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Trying to Conceive? Experiencing the Stress of Planning a Family

Fertility Hypnosis  

If you are struggling with problems getting pregnant or carrying a baby to full term and nothing seems to be working, then consider trying a different approach. Hypnosis for Fertility could: increase your chances of  conceiving naturally, improve your chance of conception with IVF, help you cope with negative emotions and stress associated with infertility, help you create balance and reduce stress on your journey to becoming a parent, and help with the negative side effects associated with assisted reproduction.  It is important to understand how hypnosis can work to help women conceive. Infertility is not just a physical issue, it creates, tension, fear, frustration and stress.Anxiety, depression and trauma are often seen in women and men struggling with infertility. Hypnosis for fertility can help wih natural conception or with medical assistance. It is safe and less expensive than IVF or any other RTP procedure. Hypnotherapy can increase your success rates in IVF by doubling your chances and increase your success rate of natural conception by an estimated fifty percent.  Regardless if your are a man or woman and what part you play in the journey to conception, hypnotherapy can help you balance your life, create inner healing, and give you the confidence and courage to continue onward.

HypnoFertility® is becoming a popular approaches in fertility today. Doctor referrals and self referrals are accepted. This amazing program was  developed by Board Certified Hypnotherapist and Certified Instructor, Lynsi Eastburn, of Colorado. This international program using hypnosis helps women to conceive naturally and provides hypnotherapeutic support to women undergoing IVF and other medical procedures.

Your journey to becoming a parent started with your affirmation " I am wanting to become a parent." The journey then began to have some unexpected curves and bumps along the way and the miracle of life you intended to create was not so easy. Infertility can be a lonely experience, even though it affects millions of people. One in seven couples have some type of trouble getting pregnant. Financial drains, emotional ups and downs, feeling misunderstood by family and friends can take a toll on you. You are not alone! Support is available.

If you have been trying to get pregnant for more than six months your doctor may be telling to to "Just relax and let it happen," but you cannot relax and hearing that upsets you more.
You might benefit from infertility counseling services if you are feeling preoccupied about infertility concerns, feeling depressed, stressed, exhausted, confused, anxious, helpless, hopeless, quick to anger, agitated or having problems sleeping.
Many times the stress of having "scheduled sexual relations," puts stress on the marriage.
Couples can start to argue, have mood swings, have trouble remembering or concentrating, have an increase in weight or even weight loss.You might be to the point on your journey to parenthood having to decide whether  to create your family through surrogacy and/or egg donation. This is not something that most of us have prepared for in life and is a hard choice to make. The process of determining what attributes you are looking for in picking a surrogate or egg donor can be very stressful and emotional for many couples. Finding a fertility counselor can help during this important time of creating your family. Feelings of anger, shame disappointment and failure are normal and can leave you feeling isolated and mentally "worn out." These are all common feelings to couples and individuals struggling with fertility issues. Women going though infertility experiencing the same levels of stress, anxiety and depression as those that are going through cancer. This emotional stress puts further stress on the body.
Couples might start fighting more and marital problems might increase. Individual counseling sessions, group therapy, and couples counseling can help people experiencing infertility. A counselor can help you sort out feelings, lean stress management  and relaxation skills, learn medical meditation for infertility, improve your communication skills, and to find solutions to your difficulties.  Feel better, cope better, create balance and clarity while trying to create your family.

About your Fertility Counselor and HypnoFertility Practioner

 Cathy Armstrong, a Registered Nurse, Licensed Professional Counselor and Clinical Hypnotherapist and mother of grown twins. Cathy has trained with various institutes and has multiple certifications in hypnosis. Cathy teaches hypnotherapy to mental health professionals, doctors, and nurses. She was also was trained at the by the Hypnobirthing Institute and with the international famous Lyndsey Eastbrook to become a HypnoFertility Therapist. I have education and training in Mind, Body, Spirit CAM which teaches leading-edge techniques and incorporates the latest discoveries from science and psychology.

Cathy is a referral source for clients in the Corpus Christi and South Texas area seeking assistance with the emotional stress associated with conception, infertility, natural childbirth hypnotherapy and postpartum depression.  I supervise licensed professional counselor interns that want to acquire experienced working with individuals and couples in the fields of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum counseling. I offer a variety of workshops and training in the areas of CAM, mindfulness, medical meditation, and hypnotherapy. As a fertility counselor and clinical hypnotherapist I have the status of Fellow with the National Board for Clinical Hypnotherapist and  am a Clinical Hypnotherapist with the International Board for Hypnotherapy. As a Licensed Professional Counselor and Registered Nurse in the state of Texas Cathy Armstrong, RN, LPC-S follows their strict code of ethics.

Cathy is compassionate and understanding of where you might be right now spending years trying to conceive and because your are on this website and reading this. it is common to  be having feelings of emotional pain, grief, anger, jealousy, false hopes and all the other emotions that come with failed conception. Cathy has been helping couples conceive naturally or in conjunction with medical treatments for infertility for the past 13 years. Cathy offers both face to face and ONLINE, Secure Web Based Services.

Cathy Armstrong offers Holistic Integrative Counseling Training, Expressive and Creative Art Workshops, Life Coaching, Pastoral Services and Clinical Hypnosis for individuals, groups, families and couples that need help managing the stress of infertility. Some of her clients have one or more biological children and are now in a crisis facing secondary infertility.  Cathy works with clients undergoing adoption, new parents that have adopted and families that are dealing with adoption losses. 

Cathy is a firm believer in the Mind/Body/Spirit connection and the power of the mind working with the power of Spirit and prayer. I try to help clients restore faith, hope, and self-love to their lives. 

Cathy has  been a Registered Nurse since 1974 and furthered my education in  both secular and non secular studies. She has additional degrees and training in psychology,counselor education, holistic counseling, religious studies, hypnosis, metaphysics, holistic health, wellness and medical meditation. Cathy has been working in the field of hypnosis and infertility since 1982.

Her first dissertation was on the power of the Mind, using CAM therapies, and prayer treatment with allopathic medicine in the recovery of cancer and other health related conditions. Cathy is currently working on a second dissertation in the field of Pastoral Counseling. Cathy is an ordained minister with a Doctorate Degree in Divinity and offers a small healing ministry offering a weekly meditation, prayer, and Bible Study group.

 Cathy received advanced training in hypnosis for fertility by the famous Lynsi Eastburn of Colorado (HypnoFertility). She has worked with couples as in infertility counselor in a private practice setting to help couples get pregnant since 2004. Cathy is able to coordinate services with local and out of town infertility specialists for assessments, counseling, clinical hypnosis and group therapy. Cathy was licensed by the state of Texas as a professional counselor in the early 1990's. 

As a fertility counselor, Cathy uses an integrative approach to infertility treatment and am available to be a member of you fertility team. She is willing to work  with your physician to provide continuity of care. Cathy uses a whole person, holistic mind, body, spirit approach. I am a strong advocate for the fields of positive psychology, energy psychology,  Jungian Therapy and Mindfulness Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

Cathy believes that emotional healing and health can occur from the inside out. Her unique style of counseling includes the use tools of vision boarding, positive affirmations, self hypnosis, guided imagery, medical meditation and music. Nutrition and exercise are part of the whole person approach to  creating a plan for succeeds. I teach clients tools for coping with stress and anger management, relaxation, communication, assertiveness and ways to find joy while you learn to create peace, balance and healthy living.




Fertility Counseling Services includes emotional support for all issues of infertility. Counseling services are inclusive in all areas of women's wellness and health and include counseling for miscarriage, adoption, and ectopic pregnancy, cancer, marriage/relational issues and family counseling. I strives to be a leader in the field of women's  emotional, spiritual and psychological needs and offers a full range of services during the childbearing year.

If you choose to use a surrogate, Cathy is dedicated to being a mental health resource for you and your surrogate, from the very beginning of the reproductive process. Cathy is here for you not only to be a guide, but to offer individual, family and couples counseling support during your journey to becoming pregnant (whether it be with surrogacy and/or egg donor experience, IVF, fertility drugs or natural conception). Cathy is available for variety of services including hypnosis, medical meditation, classes, groups and workshops during your during pregnancy, birth and postpartum experiences. It is our hope that your new little one is created with love, joy and happy memories.

Psychological/Mental Health and Diagnostic Assessments

Cathy Armstrong offers mental health diagnostic assessments and evaluations for anxiety, weight issues, sleep disorders and depression. Couple communication inventories, life style inventories, and stress management inventories are available.

 What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis uses a state of deep relaxation and focused concentration for therapeutic benefit. It is a natural state that we all go in and out of during the day, much like daydreaming. It is the same state of trance we enter when we get involved in a good book or movie.

Time seems to pass without you noticing when you are driving your vehicle because you have been in a trance state. Watching a crackling fire, listening to the sounds of the ocean or getting involved in a good TV show produce a sense of trace. When you get ready to go to sleep at night, you breathing and heart rate slow down and your racing mind can take a rest.  When you begin to fall asleep at night your body slows down and you become more and more relaxed. This is the state we want to create during hypnotherapy, relaxed deeply into your inner world. This can be achieved with your eyes open during conversation or with your eyes closed while we begin to work with your subconscious mind , while you are fully aware to do our therapeutic work.

You will learn to put aside your conscious mind so that your subconscious mind can learn to tap into your innate inner resources and wisdom of your unconscious inner resources.  In a state of trace you will be more receptive to new learning and greater understanding

.How Do My Emotions Affect Fertility?

Emotions and high stress levels can impact fertility. Anxiety, depression, worry, guilt, and shame can lead to failed attempts by creating a hostile environment no matter how well your timing is. So do something about it.

Sometimes there are medical reasons for not being able to get pregnant, but that is not always the case.  Making the Mind Body Connection- Hypnosis for conception helps you get your mind and body get emotionally, mentally and physically ready to have a baby.

It works with you unconscious mind to help reduce anxiety and help you physically and mentally relax the next time your attempt to conceive. It reduces and can replace your negative thoughts of fear about being able to conceive, Stress is a big obstacle in dealing with infertility issues and hypnosis can help. During each hypnosis session, I will guide you through techniques that have been specifically developed to create your goals. This could be a simple relaxation session or we will be working at a deeper level to address any emotional blocks, resolve emotional issues, or teaching you self-help tools to use between our sessions.

What Happens During Hypnosis for Fertility?                                                                                         

This depends on the training and experience level of your hypnotherapist. Some hypnotists will take you on a journey of your reproductive system and gain an understanding through guided imagery of how your reproductive system works. You might be asked to check and see if any corrections that need to be made. You might be asked to look for emotional blocks that are preventing you from conceiving. Hypnosis help to remove mental blocks that a woman might have and replace her thoughts with positive affirmations that conception can happen.

During session with me you will identify your goals, we will gather information to determine the best possible course of treatment for you, address your current mental, emotional states of well being, create a treatment plan to restore balance and inner healing and build your inner courage, strength while developing your inner resources and increase your feelings of well being. Once we create a sense of balance we will take another look of issues of fear, unresolved trauma, marital discourse, financial concerns that could be a psychological or emotional block that could be preventing you from become parents.

Therapy is usually involved at this point in combination to hypnosis. Past traumas, childhood relationships, issues with sexual abuse, previous pregnancy terminations, miscarriages and stillbirths that have not been completely processed and integrated are worked through.  Guided imagery, mental rehearsal and visualization sessions are offered to work prepare your mind and body to enhance conception. Here we will be working with your conscious and unconscious mind. If you are planning to undergo any medical procedures or treatments, specific hypnosis sessions are designed to focus on the preparation of pregnancy, birth or parenthood. 


Life coaching, counseling and follow up hypnotherapy session are offered to help you maintain the positive changes you have made to stay balanced, calm and positive during your fertility journey. Counseling and emotional support is available if conception fails to occur, the pregnancy results in miscarriage, IVF failure or if you are blessed with a healthy pregnancy. Many times after the stress of infertility, it is not uncommon to be stressed and anxious during the pregnancy. Help is available. Counseling during the pregnancy and after the birth help to prevent postpartum depression. Hypnosis is available also for those couples interested in natural childbirth.                                                                                                                                                                                              TELEPHONE: (361) 688-8200