LPC Intern Agreement

New LPC Interns be given an agreement form to sign before Cathy Armstrong will sign your paperwork to be submitted to the state board for approval. The contract is a review of the requirements of an LPC Intern according to board rules and the ACA Code of Ethics.  For Corpus Christi residents in the process of becoming Licensed Professional Counselors, Cathy Armstrong, RN, LPC-S is currently taking applications from a select number of LPC Interns. Please send your resume for review and then we will call you to schedule an interview. Cathy is taking new LPC Interns that are highly motivated to achieve professional development and demonstrate the potential for success following ethical standards in the field of professional counseling. LPC Intern Candidates must have malpractice insurance at the time the agreement is signed. Supervision can be face to face, skype and group sessions in accordance to the standards.

Ethical Considerations To Think About

On occasion, I have phone calls from licensed professional counseling interns that are considering switching to me for supervision. If you are considering changing your supervisor and terminating your current contract with him or her, sit back and explore why you think the relationship is not working for you. Before you decide to move to a different supervisor it is important to explore why you think that relationship is now no longer working for you.

 It is important to be honest with your LPC Intern Supervisor and discuss your thoughts and feelings about wanting to terminate the relationship.  Be honest and "put your cards on the table."

It might be difficult to be confrontative and express your thoughts, feelings, and concerns . Look at this as an opportunity to grow and learn more about your own style of communication and use this as a time to self-reflect and explore a possible pattern with how you deal with all of your relationships that are not working for you. Perhaps  you will identify that it is rooted in the past with relationships you have had with authority figures, parents, bosses or even with a partner that made you feel uncomfortable or misunderstood. Perhaps there is some counter transference from a parent, past authority figure or maybe is is about following rules. Before you decide to seek out another supervisor, pay attention to what emotions are being provoked between the two of you. Talk to your supervisor and see if these feelings are about being with a strong and competent therapist and you are feeling inadequate. It is always important to self examine your motives and be honest with yourself about wanting to leave. Termination is also possible between the LPC Supervisor and the LPC Intern.

The supervisor provides a termination letter to the intern and informs the board in writing the the agreement is being terminated.Your relationship with your supervisor is similar to other relationships you have in life. This is a relationship that usually lasts form 18 months to 60 months.

Issues will come up and it is important to put the concerns "out there on the table." Be aware how you handle conflict, learn from it and grow.  As a professional counselor there will be times that you find yourself in conflict with your clients or find yourself at an impasse during a therapy session.

Use this as a time to gain insight, knowledge and training. Become aware of how you handle conflict resolution. If you still feel that you do want a new supervisor you to have that right to move on, but before you do, be mindful about the role you might be playing in this relationship. It can be frustrating at times looking for a site to claim intern hours and your supervisor provides you with discouraging feedback because this site could be setting you up to be in violation of board rules. Your supervisor is there to protect you from making mistakes that could jeopardize your future license. Remember as a LPC Intern you cannot have your own private practice, see clients on insurance plans, have another provider to bill under their name for services that you provided care to on insurance. You must include your supervisors' name with your name on all billing sheets, documentation and announcements. Please read and re-read the board rules about your duties as an LPC Intern. 

Cathy Armstrong, RN, LPC-S is approved by the Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors to supervise LPC Interns who are working on obtaining their required internship hours.

Supervision Policies are  based on the LPC Board’s established guidelines designed to assist LPC interns in becoming highly competent and ethical counselors.

If you would like Cathy Armstrong to be your supervisor, please send your resume and to arrange an in-person meeting to discuss your goals.
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