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 I would like to thank you for visiting my website. I am an experienced therapist in the field of anxiety disorders including OCD.  I offer you a combination of holistic nursing education and clinical hypnotherapy training with integrative counseling and professional life coaching.

You will learn the skills of positive thinking, affirmations, medical meditation, guided imagery & relaxation therapy. You will learn the art of mindfullness, the art of self-hypnosis, cognitive behavior skills and emotional regualtion. I realize that deciding upon a counselor, life coach, hypnotherapist or physician for the treatment of your anxiety, phobia, fear, or OCD can be a difficult choice.

My primary interest is that you receive accurate information and the highest quality of cost-effective, evidence-based treatment shown to be effective for your specific anxiety disorder.  Please review my website, read, research and learn more about anxiety and its treatment options including: individual counseling, group counseling, anxiety and stress management classes, clinical hypnosis and family counseling services.

Our office does not offer medication management and do not prescribe medication .I work with individuals and groups by addressing the core causes of their anxiety, depression and compulsive behaviors. I work to help motivate you in your emotional recovery and encourage you to have a renewed enthusiasm for life.

Ask us about coceiarge care and intensive sessions that occur for up to two hours daily one to four times a week for fast results to reclaim your life and start living in the now as you experience joy and happiness. Create balance and renewal. BELIEVE In YOU!!! You are So Worth It. Many of these services are not covered by insurance when using hypnosis, NLP, intensives, educational classes and holistic care.

Depression and anxiety are common reactions to trauma. They can be responses to unresolved trauma, or they may be maladaptive ways of coping when pain and emotions flood the nervous system over time. The system maintains a constant state of emotional “OFF” as with depression or a constant state of emotional “ON” as with anxiety.

Although no one would say that depression or anxiety are ways to cope, when faced with tasks or challenges that feel overwhelming and debilitating, sometimes alternative responses hide the original fear and pain. Depression and anxiety can become short-term relief from greater pain. However, when these states take over, and there is no energy to engage in life, to function or even move, it’s time to seek help.

I work with you to address the underlying problems that contribute to low energy, sadness, depression, fears, hypervigilance, worries, compulsive behaviors, and anxiety states that put you in the "fight or flight state." When your feelings of depressed mood and heightened anxiety  becomes so intense and out of balance there are prone to become a primary emotion or there is a constant mixture of both, a person becomes so emotionally drained there is no motivation or energy to work on getting better.

Part of the work you do with me is not only learn to regulate your moods and learn to express your feelings in a healthy way, set healthy boundaries, learn to improve your self-esteem, learn to love yourself, stop negative beliefs, but to also explore what triggers occurred before the anxiety or depression took such a "hold on your life." You learn how you unconsciously "moved into the state of unhealthy being, thinking, feeling, and believing and discover how this became the alternative to healthy living.

You will learn to identify what peace of mind is and is not, how to create a balanced lifestyle, and how to create a healthy mind, body, and spirit.  Mood states can be very confusing, overwhelming, and you may not have a clear understanding of where "all of this" came from.

Fears, self-doubts, negative thinking, poor self esteem, communication issues and failure to set healthy boundaries can lead to daily issues with anxiety and can throw up into the "fight or flight state. "When we feel threatened it increased our anxiety.

Many clients have described it as an  intense feeling as if there was  constant motor running inside their mind and body.They would go to bed feeling this way and waking up feeling this way. This is a signal that you are reacting to trauma and fear, and your mind and body are working overtime to place you always on guard. This creates stress on the body and and can even change the hormone states of the your body. This surge of emotions can put stress on your body by being in a constant state of hyperarousal. By learning how to self-regulate your moods and your emotions your body has an opportunity to return to normal.

You will learn how you have unconsciously conditioned you mind and body to rob you from feeling feelings of inner peace and joy. When we are into negative thinking and are feeling depressed and anxious that robs us of positive energy in our minds, bodies, and in our human spirit. It takes up so much space and energy with this unhealthy conditioned and learned response we have set up for ourselves  that it become hard to use our feelings and emotions for the purposes they were intended.

Learning to use affirmations, mirror work, self-hypnosis and  various other techniques you will learn the art of self-regulation and learned how to “reprogram” your "stinking thinking,"

Depression and anxiety are a problems that rob us of energy, pleasure, balance, fun, and joy.

They can even become debilitating and have a crippling effect on you mind, body, and spirit.  

You may realize that you need to address any issues beyond these symptoms you have to dealt with before or you feel that something isn’t right and just want to feel better.

 I am here to provide  you with guidance, understanding, compassion, and education on your healing journey. Help is available to help you feel better and a supportive counselor can guide the process of change as you work collaboratively together.

Let me help you work on the pain beneath the symptoms, learn to stop the negative thinking, negative self-talk, and negative beliefs about yourself and learn to put joy and peace into your life.

Ready, Set, Go...Change your mind and Change your life

Are you ready, focused and committed to make radical changes to improve your life?
If you answered Yes, please be advised that change requires us to change our programmed thoughts, stop repeated self defeating beliefs and learning to create new neural pathways in our brains

.This allows us to create new behaviors that are in need of replacing the old patterns of our thought systems and actions we have been hardwiring to our beliefs and reaction systems within our brains. it is a challenging task to commit to change, be motivated and stay focused to be successful! I am here to help!

Not only will I teach you to learn to focus and commit to change but you will tap into your inner resources and personal power while you bypass your conscious mind, accessing your sub-conscious mind directly.

You will learn Mindfulness CBT tools to help you reprogram your brain to create the long lasting changes you desire. If you want to Relieve Stress and Anxiety, gain inner peace and perspective with your past, improve your relationships, increase confidence and motivation, or simply feel better, I am here to help!

Make a 30 day commitment! 

Please do not be embarrassed or afraid to call me to schedule an appointment to treat your anxiety or panic disorder.

Did you know that Anxiety Disorders are the most common psychological disorders in the United States.

  It is estimated that 19.1 million (13.3%) of the adult population (between the ages of 18-54 ) are affected by problems with anxiety? There is a reported increase in the high number of older adults who suffer from anxiety disorders these days.

 According to the “Economic Burden of Anxiety Disorders”, a study commissioned by the ADAA and based on data gathered by the association and published in the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, anxiety disorders cost the U.S. more than $42 billion a year.

It is estimated that almost one-third of the $148 billion total mental health bill for the U.S.

People with Anxiety Disorders are three-to-five times more likely to go to the doctor as well as have a high incidence to be hospitalized for psychiatric disorders than non-sufferers.                                                                                  

 Anxiety Disorders I treat in Adults, Teens and Children:

  •  Generalized Anxiety Disorder  (GAD)
  • Panic Disorder
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD)
  • Phobias (e.g., lizards, heights, flying, roaches)
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders (OCD)

All five Anxiety Disorders can cause overwhelming and persistent anxiety, fear, and interfere with daily living. Fortunately, the vast majority of those with an Anxiety Disorder can be helped with the right professional care. Most experts agree that anxiety disorders are caused by a combination of both biological and environmental factors. Individual psychotherapy can help individuals learn coping skills to manage their anxiety.

Cognitive-Behavioral therapy has been found to be effective in the treatment of many anxiety disorders. Additionally, some individuals may benefit from medication therapy in combination with psychotherapy.

Anxiety Disorders often include symptoms such as the following:

  • restlessness, feeling “keyed up” or “on edge”
  • nervous, anxious, angry
  • becoming easily fatigued
  • feeling drained, like someone just took the wind out of your sails
  • trouble concentrating (or mind “going blank”)
  • unable to stop your mind from racing when you go to bed at night
  • poor sleep quality
  • muscle tension, aches, or soreness
  • poor self-esteem
  • excessive worry or obsessions
  • heart racing
  • trembling
  • sweaty palms

If you are a woman, you are twice as likely to be affected than a man with anxiety problems. It is common for people with Anxiety Disorders to also suffer from other mental health problems, such as depression and alcohol or drug abuse. 

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), while technically an Anxiety Disorder, appears on the surface to be very different and therefore we will explain it a little more. It affects both men and women equally. One-third of afflicted adults had their first symptoms in childhood. Symptoms of OCD include either recurrent and unwanted obsessions (thoughts, impulses, images) or compulsions (repetitive behaviors in an effort to prevent or reduce distress or an event). The person recognizes that the obsessions or compulsions are excessive and unreasonable and have caused significant distress, are time consuming, or significantly interfere with the person’s normal routine.

Common obsessions and compulsions include:

  • hand washing
  • counting
  • door checking
  • praying
  • thoughts of contamination
  • sexual imagery
  • need for order or symmetry

People can successfully reclaim their life from anxiety every day with hard work and the power of your own mind to move forward. I am here to  teaching you how. Remember, when choosing a therapist,  I bring to my practice of over 30 years of combined practice as a meditation teacher, hypnotherapist, Registered Nurse, Professional Life Coach, Holistic Practitioner, Ordained Minister, and Licensed Professional Counselor that supervises counseling interns in the mental health field. Call my office today to get started:Telephone: (361) 688-8200

Do you or your child experience these symptoms of stress related to anxiety taking control of your life or the life of your child? Tension, restlessness, shakiness, or muscle tension--- General state of irritability--- Constant negative self-talk--- High degree of sensitivity to other people and their feelings--- Leaning toward perfectionism--- Dizziness or shortness of breath and heart palpitations--- Constant desire to please others and avoid your own needs--- Inability to concentrate or trouble falling asleep? I do treat children and teenagers with OCD and other anxiety disorders using NLP, Hypnosis, Play Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Counseling.
Anxiety is part of our normal human condition, but significant, ongoing distress or life interruption is not normal. I do offer intensive therapy on an outpatient basis and many services are not covered by you insurance. I am available to drive with you in your car to beat the fear of freeways, bridges or meet you at Wal-Mart, HEB or the mall to help you with fears of being in public places. In therapy I will gather in depth information about the nature of the problems you are seeking help with and will gather a family of origin history, medical history, medication history, mental health history and various inventories for stress, anger, relaxation and coping skills, depression and learning styles. Together the two of you will design a treatment plan and an action plan for you to follow at home, work or school. We will discuss your progress at each session and discuss areas that you have weakness in still and strengths and mastery of your goals in.  
Common Anxiety Problems Include:

  • Fear of Flying
  • Fear of Elevators
  • Fear of Driving
  • Fear of being in Public Places
  • Phobias of all kinds
  • Test Anxiety
  • OCD
  • Generalized Anxiety
  • Panic Attacks
  • School Phobia
  • State Board Exam Fears

Current Anxiety and OCD Groups

Women's Therapy Tribe Group

A fun, encouraging, and motivating support group for ages 13-17! Come hang out with other teens who can relate to what it's like to live with OCD & other anxiety disorders. The fee for this group is $45.000.

  • YOUNG ADULT THERAPY GROUP FOR ANXIETY AND OCD   Bring your lunch for this encouraging and motivating  weekly support group for those thirty-something and older! The cost of this group is $45.00 and is open to current or former clients with OCD or other anxiety diagnoses.  Weekly noon sessions. Call for details.
  • Child therapy, play therapy, group therapy and family counseling for OCD and anxiety.
    Learn How to Reduce Your Anxiety.  Most insurance plans do not cover group therapy. Call Us At (361) 688-8200

 Anxiety Disorders in Children and Teenagers


Anxiety disorders are commonly referred to Cathy Armstrong for behavior counseling, family therapy and play therapy. Anxiety is a common concerns in children and teenagers. Anxiety can best be described as being fear bases by the child or teen "worrying" or being "afraid." Anxiety disorders generally fall into one of these categories:

 (G.A.D. ) Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Symptoms of G.A.D. include fidgeting, short temper,restlessness, fretful for appearing uptight, or tiring quickly. The child or teen may appear to have trouble focusing or appear preoccupied. There may be a sleep disturbance and trouble falling asleep at night or staying asleep.

Separation Anxiety Disorder: Symptoms of separation anxiety disorder may include not wanting to go to school, not wanting to sleep in their own room, not wanting to separate from parents and hang on to them to keep them from leaving at school, at a friend's house or other place the child does not to be separated from his mom or dad from.

Social Phobia: Symptoms of social phobia include the child who may be extremely shy, not want to talk to people outside of his or her family, or not wanting to eat outside his or her own home. The child may become very afraid to be with unfamiliar people or in new places. These children can be sad because they feel alone in the inside and afraid to make needed changes to be part of the group interactions at school, church or other social activities.

(O.C.D.) Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: A child with obsessive-coant to repeat an activity over and over again that may seem unnecessary or out of the ordinary to others. These behavior that do not seem warranted to others can be very upsetting to a parent or teacher. An example is for a child to wash his or her hands so much that the skin becomes raw, not being able to touch a certain object for fear of contamination, or have to repeat certain numbers in their heads when carrying on a conversation. The child may do certain ritualistic behaviors to try to prevent from something "bad" happening.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: A child who has experienced a traumatic event and has a variety of symptoms from the tragic occurrence. The child may or may not act out in play what took place, might not want to remember or talk about what happened or might have night mares or night terrors.

Please call to schedule an appointment with me today. I am available on weekends with advanced payment.

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