Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

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Looking for mind body tools to relieve, stress, anxiety and depression? Want to heal yourself from your past? Perform at your peak at work and sports?  Find true happiness, inner peace, balance and experience real love? 

Cathy Armstrong combines mindfulness, behavioral therapy, energy psychology along with mind-body medicine tools like self hypnosis, guided imagery, affirmations, metaphysics- the laws of attraction and distraction, meditation, NLP, EFT and deep relaxation. Each tool helps you achieve specific goals in your life.

These services are not for clients with serious mental health conditions and are not to replace the care or treatment of a mental health provider.

If you are under the care of a doctor, therapist, or psychiatric nurse please get a release to participate in this particular program. I will be more than happy to provide continuity of care with your psychiatrist and mental health team.

Insurance does not cove these particular services! Take a class series with us, attend a workshop, or sign up for a bundle package.

Call us today to sign up! (361) 688-8200.