepare their your minds, bodies and spirits for a peaceful, conscious, empowering, and more comfortable birth experience. You and your new family deserve to have a New Beginning welcoming your little one into your arms in a relaxed and joyous way.I have been helping women bring babies into the world and helping them to have the birth they deserve since 1974. I understand the rite of passage of motherhood and the spiritual connection of birth. I am a Master Reiki Instructor, Meditation Teacher, Yoga Therapist, in addition to my professional training as a  Professional in the Mental Health Filed and Birthing Profession.

 The wonder of birth can leave a lasting imprint on a woman's mind, heart and soul for the rest of her life.. As a Registered Nurse, Labor Support Companion, Doula, Educator and Trainer, I do know that babies can be born into the world in a confident, peaceful, comfortable and relaxed way. I have been helping women and families achieve the births they deserve by the use of Auto Programming, Self-Hypnosis,Neurolinguistic Programming, Jungian Expressive Birth Art, Sand tray, Meditation, Ancient Tools for Stress and Fear Release, Meditation, Affirmations, Guided Imagery and a variety of breathing techniques to help you experience a PEACEFUL Pregnancy, normalize your fears and worries, and to prepare you to have a Normal, Natural,Positive and Comfortable birth experience!

I offer hypnosis, specifically designed to ease your mind about the process of going through labor and help you enjoy the birth experience with peace and tranquility.  It is not necessary to have had hypnosis or psychotherapy before to attend a single session or take several sessions.  You can schedule for the purpose alone pain management , if you’d like.  Sessions are 60 minutes and you can do a one time class or attend several classes according to your needs and preference.  Hypnosis for birth can be very helpful to have and can be used as an adjunct service to your classes in childbirth education to enhance special preparation to help better prepare you for the upcoming event and to enhance your birthing experience.  You can schedule as early in the pregnancy as you like.

 The ultimate goal in childbirth is to have a healthy mother and a healthy baby, whether you have an epidural, medication or a Cesarean if necessary, But hypnosis does provide relaxation, create a sense of calm and wellbeing through any birthing adventure!

Now more than ever, Tranquil Birth Classes and childbirth with hypnotherapy is more in demand. Hypnosis techniques for more comfortable labor and birth has been used in Russia, Germany, The Scandinavian Countries,France, and England, especially after WWI.  During this time, hypnotic suggestions before the onset of labor and post hypnotic suggestions were combined with pharmacological methods of anesthesia and epidurals. This combination is still being used today. In fact, a study by the British Journal of Anesthesia 2007, concluded that using hypnosis during childbirth reduces the amount of analgesia required during labor.

The study found that teaching self hypnosis helps the mother feel calmer, more in control, and more relaxed, which results in less pain due to the pain, fear, tension syndrome. This state  of deep relaxation rease reduces the amount of analgesic  requirements to experience pain relief.. Less analgesia can minimize the incidence of uterine hyperstimulation and the need for an epidural.

Hypnosis is valuable for any kind of birth, whether the birth will include medication or not, or even if it is caesarian. Sometimes we plan for one type of birth, but things turn out differently, for various reasons.  Hypnosis practiced beforehand with a combination of affirmations, and fear release techniques can aid in any situation that may come up.

In conclusion, whether you want to have a natural non-medicated birth at home or in the hospital, the benefits of hypnosis for labor and birth offer mother and baby less medication and reduce anxiety and fear for the mother by creating more relaxation, comfort, confidence, ease, sense of control, and joy!  Now you can share the good news to others too others in Corpus Christi, Texas. Online Classes are available also.

The Tranquil Birth Class, Private and Small Group Classes

  • Consists of four (1-1.5)hour classes that meet every 2 weeks which covers specific topics
  • Learn to Create Affirmations for a Peaceful Birth
  • Relax Your Mind, Create Inner Peace, and Balance
  • Learn the skills of Self-Hypnosis for an easier pregnancy and birth
  • These classes enhance hospital and home birth classes
  • Classes are much more advanced in natural pain managment than most hospital classes
  • A must for mothers wanting a more comfortable peaceful and calm birth
  • Classes are a welcome additional to local trainings in nataural birhing for those clients seeking a home birth
  • Learn which hypnosis inductions work for you
  • Write your own hypnosis scripts for labor 
  • Partner coached classes for a "hands on experience"
  • Save your money and let your partner be you labor support (Doula)
  • Additional Two Week Training for Those Partners wanting to be Actively Involved in the Labor and Birth
  • Lean to Create a Blessings Way Ceremony at your Baby Shower
  • Tap into your Inner Wisdom and become a Birth Warrior
  • Learn Advanced Comfort Techniques for Labor and Childbirth
  • Learn to Balance your Chakras
  • Learn to apply Energy Work and Breath Work for Birth
  • Relationship Enrichment, Improved Couple Communication
  • Marrrige Enrichment
  • Learn about the power and energy of your words, thoughts and emotions
  • Create Birth Art, Learn about Aromatherapy, EFT and Reflexology
  • Advanced techniques for pain management taught by a Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • A different relaxation, guided imagery and hypnosis technique is demonstrated and practiced weekly.
  • Classes are taught by a Registered Nurse, Experienced Clinical Birth Hypnotherapist, Former Lamaze Teacher, and Labor and Delivery Room Nurse, Blessings Way Officiant, Advanced Doula Educator and Trainer Former, Birth Art Teacher and Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor.
  • Strategies are offered to help minimize pain in labor, to learn to listen to the wisdom of your body, how to conserve energy in labor, work in partnership with your birthing partner so your mind, body and spirit will work more efficiently.                                                                                                                                                              Fees:

  • Single session hypnosis, meditation, guided imary session or advanced parter training  $125.00/ hour

  • Series of 4 (1-1.5) hour classes $350.00 

  • $125.00 per refresser class

This program teaches you a variety of deep relaxation exercises,  how to apply the use of self hypnosis techniques for daily problems as well as for natural pain management. You will learn to empower yourself with Jungian Birth Art, Vision Boarding, Creating a Vision Candle, Finding the delete and empty trash buttons that lurks in the back of your mind creating self doubt, fear and worry.

 Approach to Birth
My approach childbirth is the belief that birth is a natural and normal physiological process where a woman is capable of having her baby the way nature intended, using her inner wisdom, courage and strength and intuition to have her baby in a safe and loving environment. Couples are educated about the need to respect medical intervention when needed and to build a strong trusting relationship with their health care providers. Education and preparation are essential to your expected outcome. 

By learning to go deep inside with that inner wisdom and birth warrior resides you will learn to tap into your inner wisdom and strength. As you learn to release your fears, you will be able to relax more deeply and more fully. When a birthing women is in contact with the power of her mind and trust her ability to focus and trust her body, she will become more relaxed and get out of the way of the natural birthing process.

By yielding, and letting go she will become so relaxed that her stress hormones are decreased and her endorphins are increased and her level of pain is decreased. This is called the Mind, Body Fear Release Loop. 

These classes are open to anyone that is planning to have a baby. These classes are not only for couples seeking a natural birth experience. Couples find that these classes improve couple relationships, communication skills build trust and walf way with an awareness that the spiritual union between the 2 as partners is empowered. Any one interested will find these classes and  private trainings to be a very valuable life  experience. These classes teach the art of Mindfulness, the Power of Positive Thinking, Ways to Stop Negative Self Talk, and provide you with  techniques and tools you can take with you for the rest of your life.

When having your baby with Self Hypnosis, you will be awake and alert. What you experience is similar to the day dreaming or concentrated  focusing that occurs when you are engrossed in a book, looking at a fish tank, or staring at a fire.

You will be relaxed, fully in control as you melt in to each contraction and allow your body to become more deeply relaxed as the contraction builds to a peak , you will simply allow your body to let go a little more and relax more deeply. Techniques for time distortion, imagery, using the control switch in your mind will be taught so that the longer the contractions last, the close together they coma and the intensity of the strength of the contractions will not  make you feel overwhelmed, but fully in control, peaceful and relaxed.

Your mind and body will be trained to work together in perfect harmony and you will be able to determine the extent you feel the contraction. You will experience your birth in an atmosphere of a relaxed mind and body as you bring your baby into a room filled with love, joy, peace, calm, tranquility.

The birth of a baby is a spiritual event and you can bring your baby into your life without fear and tension that cause tension, stress, dis-ease ,and discomfort. Your body’s natural relaxing hormones will jump right on in (endorphin) by replacing the stress hormones that create pain.

When it is time for you to begin the pushing stage of labor your will learn techniques to breathe the baby down, active and passive pushing and use self-hypnosis and imagery to exit his/her way into the world with relaxed ease and in a peaceful and loving atmosphere.

These services help facilitate an easier pregnancy, birth experience, improved marriage/partnership and transition into parenthood. 

Prenatal, Pregnancy Couneling for Women, Teen Moms, and Couples

Becoming a parent is an exciting time for some couples and can be challenging time for others. Not everyone experiences the glow of pregnancy with all the fairy tale hopes and dreams of how pregnancy"should and would be." I am here to support you from preconception through postpartum and beyond. Cathy has extensive experience and training as a Registered Nurse and Professional Counselor-Supervisor in CAM,  Infertility, Stress Management in Pregnancy, Postpartum Depression, Bereavement and Clinical Hypnosis.

Pregnancy is a major transition in the woman’s life and yet, and can be even referred to as a rite of passage. This is a special time of transformation and change for many women, and because of it being a 9 month journey,it is many times overlooked as a turning point in the life of a woman or a couple.

 While some women do not struggle emotionally during pregnancy, research shows that emotional support during this time of major transition is highly beneficial for maternal adjustment after the baby is born and can create lasting damaging effects in the psyche and in the relationship if needs are ignored.

Part of you personalized pregnancy counseling experience will include free Holistic Tranquil Birth childbirth  education classes. These classes will be exploring your inner prenatal world. By looking inside at the inner landscapes of your mind, you will be able to make any needed changes to shift your perception form the negative to the positive regarding your birthing and postpartum experiences. 
Your rite of passage to being a mother can have a  significant difference in how you integrate your new roles during pregnancy and motherhood with your approach to childbirth, and how you mother baby bonding and adjusting after the baby comes. 
Birth is an important even in the life of a woman and it is common for women to repeat their birth stories years and years after their children are grown and have children of their own. I accept Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, Federal Blue Cross of Texas, Humana, Aetna, United Healthcare, and Driscoll Medicaid Insurance for women in need of prenatal and postpartum counseling services.

“The artist’s relative lack of adaptation turns out to his advantage; it enables him to follow his own yearnings far from the beaten path, and to discover what it is that would meet the unconscious needs of his age……art represents a process of self-regulation in the life of nations and epochs” –Jung (CW 15, 131).

Pregnancy Counseling & Hypnotherapy

  • Hypnosis for an Easier Birth Experience
  • Birth Counseling/Consultation
  • Postpartum Depression Counseling
  • Counseling for High Risk Pregnancy
  • Counseling for Birth Trauma
  • Marriage and Couple Counseling
  • Family Counseling
  • LPC Intern Supervision for the Childbearing Year 
  • Medical Hypnosis for Fertility
  • Hypnosis for Natural Childbirth
  • Hypnosis for Morning Sickness,
  • Hypnosis for Breech Baby Turn ( must have a medical release and can be done at your physicians office with sonogram)
  •  Natural Labor Induction ( with medical permission only)
  • Hypnosis for Pre Term Labor,
  • Stop Smoking Hypnosis During Pregnancy
  •  Needle Phobia
  •  Hospital Phobia
  • "White Coat Hypertension"

5934 South Staples, Suite 206, Corpus Christi, Texas 78413
Telephone: (361) 688-8200

 About Cathy

Cathy Armstrong has been teaching childbirth education since 1976. She has been a former member of ASPO and taught the Lamaze Method of childbirth until she became trained in clinical and medical hypnosis in the 1980's. She is Texas State Board certified as both a Registered Nurse and Licensed Professional Counselor. Cathy Armstrong has both secular and non-secular education and is an ordained minister. She has degrees in Nursing, Psychology, Counseling, Holistic Counseling and Religious Studies. She has studied Hypnosis with Dr. Jack Tractor in the 1980's, Dr. Mary Louise Holt, the HypnoBirthing Institute and the HypnoFertily Institute. Cathy has advanced training in NLP, Ericksonian hypnosis, hypnosis for fertility and natural childbirth. Cathy has over 30 years of training in hypnosis and is a member of the National Board for Certified and Clinical Hypnotherapists. Cathy received advanced hypnosis continuing education training hours for Nursing and Professional Counseling in the area of childbirth in 1979 in Body Centered Hypnosis for Childbirth developed by Dr. Gayle Peterson. Cathy has also obtained past certification and training in the Le Claire Method of Hypnobirthing called Baby Moons. She has also taken the educational training in Creating Healthy Families developed by Dr. Gayle Peterson.  Cathy furthered her nursing education by attending a workshop about birth trauma taught and created by Pam England, the author of Birthing Within.

A Note From CathyThank you for visiting.
 My practice encompasses working with individuals, couples and families with various presenting and mental health disorders across the life span. I work with transiton issues and adjustment problems across the life span. I have years of experience working with as a Childbirth Educator, Labor and Delivery/Postpartum Mommie-Baby Nurse. I have been a Breastfeeding Educator and Prenatal Teacher. I have years of experience working with high risk pregancy and teenage mothers.I have experience working with intimate partner (domestic) and sexual violence, clients who often experience trauma, anxiety and depression.  My primary area of specialty is maternal-child-family mental health from preconception, birth, postpartum and into the years that follow to create healthy and happy families.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or to schedule an appointment. I see clients of all ages.
Pre Pregnancy Counseling
The decision to start a family can be exciting, challenging and even stressful. The thought of having a family alone can bring out strong, often conflicting emotions in an individual or couple. Unforeseen fertility problems sometime occur and I offer counseling focused on preparing specifically for this new journey in your life..
Holisitc Prental Counseling Services                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Pregnancy is often thought of as a time of happiness and joy, but often times it does not carry that radiant glow with it! 
Stress is common in pregnancy and might interfere with the excitement of having a new baby.
Emotional distress during pregnancy is a common occurance. It is not uncommon for women to experience a variety of emotional changes as well as physical changes during the nine months of pregnancy. Counseling can be helpful in exploring the myths of pregnancy, the fears of pregancy, the physical discomforts of pregancy, body images changes during pregnancy and exploration of the changes to come as a mother, couple, family, student or career driven individual. Cathy Armstrong offers a variety of services to individuals, professionals, individuals and groups regarding the child bearing year. Cathy sees women, men, couples and extended family members struggling with infertiity, pregnancy, and postparum concerns. On occasion  Cathy will see a loved one of a woman or couple struggling with these issues.  Transitions can be stressful during this special time of life for a couple, woman, or man. Women that receive counseling during pregancy report more prepared during childbirth, postpartum and motherhood experinces. Couples report bonding together and drawing closer as man and wife and as a family unit. as a positive outcome of perinatal counseling.
Research shows that it is important to bond with your baby before the birth, during the birth process and right after you are able to hold your new little one in your loving arms. Cathy works with couples to help avoid the risks of birth trauma and postpartum depression.
Meet Cathy Armstrong, Nurse, Doula, Therapist 
Cathy has over 35 years of training and experience as a Registered Nurse, Certified Childbirth Educator, Birth Hypnotherapist and Labor Doula. Cathy is a Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor with a focus on Holistic Care and the connection of Mind, Body and Spirit. Cathy is a Perinatal Educator and is avialbe to provide a variety of educational and wellness,services to mental health counselors, psychotherapists, nurses, birth attendants, individuals and families during pre-conception, pregancy, birth and postpartum. Counseling services are offered to parents that have infants in the NICU and are in need of counseling and emotional support during this special but stressful time. Family and sibling counseling services are also available. Cathy's passion is to provide services to the Pregnant Mother and her family during the prenatal period, birth and postpartum times. 
Adjustment For Parents to Be, Experienced Parents and New Parents to create a Happy Family.
Life Coaching and Professional Counseling Services are available for individuals and couples going through infertility stress, experiencing pregnancy or postparum related stress, caring for a sick newborn,  or adjusting to being a parent to a new baby or babies. Parenthood can be very overwhelming and can lead to stress.  anxiety and depression for many people. Pregnancy and Postpartum counseling for both individuals and couples is available in Corpus Christi, Texas.
Cathy is taking new clients for pregancy and postpartum counseing on Driscoll/ Driscoll Chip Medicaid, Blue Cross Blue Shile Federal, Blue Cross Blue Shileld PPO, Aetna, United and Private Pay. Counseling, workshops and trainings for birth support atttendants (doulas, labor and delivery room  nurses, nurse practitioners, midwives, breast feeding counselors, physicians, nurse practitioners). If you are a nurse of physician most health plans are accepted in this office.Do not be embarrased to make your first appointment. New or Expectant Parents are faced with financial changes, day care worries, health concerns, relationship issues, sexual changes, career and work stress and much more than was ever thought about. Support is available in the way of classes, groups, counseling sessions or doula care.
New Preganancy Support Group for Summer 2016 TBA.                                                             
Mind-Body-Spirit Infertility Counseling and Support Services                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
  If you are trying to become pregnant and keep hoping that your negative pregnancy test will be a positive reading on your next try, you are not alone. Countless women, men and couples go through the stress and pain of infertiity. Research shows that one in about every six couples has problems with miscarriage or infertiity.
Cathy offers counseling, classes and workshops to individuals and couples in the Corpus Christi area that are interested in becoming pregnant, staying pregnant, couples interested in third party family-building, surogacy and egg donation. Cathy works with couples on medications to enhance fertility and with couples going through IVF integrating clinical/medical hypnosis, mindfulness cognitive behavior therapy, and other wellness counseling models.
Cathy Armstrong helps couples find ways to cope with the stress, anxiety, depression, and daily frustration of coping with infertiity. Cathy listens, supports and offers feedback about making difficult decisions regarding fertility concerns and issues. Cathy will help you deal with family and friends, baby showers and other events involving those you know that are getting pregnant and having babies.

Cathy will help you maintain good communication and a strong relationship with your partner during times of stress and teach you ways to reslove relationship conflict.There are some research studies reporting improved pregnancy rates for couples involved in   holistic wellness and mind/body programs.
Clients undergoing fertility problems that participate in mental wellness services show that the couples' overall emotional well-being is improved.When east meets west, people believe that the mind can have a profound effect on the body and our health as well as our general outlook on life. Many people acknowledge "faith healing," prayer and the power of the mind to work in conjunction with modern medicine to heal the body.

People do not need to believe in this aspect of mind/body medicine to reap the benefits from it. Most mind/body practitioners see mind body medicine and holistic wellness counseling services as a way to lower stress and improve quality of life,  decrease stress, rid anxiety, improve mood, improve relationships and not as a way to actually "cure" a disease or illness alone.Mind/body medicine  and Mind/body counseling may also be called body/mind/spirit medicine, integrative counseling and medicine, holistic counseling and medicine, mind/body/spirit  coaching and hypnosis. Some consider mind/body/medicine and holistic counseling a form of alternative wellness and medicine, though it's commonly used alongside conventional treatments.
Teen Pregnancy Counseling Services
Being a teen parent is not always easy. Emotional support and counseling is avaiable for teen fathers, families and teen mothers. New clients are being seen on Driscoll Star/Chip Medicaid, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal, United and Aetan Insurance Plans. Private Pay clinets are also welcome.  
Birth Counseling & Childbirth Preparation/Education  
 Giving birth is a time of new beginings and the creation of a new life as a family. It is important to address the needs of pregnant wormen because they will soon become mothers.  Cathy Armstrong works to inspire and teach couples coping with infertiltiy, planning a family, expectant and new parents as well as in the years to come after giving birth.
Research has shown that anxiety in pregnant women needs to be addressed because it has shown stress on the mother and baby that can impact miscarriage, preterm labor and have a negative impact of labor patterns and fetal health. Many times women have been programmed to believe that birth is unsafe, frighening and something that no woman should ever have to do. Some women see labor as "the curse from Eve." Counseling, group support and hypnosis workshops help to reduce anxiety and normaize the pregnancy by reducing fear and emotional unbalance. Birth can be safe, beautiful and even a spiritual experince. It is a rite of passsage.
Cathy Armstrong believes in the Mind/Body Connection and supports your wishes for a healhy, safe and happy birhing experience. 
Cathy provides a combination of counseling, childbirth education, guided imagery, chakra therapy, meditation, and clinical hypnosis to support women with the physical and emotional changes during infertility, conception, pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Cathy has taught couples natural childbirth methods using hypnosis, guided imagery and advanced clinical relaxation techniques to bring your baby into the world in a very peaceful and relaxed way.Cathy as worked as a Professional Birth Doula for couples wanting Natural Childbirth and has helped couples gently bring their little ones into the world with amazing confidence and comfort.
Prental Services include:

  • Childbirth Education
  • Pregnancy/Prenatal Counseling
  • Individual and couple counseling
  • Counseling for stress, relationship issues, depression and anxiety. 
  • Prental Counseling & Group for added support during pregnancy and release fears of childbirth and motherhood.

Fear can create the "fight or flight" response.
During labor and birth the mental attitude can be an improtant factor sometimes in the outcome of labor and birth. A calm and peaceful labor can maintain a healthy blood pressure for the mother, provide good oxygenation to the unborn baby, and decrease the time of labor and provide natural pain medication.
Fear during childbirth according to research, can decrease the blood levels of oxytocin. Cathy  being a Registered Nurse and Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor, has trained through psych ceu in the course designed by the amazing Dr. Gayle Peterson, the creator of body centered hypnosis for childbirth.   
Cathy has also taken the training ceus in Making Healthy Families, again created by Dr. Gayle Peterson. Cathy is trained in various techniques of birthing hypnosis by the leading experts in childbirth education and clinical hypnotherapy. She is board certified as a "fellow"  clinical hypnotherpist with the National Board of Clinical Hypnotherapists. Cathy has been certified with the Baby Moon La Claire Method and has been trained anonther leading method of hypnosis for birth. Stress during pregnancy can create relationships problems We accept Driscoll StarChip Medicaid, Aetna, Otimum, Blue Cross Blue Shiled of Texas, Federal Blue Cross Blue Shield and United Health Insurance for counseling.  We also see private paying clients.The Tranquil Hypnosis Birthing Classes are provided free of charge to individuals and couples participating in pre-natal, pregnancy counseling sessions. If you are experiencing marital problems, stress, depression or anxiety during your pregnancy these classes are a Must! Learn to relax during your pregnancy and in labor with expressive perinatl birth  art, meditation, fear release and affirmations. Self-hypnosis tools teach your mind and body to work in harmony the way nature intended.
Benefits to Hypnosis during Childbirth
Reduced anxiety, releases fear and self-doubt
Improved pain management
No side effects for mother or baby
Mind and Body working in harmony together
Reduces time in labor in most cases
Train your mind to "feel pressuire "and go deeper into a trance state with contractions
Learn to alter your perception of pain with concentrated intense focus
Train your mind to quick slip into an alpha state of relaxation very quickly
Work with your subconscious mind to produce natural pain relief
Train your brain for an easier and more comfortable, peaceful birth!
Counseling for Couples During Pregnancy
Couples are often seen during pregnancy because they have different goals about the outcome of the pregnancy. Some couples are not in agreement about having children. This put a great deal of emotional stress on the pregnancy and the relationship. Pregnancy is a happy time if it proceeds smoothly. If unexpected complications of physical complications or emotional stress occur, the mother-to-be is prone to prenatal anxiety and depression. These emotional factors might have an negative impact the developing child, the pregnancy, labor/birth and postpartum adjustment with the new baby.
Finanical issues can put stress on the mother-to-be and the couple. Medical bills, baby furniture, maternity and baby clothes, future costs of day care and unpaid exitisting bills are just of few things an expecting couple or single mother might be facing. In the United States the estimated cost of medical care during pregnancy, birth and post partum range from $32,000. 00 to $50,000.00. 
Many women or shocked that they are not flowing through pregnancy with ease.  The changes that occur in pregnancy can create depession and anxiety for some women. Persistent morning sickness, weight gain, body image changes, fatigue, aches and pain, indigestion, heartburn, sciatica, insomnia, food and travel restrictions can create stress. Some women cannot connect with their chosen health care provider and having to go for required office visits can add to more stress. A professional mental health counselor can help you explore issues and concerns during your pregancy and help you find solutions.
Pregnancy Counseling is often scheudled if you are pregnant, depressed, fearful, anxious or having relationship or trauma issues. These counseling sessions address the fears and adjutment issues occuring during the pregancy, fears and anxieties about labor, childbirth, career, relationship, family, and parenting. Often pregnant women and teenagers have mother daugther issues or other unresloved issues regaarding of family of origin, sexual abuse, abandonment, prior pregancy loss or birth trauma. It is not uncommon to see pregnant women for counseling that had infertility problems. Past childbirth history, childhood history, relationship history , stressors in relationship  are discussed as to how these issues could have an impact on labor, marriage and paretinng. The goal of these sessions is for the mother to adapt and adjust to her new role of motherhood and ease the transition of bringing home a new family member with a sense of well-being, secuitiy and ease. This sense of confidence with be taken with her when she gives birth. Prenatal Depression affects many women during pregnancy. This is know as antenatal or prentatal depression. Fears associated with the birth process, the future, the stablity of the family, mother-daughter issues with her own mother are common factors. Cathy Armstrong is here to provide you with mental health assement and supportive counseling to ensure your wellbeing and that of your unborn child.
AFTER THE BABY COMES Counseling for Birth Trauma and Postpartum Depression. Group/ Individual/Couples Counseling
Giving birth and becoming a new mother is a rite of passage. It can be an empowering experience or one of sadness, anger, disappointment, regret and can cause damage to the emotional health of the mother, her relationship and bonding experience.
Counseling and Life Coaching for Motherhood and Parenthood 
Are there days that you wake up feeling like you are on a roller coaster, wanting to cry, feeling anxious, frustrated, angry and want more out of life than wanting to pull your hair out with your kids? Do you  feel disconnected from you partner, family and friends? Do you feel like you are "freaking out, going crazy at times? Is the thought of one more project to do is the  "deal breaker and you are about to fall apart?" Parenting of a new baby, taking care of a toddler, dealing with an older child that is oppositional or defiant can create stress on parents. You can wake up and feel confident as a mother by learning a few coping skills and behavior techniques to bring peace, joy and balance to your life. Part of my private counseling practice is to work with mothers to help them feel empowered and create mornings where they wake up with a smile on their face ready to take the kids to school and feel content with their lives when they put their head on their pillow at night. Being a mother is a hard job! Cathy is here to help mothers feel in control of their lives again, find time for themselves, re-connect with themselves and others, learn the skills of time managment, boundary setting, learning to have a "voice" with assertivness training and face the day with contentment and ease. You do not have to feel alone and there is a way to stop the feelings of "freaking out and losing it."
Emotional Birth Trauma/Healing/Recovery Counseling
Cathy Armstrong was trained in person by the remakable Pam England, the creator or Birthing form Within and Birth Story, now called Birth Story Medicine. As Professional Labor/Birth Doula, experienced RN (in labor/delilvery/postpartum/ and newborn nursey nurse, mother of twins, professional counselor and birth educator), Cathy has helped many women understand that the root of many marital problems started during the pregancy, birth or postpartum time. Being pregnancy, giving birth and bonding after the baby is born as a family is a rite of passage and a very emotional and spiritual experience for most women. Bonding with the new baby and marital problems as well as mental health issues can occur for the new mother if negative feelings surrounding the pregancy and birth are not addressed. Many women expeience sadness, remorse, emptiness, anger, bitterness, regret, grief, blame, and extreme disappointment about the events from pre conception (fertility problems) and extend during pregancy, birth and the first year of parenthood. Unresloved these issues can lead to divorce and self desrtuction.
Private and Small Group Childbirth Classes
Childbirth preparation  is a valuable experience regardless of you are planning to have a natural birth, use medication during labor, have an inducted labor or a planned /unplanned C Section. These tools are valuable and will help you in other areas of your life to manange stress, release fears, worries and anxiety. The work wonders in coping with the days ahead of being a new parent.
Cathy Armstrong is a Registered Nurse with extensive birthing experince as a labor and delivery nurse, childbirth educator in the Lamaze Method, LeClaire Method, Clinical Birth Hypnosis for Pain Management, the originator of  the Tranquil Birth Method of Childbirth and trained in the Peterson Method of Body Centered Hypnosis for Childbirth. She has met Pam England in person and attended a worshop in Birth Story. She has taught classes at hospitals, community orgainizations and in her private practice where she practices clinical hypnosis, medical meditation, holistic nursing, and psychotherapy. Cathy welcomes you and invites you to her office in The Five Oaks Plaza in Corpus Christi, Texas to learn guided imagery, self-hypnosis tools and obtain skills to prepare you for a calm and peaceful birthing experience. As a Professional Labor Doula, hypnotherapist and birth educator. Cathy will teach you to relax and go deeper into a state of comfortable and peaceful relaxation with each contraction as you are one step closer to hold your baby in your arms. Cathy Armstrong offers a program called Tranquil Birth that teaches you the art of medical meditation, guided imagery, affirmations, and self-hypnosis which reduces stress hormores and increases natural endorphins for pain management. Fear release is experience in sand try, birth art and hypnotherapy.
When hypnosis is used in childbirth, you will experience somthing similar to a day dream or a state of focused concentration. Just like when you are watching a good movie, engaged with a good book or listening to the ocean waves. You are aware, awake and in full control, but very, very relaxed. You will be aware when you have a contraction but you will have the clinical tools to manage pain and allow yourself to melt into the contraction and go deeper and deeper into a tranquil state of calm relaxation. You are in complet control and you can choose to what extent you want to feel your contractions. Tension, stress and fear increase pain. They can create the "fight or flight state" which can release stress hormones. By learning to enter your birth free of fear, anxiety and worry your will be able to relax your body and the deep state of focused concentration and relaxation has shown decreased pain, shoter labors and  easier pushing  in the second stage of labor for the mother and baby.