Stop Smoking Cigarettes

Self-Hypnosis Daily Keeps Cigarettes Away
Learn how to create your reality. Learn how quantum physics and metaphysics work to help you on your journey to being a non-smoker. This is about creating well-being in your body. The work is not on the outside to change but creating peace, love, and health on the inside of your body. Put corrective lenses on to see what you need to transform your reality of being a smoker to that of being a non-smoker.

Research shows that 80% of those that try to stop smoking only quit due to health reasons and it usually takes 7 attempts  for the average smokier to quit! Are you ready to stop smoking?
I am here to provide you with  daily affirmations, meditation tools, guided imagery tools and help you create your own vision board  or vision candle for success.

I teach  life skills and self-hypnosis skills. You will learn how to put your self into trance . You will learn to go to a very deep focused state of relaxation by yourself and will be able to reinforce the training you learn from me in the comfort of your own home or office. I will each you how to apply the art of self-hypnosis , learn to takie charge of your smoking but learn to manage other areas of your life. Take charge of your life and put yourself back "into the drivers seat." Master stress, anger, anxiety, self sabotage and defeat. Jump in and take charge of other areas of your life.!Learn to re-program your brain. YOU CAN DO IT if you really want to!   I CAN DO IT!!! Success is around the corner.

DOT DELAY. Call us today! (361) 688-8200.

The Fee is $250.00 which covers 3 (60 to 90) minute sessions to be completed in a 10 day period.

No exceptions and no refunds. You are eligible to return for up to 30 days for no extra fee for weekly follow up and reinforcement sessions at no additional cost. After that follow up sessions are $120.00 per session.

If you are only interested in a single hypnosis session the fee is $120.00.                                             Learn the art of self-hypnosis and take charge of your own life! 

Smoking can make you feel good and it can also kill you. Hypnosise, NLP, EFT and the Laws of Attraction can help you quit. Continue reading if you want to stop smoking. Over 30 million people have stopped smoking. It is possible and you can to! Join the millions of people that quit. It is doable and you can stop too! It is not always easy but with positive intentions and a plan you can quit.
Nicotine and addiction

  • Do you need a cigarette the first thing every morning?
  • Do you smoke in the shower or on the toil
  • Addiction to nicotine is real.                                                                                                            
  • Nicotine has been used in various cultures for centuries in various forms.
  • Nicotine addiction is not in your imagination, it is real! Nicotine can help to control social anxiety, anxiety and depression. No prescription is needed for this over the counter drug.
  • Nicotine can make people feel better, focus better, be more alert, and it improves the ability to concentrate. It can improve your memory give a boost when depressed or settle you down if you are hyperactive. Short puffs of nicotine can work as an antidepressant by stimulating and arousing you.
  • Drags of nicotine help calm you and work as an anti anxiety relief for you. Continued use of nicotine can kill you and take you from your family and friends.
  • Nicotine can kill you. If you smoke one pack a day it will give you 70,000 puffs of pleasure a year.
    It is important to be evaluated by your professional clinical hypnotherapist for signs and symptoms of stress, anxiety, social phobia and depression when you go for your first visit.
  • Counseling, medications and talk therapy might be suggested to you in combination with the hypnosis for smoking cessation.
  • If you have a history of anxiety or depression you might consider taking to your health provider and inform them that you plan to stop smoking and request a medication evaluation before your stop day.
  • Tell you PCP if cigarettes take away depression and anxiety and get his/her option of medication.
  • Once stabilized on the medication you will not need the nicotine and it will be much easier to stop smoking.
  • Dopamine and Norepinephrine are chemicals in your brain that make you feel good.
  • Nicotine influences the production of both of these chemicals.
  • Dopamine gives your the capacity to experience joy and happiness and brings feelings of pleasure while norepinephrine helps you focus and concentrate and provides a boost of energy.
  • Ready, Set, Go...Making that first appointment to become smoke free
    1. Pick up the phone and call Cathy Armstrong at (361) 688-8200 to discuss the smoke free program right for you.
    2. Decide when you will stop smoking and choose a date to quit. This is your stop date!
    3. Go to your doctor or health care provider if you or your immediate family members have a history of depression/anxiety.
    4.Tell everyone your Quit Day. This will help you be accountable.
    5. Delay that first morning cigarette for at least 60 minutes.
    6. Stop smoking in your home, office, or car. Smoke outside only but not in your usual place.
    7. Do not empty your ashtrays. See your mess and smell it. 
    8. Smoke only half of a cigarette and have your last cigarette 1 to 2 hours before usual.

    Your have now scheduled your appointment to become a what?
    Cold Turkey or Gradually Cut Down

    Plan A (Six Visits) Gradually Cutting Back
    The first visit will be a comprehensive inventory of stress, anxiety and depression. Coping skills with anger, family issues, workplace problems will be looked at as well a smoking history.  This plan is for those that want to cut back to 10 cigarettes a day or less.
    Plan B is Cold Turkey (Three visits or less)
    If you are not addicted it will be much easier to stop smoking. If you are simply smoking because it is a bad habit chances are: you smoke as a ritual to keep your hands occupies in social settings to help you relax and feel more comfortable or smoke to ease transition from going from one task or activity to another one. If you are addicted to cigarettes you can use the power of your mind with hypnosis to stop smoking. It is common to combine the use of hypnosis with prescribed medications to help your quit smoking. Remember there are over 30 million ex-smokers in the United States and you can become one of the many Americans to bear the habit! You will be able to stop smoking regardless how addicted you are! 
    Breaking Free Group
  • Monday Mornings Fee $45.00 per 60 minute visit a week. New Group starts in October.

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