Finding a Counselor

Finding the Right Therapist in Corpus Christi for You!

Getting Started. The first step is to get the names of the names of therapists in the local area.
To get the names of therapists, I recommend getting referrals from not only your insurance plan but talk to the people in your life that you trust. Ask your physician, friends, lawyer friends, your CPA, hair stylist, or professors if they might have some ideas of people that they know have benefited from a therapist in Corpus Christi who can, in turn, provide you with names.

Evaluating Therapists                                                                                                                             Once you have the names of some therapists (I would choose at least two or three so that you can compare them), try to call their office and see if you can speak with them directly on the telephone or person for a consultation (charges most likely will apply for a face to face visit). By talking to the therapist briefly on the telephone( usually calls are limited to a 5 minute free chat) with the ones that seem most suitable for you. Suggest a brief consultation a half-hour meeting or more (fees apply), as this will make it clear that you do not want the first session to be a therapy session( not covered by insurance).

Use the first session as an opportunity to talk about the issues you want to work on in therapy and to ask some questions of the therapist to see how he or she thinks. Here are some basic questions to ask any therapist:

  • What brought you to the career of psychotherapy? (see Who I Am read about me on this site).                                                                                                                               
  •   What is your experience in the mental health field and how many years have you been practicing as a therapist?                                                                                                                     
  •   What models or types of counseling do you offer to help people change? (see Integrative Therapy on this site)                                                                                            

Sometimes it is not easy to find that one " right counselor for you or your family." Not every therapist makes a good match for every client. Take your time in doing some homework and make sure that you don't  rush in ... take your time to pick a person that will fit well with your needs, values,  and your personality.

Additional Questions to Ask?

  • What are your views about the use of prescription drugs, reflexology, meditation, yoga, acupuncture, hypnosis, NLP with therapy? What is your plan of action to help me/us make  the needed changes for improvement in the way I feel, relate and communicate with others?
  • How many visits do I need to improve how I feel or save my relationship? 

For more information about the services I offer please call Cathy Armstrong, LPC-S, RN at (361) 688-8200