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A Center of the Spirit. To help you and those lives you touch

Services are payable with Paypal on line, bank check, or money order. We no longer accept checks. Payment is due before the session starts. If you choose to be billed with Pay Pal please provide us your email address and we will be more than happy to send you an invoice

Psychotherapy Fees  Without Insurance:

Psychotherapy/ Traditional face to face non insurance $180 initial visit / 60 to 76 minutes  Follow up visitis $150.00 per 60 to 75 minutes

Group Therapy Mental Health

Insurance seldome pays for this serivice. $50.00 per session for 75 minutes PayPal accepted

Non Insured  Life Coaching for Indiviuals or Relationships

Life Coaching Bundle Packages $240.00 for 3 sessions. Insurance is not accepted for this service. Individual rates for Couple seeking Relationship Repair Coaching are as follows: $125.00 for a one hour appointment. $150.00 for a 90 minute appointment and $180.00 for a session between 90 minutes to 120 minutes.

Insurances accepted: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal, Aetna,  and United Healthcare. We not accepting new patients on other insurance plans at this time.We do not accept employee assistance plans (EAP). These companies have been given written notice and our name might still appear as a provider. Insurance sessions vary from 45 minutes to 60 minutes. Yout time spent in therapy  This time includes information gather, client processing and discussion, treatment planning, feedback and documentation. We will discuss homework assignments and compliance issues required for additional treatment.Your dedication and commitment to your own mental health recovery is expected. and appreciated. We need you to be fully willing to complete participation in your journey to happiness, balance, and peace of mind.

Our services are limited to those individuals, couples, families, and professionals that are 100% committed and willing to do the hard work required to bring peace, balance, and joy into their hearts, minds, and souls as we;; as to the lives they touch. We are a training center for the Soul Seekers, Spiritually Minded Indviduals, Couples and Professionals, and Families.

If you have insurance please check with your provider and make sure that Cathy Armstrong is on your panel. You need to inquire about your specid coverage. Most insurance plans do not allow telecam web counseling and require all sessions to be face-to-face. Ask your insurance company how much your deductible is and if you have met it. If you have not met your deducible and your plan has a deducbile your will not be able to use your copay fee until the entire deduclbd has been met. Your payment for counsling will be applied to your deducgible. Make sure that your insurance pays for the service you are requesting. Life Coaching, Marriage Counseling, Parent Child Relationship Problems are seldom covered by insusrance.  Fees for legal work we are mandated to due by attorney, court orders, subpoenas require an $800.00 retainer fee. Fees per hour that have to do with anything pertaining to the court system or litigation are $350.00 per hour. We do not see clients with personal injury, loss, or harm. We do not provide court testimony for cases of child abuse, physical abuse, or neglect. We do not take child custody cases. There are certified professionals in the commuity that are specifically trained to do forensic counseling. Trauma cases will be referred out to individuals trained in Trauma Recovery and EMDR.

Balanced Body Sound Mind Class

Chakra Balancing Training Classes $200.00 Webcam, Online, and Local Trainings

All groups and workshops must be paid at the time of registration. We do accept Paypal.