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Welcome College Students of Corpus Christi and Kingsville, Texas! 

You did not come to this website by chance. You are probably a teenager, young adult , or a concerned parent looking for help. My name Cathy Armstrong and you are invited you to call my office to learn more about my practice and  speak with me about how I can help you, your child, or your family.

Counseling services are offered to teens and young adults to provide quality diagnostic assessment and effective goal setting and treatment planning to help you move forward in life, reduce stress, and help create a happy, successful, peaceful, and balanced lifestyle.

Suicide, self-harm, being a victim of bullying, internet victimization,and substance abuse are some of the biggest problems your adolescent son or daughter may be facing. Please take you child seriously if you are fearful that you child is experiencing depression or anxiety ​​​.

For some students, living on their own, being away from home,  moving on  with their college career  provides new opportunities for freedom and personal growth but for some it can be difficult. Sometimes college student  find themselves in new social situations and experiencing issues with anxiety, mood challenges, fears, worries and depression they had not felt before.  It can be a very challenging time for many college students and they may find difficult to handle on their own. Parents may feel helpless as they are not in the same town as their son or daughter and are aware that  their college student's behavior or mood may changed and they are frustrated and very worried about what to do about this trying situation.

Many parents realize that their student needs the help of a trusted adult, yet they also feel conflicted because they know the student needs their independence and they do not know of a mental health professional in Corpus Christi to call. I am available 7 days a week from 8 am to 8 pm to help you and your college student provided guidance,support, and understanding to university students and their families.

My office is located in the Five Oaks Plaza on the southside of Corpus Christi. I provide students students counseling and life coaching service in a private, caring, and supportive environment. Many of the students I sees are experiencing struggles as they transition into life away from home, struggles through college life and growing  into early adulthood.

Counseling Services I help college students with:
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress Management
  • Time Management
  • Study Skills
  • Social Awkwardness and Anxiety
  • Peer Pressure
  • Self-Esteem Issues
  • Shyness
  • Gender Confusion
  • Identity Issues
  • Communication and Self Expression
  • Conversational Skills
  • Unplanned Pregnancy
  • Binge Eating, Weight Gain, Body Image
  • Self-Harm Counseling
  • Trauma, Date Rape
  • Grief and Loss Issues
  • Bullying, Relationship Issues
  • Parent  Problems
  • Academics, Grades, Excessive Absences
  • Performance Anxiety
  • Career or College Concerns
  • Test Taking Anxiety
  • Making Healthy Choices About Sexualtiy
  • Coping with Guilt and Shame
  • Stress of Making Good Grades, High Expectations
  • Decision Confusion about School, College, Career
  • Creating a Peaceful Home Life
  • Improving Family Communications
  • Managing difficult emotions
  • Challenges of being in a nursing program at Del Mar or TAMU CC
  • Challenges of student teaching
  • Teaching certification stress
  • State Boards for LPC exam, NBCC, Registered Nurse Board Exams 
  •  Performance Anxiety/Public Speaking

I offer additional coaching, training, educational tutoring, practice skill building to students in the teaching, counseling, health, and nursing fields to pass local, state, and national tests for certification, graduation, and licensure.

Test anxiety relief hypnosis with anxiety release skills  are avialable to help your  learninging ability as you are able to focus and concentrate more. When you are relaxed you are able to absorb critical information to help you learn and have memory recall.

I work very closely with students getting ready to take or retake Registered Nurse Boards, EMT Certification Candidates, upcoming Teacher and graduate students applying for Texas Licensure  to be a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern taking or retaking the National Boards for Counseling Licensure. 

I am a registered nurse and licensed professional counselor supervisor with advanced training in Stress Management, Anxiety Relief, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Meditation, Guided Imagery, Thought Reprogramming, and neurolinguistic programming

I help my clients clear away the obstacles that are blocking their opportunities for success and prosperity. I am here to teach you how to be your best achievable and best self. I help others become aware of what they need to put into you life and identify what needs to be eliminated or subtracted from your life because your past ways to cope has stopped  working. The essential self that remains after removing the negative people, places, thoughts and feelings is a ar more sophisticated, intelligent, and beautiful being than anything most people are aware of.

I am available to be your Professional Coach to help you evaluate, assess and analyze obstacles that keep you from succeeding meeting your desires in life. I am here to help you address your own behaviors and challenges and together we can create an action plan for success. This program has been very successful to others expand their careers because it places the responsibility back on the individual, where it needs to be placed! 

 I help clients find their personal compass to get to that North Star that you have been looking for. I am here to help you make your possibilities become your realities. As your personal life coach, NLP practitioner, professional hypnotist or therapist, I am trained to help you reach deep inside to that wonderful person you are on the inside. You might have either forgotten or never knew that person inside of yourself before. When clients do the work I assign them, they shine like lighthouses and let their Divine Light shine through. I have selected materials, tools, and exercises from the Great Masters in Prosperity Consciousness, Metaphysics, and Mindfulness to help you on your journey to success. Get your 3 ring binder ready and lets start your personal journey to success.

I feel very blessed to provide a meaningful opportunity to help other people find their" North Star" and realize how to become creative and learn new and fun tools to become their best. Learn to embrace life, get unstuck, and tap into your inner wisdom.

Listening to the daily news, we are constantly reminded that we live in a world that’s getting more frightening, unsettling, and unsure. I offer clarity, constructive feedback,confidence, and spiritual growth. and in the way I not only strive to live my own life, but the way I provide therapy and coaching. I strive hard to provide you with the necessary skills that will improve your life and as you learn to value and love yourself. These tools will help you navigate today and in the future.

If you feel the call to do this kind of work needed to make more room in your life for joy, balance, inner peace and happiness, then say yes to your heart. Pick up the phone and call me at (361) 688-8200, I can’t wait to see you shine, bloom and grow.

More about Cathy

Many Coaches tend to specialize in one or more of several areas: executive, career and business, corporate, and organization coaching, transition coaching, executive coaching, systemic coaching, organizational or corporate and life or personal coaching. I provide a Holistic Model of Coaching that includes the Whole Person.
You might read or hear about the terms Life Coach and Personal Coach. These terms are often used interchangeably.  Life and personal coaching are based on what my client's tells me about their interests, goals, and what they would like to experience as an outcome of our work together.  As a Professional Coach, my initial task will be to create a mutual understanding of the type of  work  we will be doing and help you prioritize your wants, needs, and goals.

I will create a contract for you to sign and help you examine ways to help prioritize  your needs and create a plan to help move you in the direction of success. As your Professional Coach, we will use a holistic approach using a Whole Person Model. We will look at your life as a whole and I will help you to identify  your personal, business, leisure time/play, health, emotional, spiritual and relationship goals. We will look at creating balance in your life and  develop strategies and action plans for each area. to create a more balanced, well rounded, peaceful, successful, and happier you. You are worth it. Give yourself permission to have it.

   Classes, Workshops, Consultations       

If we did all the things we were capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves----Thomas Edison

Marketing 101 Learn how to sell your services, create your own nitch, make a name for yourself, land that job, excel on that interview. Learn to write a vision statement, a mission statement, and a statement of desire. Create a plan of action. Learn about the 7 keys to success and the laws of attraction. Learn to navigate though life with confidence, harmony, understanding, and success. I use an integrative, strength based, whole person approach to address each individual clients specific needs.  I provide personalized treatment plans and tailor fit the type of methods and theories I use to overcome obstacles and road blocks of happiness, creativity, and success. I am available to provide clinical hypnosis, brief solution focused therapy, life coaching and  long term traditional talk therapy. Some teenagers come in for professional Life Coaching or therapy/counseling to prevent problems from occurring in the future and some come to solve current problems or heal from past wounds. I would like an opportunity to successfully work with you and your teenager to help with current problems, move forward and heal so that your child can have a happier today and a brighter and successful tomorrow.

  • Graduate of Corpus Christi State University & Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi 
  •  RN -- Registered Nurse Texas Licensed -1974                                                                                                                  LPC -- Licensed Professional Counselor Texas Licensed 1994

 LPC-S--Texas Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor

  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Certified Behavior Specialist 
  • Certified Professional Life Coach
  • Certified Neuro Linguistic Program Practitioner
  • Member of the American Holistic Nursing Association
  • Member of the Coastal Bend Play Therapy Association
  • Diplomat and Fellow with National Board for Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists
College and University Students Welcome Telephone: (361) 688-8200
5934 S. Staples, Suite 206 Corpus Christi, Texas
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