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"For this is the great error of our day that the physicians separate the soul from the body" Hippocrates

About Cathy Armstrong

Hello! I am a holistic registered nurse, and whole person therapist( Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor), artist, & integrative wellness coach. I practice both face to face individual, group, and couple sessions, workshops, classes, an seminars in my Corpus Christi office. I also an unique as I offer a variety of ONLINE services. My specialty is helping people achieve optimal wellness ... on ALL levels, Mind, Body, and Soul. I offer  a variety of wellness and CAM classes, integrated psychotherapy and holistic coaching sessions, emphasizing  the connection between the emotional and the physical. Spiritual issues are often ignored that may have emotional components (such as headaches, attentions problems, stress,  insomnia, digestion, immune function, hormones, energy levels, vitality, aging, chronic fatigue, etc.),

I can see local clients in-person in town and after an initial session they are welcome to have ONLINE sessions. Insurance does not cover these sessions.

 I see individuals, couples, families and groups using traditional counseling, non- traditional counseling & coaching, and incorporate CAM techniques and theories. I am a Certified Professional Life Coach, Certified Neuro Linguistic Program Practitioner and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Fellow. I .

In addition, I provide training and seminars on related topics in Stress Management, Communication, Wellness, CAM and Mind, Body, Spirit Wellness.                                                              

I am a pioneer and  leader in Corpus Christ in the areas of stress management and the powerful connection of the mind, body, spirit connection. I have  investigated the powerful interactions between the brain/mind and the body, the role of psychological well-being for health and recovery from illness, and the use of mind, body techniques and behavioral strategies. Research has shown how the mind and body can work in harmony to prevent disease, promote healing  and well-being across the life span. I have  advanced training and education in wellness education and counseling. I have advanced my skills and knowledge in the fields of  Holistic Nursing, CAM,Mental Health, Behavior Science, and Spiritual Development. I have worked in the fields of holistic care since and wellness since nursing school in the early 70's. I incorporated holistic mind/body principles to my practice as a childbirth educator, labor doula and  board certified hypnotist. I furthered her education in the fields of behavior science and mental health and added the credential of becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor and ordained minister. I have both secular and non-secular degrees, trainings, and certifications in nursing (RN), psychology, counseling, religious studies, holistic counseling, and wrote a dissertation on the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection and healing and health restoration. 

  • More about Cathy Armstrong

  • I am a former labor and delivery room nurse and Lamaze Instructor that went on to study advanced training in meditation, hypnosis,expressive art for birthing, Jungian therapy, play therapy, and yoga. I created in independent practice teaching classes in natural childbirth before opening a practice as a Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor.
    As a birthing educator, labor room nurse and doula, I watched in amazement at the positive energy flowing and deep connection between couples, during birth, Because of these wonderful experiences I decided to study World Religions,  Yoga Meditation, Silva Mind Control, Transcendental Meditation, Mindfulness, Psychology, Metaphysics, Shamanism, World Cultures and Healing, Counseling, Ayurvedic Health,, Reiki, and Jungian Therapy. I learned about the energy systems in the body and found new ways to help my clients promote wellness in the minds, bodies, and spirits. I learned about the Chakra System, and Coaching for the Soul.

  •  I became interested in the power of prayer and the connection with prana, chi, and the Holy Spirit. My interest grew in to the world of metaphysics and the work of Louise Hay, Napoleon Hill, and Carl O. Simonton. I became an ordained minister in the past 13 years and added Christian Counseling to my practice. I have completed the work to become a Reiki Master Teacher

I have both national and international clinical hypnotherapy certifications.

I use an integrated approach to wellness counseling that incorporates the core of various Wellness Models including: spiritual values, ethics, occupational/vocational,/career needs, happiness, growth, potential,  lifestyle function to include: immune function, self-care, physical fitness/nutrition, emotional, psychological and intellectual health, beliefs/attitudes, spiritual beliefs, ability to self-regulate stress, create balance and relaxation, the use of prayer for the possibility of healing and comfort, and social/family/relationships/community/environmental issues or concerns.

I hold both secular and nonsecular degrees and provide professional counseling, life coaching, health and wellness educational services for the Mind, Body and the Spirit. I have over 30 years of combined education and service experience in mental health counseling field including: psychiatric nursing, case management, intake, discharge, and treatment planning. I have taken advanced training in metaphysics, energy psychology, mindfulness, holistic wellness counseling, clinical hypnosis, NLP, and Spiritual Direction. As an ordained minister and Christian Counselor I am is able to provide services of ordination, rites of passage, prayer treatment and spiritual educational classes. I offer Spiritual Direction to people of all faiths. 

Psychoneuroimmunology is an interdisciplinary field of research  with a major to examine interactions between behavior and the nervous and immune systems and how these interactions affect health. Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) is a branch of science that studies the interactions between the nervous system, endocrine system, immune system, and the subsequent effects of these interactions upon disease development/progression. Research has shown that there inflammation is an important underlying factor in a number of serious diseases like: heart disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome,cancer and Alzheimer's. The most appropriate name for the current field should be psychoneuroimmunology (PNI), because of this bidirectional communication between the nervous , immune, and endocrine systems.The term psychoneuroimmunology was coined by Robert Ader, a researcher in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Rochester Medical Center in Rochester, New York. In the 1970s, studies by Ader and other researchers opened up new understandings of how experiences such as stress and anxiety can affect a person's immune system.

 Many PNI studies have focused on how stress, anger, trauma, poor sleep quality and depression impact the immune system. These numerous studies have revealed that there is a direct correlation between the client's desire to get well and disease outcome. Many conditions such as heart disease, osteoporosis, preterm birth, postpartum depression and anxiety, arthritis, delayed wound healing, and premature aging, are related to stress and negative emotions like a hostile outlook at the world.Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) has provided a foundation for understanding the pathways between the brain and the immune system as well as the importance of the mind in influencing physical and mental health. Learn to Manage Your Stress The stress response in the human body is vital to the understanding PNI. The "fight or flight response," the stress release of catecholamines, the interaction of cortisol and norepinephrine, and the inflammatory response all play a part in mental health wellness and health outcome. Our unconscious mind controls all of the millions of biochemical reactions that take place in our bodies without any conscious effort. Our unconscious minds are sophisticated and powerful tools and it is important for physicians and mental health practitioners to  understand its potential. Through hypnosis a person can learn to tap into the unconscious mind and release biochemicals necessary for optimal health, release stress & anxiety and  obtained a healthier outlook on life as well as gain enhanced performance.


Self-hypnosis is a powerful technique you can use to benefit from the principles of PNI. Hypnosis is a normal state of mind that involves relaxation and focused concentration. This is something that we all do on a daily basis, like when you read a book and forget about your headache or reach your destination without remembering the process of traveling there. You can use self-hypnosis to improve your self-confidence, mange chronic pain better, improve athletic performance,  experience a more comfortable natural childbirth experience, conquer public speaking, improve your energy level, health, and well-being. Learning hypnosis is like other activities you learn through regular practice. During hypnosis:

  • You are not asleep. You are in control at all times of your thoughts, actions, and what you say.

  • You are more focused, relaxed and aware than usual.

  • You are able to open your eyes, stop the process and "de-hypnotize" yourself in a split-second, anytime you want to come out of trance.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
    Create Balance, A Mind, Body, and Soul Journey

    Professional Life Coaching & Expressive Holistic Counseling

    I offer a variety of traditional counseling services in addition to holistic services for the Mind, Body, and Spirit. I have both secular and non secular education and advanced training in wellness and holistic care.

  • Certified Meditation Teacher Training Workshops

  • Meditation Practices come in many forms to fit your lifestyle and personal needs. Many meditation practices are very simple and I teach a variety ways to help you develop your own personal skills and style of meditation.
  • There is much scientific literature about the healing power of meditation and prayer. They are spiritual tools that do not have claim to any one religious tradition or spiritual practice and can be applied to both clients that are nonreligious and those that are attached to a specific spiritual organization. Meditation has been a spiritual practice for over 5,000 years and associated the major religious practices such as: Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, Taoism, Islam, Sikhism, and Shintoism. There are many form of mediation and some have a mantra and others focus on the art of mindfulness. Research shows how faith potentiates the healing power of meditation and other practices. 

  • Take a class or become a certified meditation teacher.

  • Relaxation Techniques I teach a variety of relaxation techniques you can quickly learn and immediately put in place to receive daily benefit from. Guided imagery, visualization, progressive relaxation, autogenic training, Qigong, and Tai Chi are a few of the modalities used to teach relaxation.  

  • Ayurvedic  Wellness Education
    Learn about the basic principles of ayurvedic health and learn how to apply these lifestyle principles to your daily routines. Learn about yoga, exercise, and nutrition based on your own constitution. Achieve balance and inner peace.
    Spiritual Development  
    Many people are on an existential journey and are looking inward to find that part that is sacred or of the Divine. You may be looking to find your inner teacher

    The Power of Prayer               

     Prayer is a big part of religious practices. Prayer can be religious or spiritual practice that is often associated with well-being and health. Prayer is used by many clients as a way to cope with stress, chronic or serious illness, tragedy, grief and loss. Prayer is used by people for a variety of issues as a coping strategy for dealing with physical, emotional, mental challenges, depression and anxiety. Research shows that the incorporation of prayer is associated with better outcomes and recovery from surgery, anxiety, depression, increased life span, lower suicide risks, lower risks of substance abuse and bring a sense of well-being and hope. Prayer offers more social support and improved marriages.          

  •   Life Coaching  
     Alternative methods to problem solving and obtaining quality of life other than traditional counseling. While psychotherapy helps a person to gain deeper insight into various life areas, energy therapies such as Chakra Balancing, Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation, EFT, NLP and Hypnosis can be used to help promote balance and strengthen and revitalize a person’s intention for life change. At times Cathy teaches mindfulness techniques to help reduce anxious thoughts and strengthen the ability to tolerate feelings of anxiety and stress, rewrite your personal story, and let go and change negative states of mind. There are many similarities between psychotherapy/mental health counseling and life coaching. Both set goals and work to remove past blocks and obstacles and helps the clients move forward.

    Counseling/therapy works from the past and Life Coaching starts at the present

  • .Life Coaches do not diagnose and are not on insurance panels.  NLP includes some very helpful tools for life coaching and can be incorporated into goal setting and successful achievement. There are no therapeutic interventions. Clients with special mental health needs will be referred to a professional for diagnostic assessment and treatment.  
    As a Life Coach we will look at the ways to stay stuck in the prison of your negative self-talk, personal beliefs about yourself, your false comfort zone, repeated destructive behavior patterns, and your self-image. We will discover how the words, collected opinions and attitudes of others since you were born impact your view of yourself.

    By not freeing yourself from these continued thoughts, pattern and beliefs in your subconscious mind impact what you believe about yourself and your capabilities. This can create a false comfort zone and create emotional pain, poverty, and unhappiness. Get out of the loop of being stuck in the negative self-image of yourself and your negative belief system about yourself. Learn easy exercises to help your change your beliefs and release negative, limiting and disabling beliefs move forward to happiness, joy and balanced living. 

    I am a  a fan of the I-Can-Do-It Model of life coaching which puts the responsibility on you to be successful for the achievement of the outcomes and goals you are looking to achieve.

    Schedule an appointment and learn to "unplug" from the toxic people around you without leaving.
    Build your self-esteem and learn to communicate with your spiritual side. Join in to learn the art of prayer and meditation along with self-hypnosis and guided imagery. Create the life you deserve to have and learn the process of vision boarding and positive affirmation for change. Begin to set boundaries with others without being afraid. Create a balanced life style and be happy!

    If you need help to heal the past, move forward, create and new lifestyle plan, create balance and promote abundant living.


    A South Texas Resource for the Reconnection of Mind, Heart, Soul and Spirit

    Heal and transform your life!

    Have you been feeling stuck, angry, unloved, or unhappy? Have you been thinking about calling a professional to help you make some changes because your old ways of doing things are not working for you? What are your values, beliefs, thoughts, feelings and where are you with your faith?

     We  offer various trainings to the community and wellness professionals in the areas of holistic mental health, LPC Intern Supervision, Emotional Intelligence, CAM (Complementary and alternative holistic educational classes), Educational Classes in Chinese medicine including he Yin/Yang theory, five elements, Qi and meridians. Informational and experiential classes are taught in developing creativity, developing intuition, and self-hypnosis. Workshops in vision boarding, guided imagery, mindfulness and meditation are taught throughout the year and on an individual basis. 

    Whether you want to :lose weight or stop smoking, create a healthier lifestyle, Improve your  health and create wellness, change a habit, learn to relax and have more peace and balance, learn to trust you instinks, improve you intuition, gain clarity, or get unstuck form poor communication skills and self-defeating actions, gain insight, or deepen your connection with Spirit, or improve a relationship at home or at work, I am here to assist you on your journey to personal wholeness.

    I provide professional life coaching, classes, and workshops on personal and spiritual development. I am here to help  you identify your personal strengths, weaknesses, blind spots, core values, needs. Together we create obtainable and reachable goals that are most important to you as you learn to remove those unwanted blocks and obstacles  keeping you stuck.

    I offer consistent guidance and support as we create a plan to map your journey to success showing us  the specific step you need to take on your journey of transformation and self-empowerment. We will be using a holistic approach of mind, body, and spirit..

    What  life coaching offers you?

    We begin your coaching journey with a comprehensive consultation called an intake session. This is the first step in creating your map to success. During the intake session we will identify areas of strengths, weaknesses, communication styles, identify patterns as to how you show your anger and other emotions, how you handle stress, current and past personal and professional relationships, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. We will look at how you have fun, experience pleasure and discuss how you provide yourself with self-care.

    During the coaching process, I will help you identify and utilize your input, past successes, and strengths, to incorporate techniques for self-discovery and self-care. Feel excited, hopeful, and inspired to manifest the change you seek – once and for all!

    As part of your coaching session, I will work with you to:

  • Create a vision and write a mission statement
  • Learn to identify and state your values, goals and dreams
  • Recognize your words, thoughts, feelings and beliefs
  • Identify how damage and distraction can occur by a negative connection with thoughts and feelings
  • Release stuck negative patterns of thinking and learn how your negative energy and emotions  hinder your physical and emotional wellness
  • Learn to be your own best friend when you look in the mirror
  • Learn to reprogram negative beliefs and  use affirmations to state your dreams and desires
  • Identify tools, local and internet resources and create a new lifestyle with daily  practices to support improved wellness and spiritual growth
  • Create attainable goals and follow-up strategies for continued success
  • Weekly Follow up with feedback via email:  $25.00

    Provides communication by email during the week between sessions or during the week of our individual or group sessions.

    ‚ÄčMonthly Maintenance Private Coaching Package:  $75.00

    This package includes one maintenance session and monthly follow up email. This package is available to clients that have completed all counseling goals in my private practice and would like to transition to the Professional Life Coaching and to clients who have completed a 16 Week Life Transformation Coaching Program with me.  This package can also be purchased by clients who are currently attending a Group Coaching Program online for in my office.

    Add Studies in CAM to your package

    Learn about: various CAM Theories, Acupuncture/Acupressure, Meridian Therapy, and EFT. Learn to do EFT, Reflexology, and Acupressure for self-care. Learn the healing arts of deep breathing, qi gong, meditation, mindfulness, nutrition and wellness, energy healing techniques for self care, hypnosis, guided imagery, Reiki, progressive relaxation, Tai Chi, ayurveda, and yoga therapy. Learn about Jung and the Chakra System.Classes in Chakra Balancing, Mindfulness, and the Laws of Attraction.

    *These individual sessions, workshops, and trainings are not meant to replace medical care or mental health care. These are services in personal growth and are not for treatment or diagnostic purposes. If you have a mental health problem or a medical problem please be advised that you will need to get a release from your mental health/health care provider to attend. These classes are for informational purposes and are not to be mistaken as a treatment method of medical or mental health care.

    Creating Transformation Program

    Discover Create Be

    Coaching + Faith+NLP+Self Hypnosis=Success

    My coaching intensives offers a series of 4 or 16 weeks of creating, transforming, building, and manifesting change.

    In these intensive programs, we get to the heart of the physical, social, educational,leisure time, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of your life, and jump-start a sense of balance and harmony as you identify deeper changes you want to make as a whole person. Body, Mind, & Spirit.

    About Inspirational Life Coaching

    I’m a business and life coach based in Corpus Christi, Texas who is inspired to encourage you to live your best life by evaluating possibilities, co-creating a plan and a joyful path to reaching your goals. Learn how I can support you to live your best life. Most of the clients I see for Life Coaching Issues are usually for: career development concerns, relationship issues, weight loss, or  for a parent child relationship issues. Coaching will generally deal with  a normal every day concern around home life, job, family or school. We look at obstacles that stand in the way of achieving a desired goal looking at the symptoms and issues surrounding the concern. There is no mental health issue or psychiatric problems we are dealing with, Most people are looking for tools to make their lives happier, healthier, more prosperous, and more content..In my practice I look at the various parts of a client's life using  a holistic and whole person. I incorporate EFT, Tapping, Meditation, Guided Imagery, Affirmations, and Self-Hypnosis. I use a creative and experiential approach. I incorporate various authors and encourage you read a variety of books that I have hand picked specifically for the work we will be doing together.


    Build Your Own Package

    Celebration, Connection, Renewal of the Heart & Soul

     Scheduling your session

    Coaching sessions may be done in person, secure web cam, or over the phone. You will be provided with intake forms and a detailed assessment form to complete prior to your initial visit. This will help me to identify your specific concerns, and look for themes and patterns to discuss in your session.  I can email you a packet or you can come by the office and pick one up.

    Intake Session:  (option 1) $80.00  to $180.00

    (option 2) Bundle package with three visits $250.00

    (option 3) Bundle package with four visits$300.00

    (option 4) Three month package in office and secure web cam follow up, homework, readings, journaling, emails, phone calls

    This is your choice. You can choose from a 60 minute session or a 90 minute session to begins your life coaching journey with me. The intake session is required before starting any individual, online or group coaching with me.  This session allows to to meet and obtain personal information needed before we create goals and creating your road map to success. From the information I gather, together we create a plan of action for our work together. Our fist meeting is the starting place  to set some personal goals for you and help me to gain better insight as to how I can help you reach your goals.  It also helps you to better understand what coaching is all about and what my role as your professional life coach is.

    Maintenance Session:  $50.00 with no email correspondence

    This session is for coaching clients who have completed and met their goals with personal life coaching, but are looking for accountability, and maintenance follow up once a month. Many clients feel that this helps to keep them on track.  Maintenance sessions can also attended by clients that attend other programs such as a Group Coaching Program, Class, or Workshop with me.

Contact Cathy Armstrong, RN, LPC-S at the to learn more about psychoneuroimmunology and Wellness Counseling/Coaching and Self-Hypnosis
(361) 688-8200