Dating Problems

 Are you dating a widower and feel like this is going down a one way path to a danger zone?

Does this gentleman give you mixed messages, leave you hanging, confused and wanting to run....But he is so charming, nice, kind, and a real gentleman in so many other ways...and you give him more chance after another?

Do you ever get frustrated looking for Mr. Right on a dating site?

Do you question yourself why you cannot seem to meet the right person?

 Why do men want a younger woman with the perfect figure?

What do women want in a relationship?

 Why do men on dating sites talk to more than one woman at a time and date several other women when you thought you were the only one? Why do I keep attracting the same type of men that are not good for me?

Do you want to settle down in a forever relationship or get married?

Are you out there looking for the right person to marry?

 Red Flags That He Might Just Not Be INTO YOU!.

Texsts to little and all about him, his needs, his worried, and his problems!

Seldom calls you on the telphone to talk and ever more seldom sees you face to face.

When you do hear from him he asks you how you are but ignores your responses and goes on to talk about himself.

Says that he does not get out much but manages to see another lady, drives out of town, and does other things of interest to him.

You leave empty after a date, phone call, or spending time together.

You want more and there never is more.

You are starting to feel rejected or that  he has interest in someone else after talking with him over two months.

He has no plans with you on special holidays even when you ask and you have been knowing each other for over 8 weeks.

He does not take you around his friends or family after knowing each other for an extended period of time.

He asks you to be patient and just give him more time and you already have.

You tell him you are upset, tired, angry, sad, worried, or feeling sick and her fails to ask you to talk to him about your feelings and fails to bring you flowers and chicken soup.


Cathy Armstrong is a relationship coach and marriage counselor that sees individuals and couples. She helps men and women that are dating to learn about why they are not finding the right partner and learn about what it is about themselves that is attracting the wrong person.  Learn how the opposite sex thinks and learn how to create a healthy lifestyle for yourself that will attract a mentally stable and financially secure partner that can lead to a lasting life time together.


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