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Offering: Individual and Group Support for Binge and Overeating

Bariatric Evaluations, Weight Loss Management, Weight Loss Hypnosis and Counseling.

Individual and Group Support

Corpus Christi, TX  Hypnotic Bariatric Weight Loss, Counseling and NLP Services

Telephone: (361) 688-8200 5934 South Staples
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Pre and Post Op Bariatric Counseling, Groups, Bariatric Assessments & Evaluations
Certified Behavior Specialist/Registered Nurse/Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist/Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor
LPC Intern Supervision*Addictive Behaviors* Compulsive Eating* Weight Loss

Hypnosis and NLP 
Bariatric Evaluations, Treatment, Hypnosis, NLP
Classes, Groups, Life Coaching and Professional Counseling for Compulsive Overeating/Binge Eating

Women who have compulsive eating disorders seldom look at the root causes underneath their binge eating. Many providers fail to look beyond weight management and address diet, nutrition, exercise and the health problems associated with obesity. Compulsive eating is not simply the size of dress you wear and the numbers you see on the scale. It is not just ABOUT FOOD! It is about you as a Whole Person, Body, Mind and Spirit. Your food consumption is an emotional experience to help you avoid the feelings of abandonment, betrayal, fear, loneliness, boredom, etc. and the darkness and emptiness of your soul.
Often women that have binge eating problems have other symptoms such as: depression, fear based beliefs, negative self-talk, poor self-esteem, relationship issues, poor social support system, abuse histories, sleep problems, borderline personality problems and bipolar disorders. Research indicates that the bariatric patients that have greater outcome success are those with strong support systems in place.
About Cathy Armstrong
As an experienced bariatric mental health professional counselor and registered nurse,I am here to provide Corpus Christi bariatric surgical patients, with adequate preparation and support before and after surgery. Research shows that helping bariatric patients understand and prepare for the lifestyle and behavioral changes leads to greater satisfaction and better outcomes. I am here to help you identify and address your personal negative barriers to success, integrate your mental health treatment plan with your surgical team to provide continuity of care. I will be a member of your bariatric team and works in collaboration to keep you, the patient at the center of all efforts.
About Cathy Armstrong

I am a RN, Clinical Hypnotherapist with advanced training in bariatric weight loss management. I am licensed by the Texas Board of Nursing as a Registered Nurse and licensed by the Texas board of Licensed Professional Counselors and has an advanced status of Supervisor. I  provide education, training, evaluations, workshops and motivational guest speaker. I am an ordained minister and board certified clinical hypnotherapist fellow with the National Board of Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists. and certified as a clinical hypnotherapist with an the International Board of Clinical Hypnotherapists. I  provide evaluations for bariatric pre op surgery, hypnosis for healthy living, positive thinking,healing and pain management and support services following your bariatric surgery.

It is a privilege for me to part of your bariatric weight loss journey to success. I want to  be a member of your bariatric team along with your surgeon, health care professionals, dietician and exercise coach. I suggest that when you are looking for your bariatric assessment counselor or weight management counselor that you inquire about their knowledge and training in weight loss, education about both surgical and non surgical methods of weight loss, nutrition, exercise and fitness training, behavior tools for motivation and success, life style change and self-sabotage methods. Make sure your counselor is there to for successful pre and post op surgery to help you create short term and long terms goals.

I work with bariatric patients to promote change and healthy lifestyle. I focus on self-worth, body image, finding your own voice and inner strength as you learn to handle the perceptions of others and I am here to keep you motivated on your journey. Many times after the "newness" wears of, clients call to schedule appointments because they find that the happiness they had anticipated from the weight loss surgery had "mysteriously vanished. Clients reach plateaus and loose motivation, get discouraged, want to return to previous eating habits that failed to work for them. Many times the underlying issues of the compulsive overeating were never addressed or resolved and the emotional hunger has returned with a vengeance.

I am here to help you as you master your journey to weight loss success, facing the hurdles of food issues, new and clothing concerns, avoidance of self-sabotage, dealing with set backs, and making  choices and decisions about plastic surgery.  Pre and post op nutritional planning and counseling are very important in order to achieve success post operatively.

I will be a member of your team to help you create balance in your mind body and spirit. You will learn about parts therapy, exercise and fitness, learn tools for stress management, assertiveness training, communication skills and learn to improve or manage social interactions. 

Hypnosis at its best in Corpus Christi with 30 years experience. Certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy since 1982 by Dr. Jack Tractor and the only hypnotherapist in Corpus Christi that is certified Nationally and Internationally and is a Clinical Hypnotherapist Fellow with additional training from various Infertility and Childbirth Hypnosis Institutes. Cathy Armstrong focuses most of her hypnotherapy work in services for medical hypnosis (pain management, preparation for surgery and recovery, symptom management, anxiety and digestive disorders, natural childbirth, fertility, and more), smoking cessation, weight loss, self improvement, stress relief, increasing sales, cold calls, and sports hypnosis for performance enhancement. To read more about Cathy Armstrong visit the home page and read about the tab under hypnosis.

Some basic elements to achieve self-hypnosis are:

  1. Relaxation, Letting Go
    Being able to focus your attention and awareness on the process of achieving a relaxed state of mind and body. You will learn progressive relaxation, meditation, breath work, autogenic training, and various ways of achieve trance. You will learn to coin drop, the arm drop, guided imagery, the countdown, eye fixation and more. Each session is tailor created your your specific needs to achieve success.
  2. Active Participation
     Hypnosis is a lot like reading a book, watching a movie, or daydreaming. When you daydream you engage in your fantasies and use the power of your creative imagination. During this fantasy experience you are fully aware and conscious and not overly focused on distractions. You are focused and in a state of deep concentrated thought. Be open and non-judgmental to the powers of your imagination and subconscious mind working together with your conscious mind, keeping your self-doubts and negative beliefs at the door in order and allow yourself to have an attitude of cooperation for your full participation and maximum benefit.
  3. Focused Concentration
    Hypnosis is a technique that allows you to achieve this daydream like state of consciousness and helps you deliberately direct your attention to specific goals in order to achieve them. Concentrate on your goal or goals and have a positive expectation of what you want to accomplish. Remember about what your leaned using Affirmation and the Power of Your Words and Thoughts. Remember about the Laws of Attraction and the Laws of Distraction and become Mindful of what you say and think Think of your goal in the ‘NOW’… and Visualize and affirm as If you have already achieved that goal...tell yourself...I am confident, I sleep sound, I am smoke-free, I feel comfortable,I let go all of my fears and worries and life is easy for me,  I am successful! Work on one goal  or several related goals per session. When you have reached your goal, then work on another one in a subsequent session or combine your session into one session of reinforcement after you have been practicing this for awhile. Goals can include, quitting smoking, loosing weight, following a specific nutrition or diet plan, exercising, self -improvement, improving self-confidence, anxiety release, phobias, fears, and the lists and uses are limitless.When you daydream and when you do hypnosis your mind is in the alpha frequency region as you engage in your fantasies. Hypnosis and daydreaming both adjust to the alpha frequency state and in hypnosis your mind is directed at your specific goals you want to master not to your fantasies.
  4. Imagination, Guided Imagery, and Visualization
    Use the power of your imagination to create a vision of your goals and positive outcome. Engage your senses and create a new reality and let the power of hypnosis feed your mind, body, and soul for a new way to make what you have wanted to achieve a reality.Learn a variety of many guided imagery techniques for self-empowerment. Hypnosis is more than words strung together with some relaxation tools, it is a technique for creating the reality you want for yourself not only now but in the future.


Be consistent and persistent in your practice of self-hypnosis and make daily affirmations about the changes you want to make and state them in the Now as if they were already happening for you. See yourself as in control and capable of the changes and choices you are confronted with daily to either support or  sabotage your goals.The more that you practice the techniques, the better you will get at achieving self-hypnosis. Be patient with yourself and let self-hypnosis be an easy and effective way for you to reach your desired goals.

Where to practice your sessions
Since total relaxation is required, begin by choosing a place that is quiet and private and free from distractions.. Avoid areas where you will be disturbed by family members, friends, slamming doors, outside noises, texts, the door bell, incoming phone calls. Find a comfortable chair, recliner, bed or sofa and loosen clothing, take off your glasses, loosen your tie  or remove anything that might interfere with your relaxation.

Relaxation, visualization, imagery
Once you are comfortable, take three slow deep breaths and slowly exhale. With each exhalation allow yourself to relax a little more, relax your muscles and tell them to feel loose, limp,heavy and relaxed.. Allow your mind to wander to a pleasant place or  thought and enjoy the feeling of just relaxing and letting go. If you find your body tight and tense by resisting relaxation, try tightly contracting all of the large muscle groups in your body: upper arms, stomach, buttocks, and thighs. As you deliberately contract and tighten each group, think to yourself, ” Tighter, tighter, real tight! ” Then tell your muscles to let go, relax and as they do, think and say to yourself ” Let go…….completely let go and totally release and relax.” Take another breath and on the exhale tell yourself "Down deeper, deeper down.,," Allow your body to become heavy, loose, limp  and relaxed. Focus your eyes on something(eye fixation induction) just above eye level and feel your eyelids getting heavy. Count backwards from ten to zero and  with each descending number down tell yourself that you are more deeply relaxed than you were at the previous number until you reach zero, and then allow your eyes to close and send a wave of relaxation throughout your entire body.

Breath Work
Focus on your breathing and breathe in to the count of five, hold it to the count of count of 3, then breathe out to the count of five. Feel the coolness in your nostrils as you inhale and the warmth in your nostrils as you exhale. Feel your chest rise and fall as you breathe in and out. Now imagine that you are inhaling pure, positive energy and that all stress, worries, negativity and tensions are released when you exhale though imaginary valves in your fingers and toes. Feel your mind and body letting go of all of the tension and stress and allow yourself to give into the relaxation as you continue to breathe and relax deeper and deeper, more and more with every exhalation.

Concentrated Focus
Concentrate on your goals and self-improvement. Focus on your goal and no other thoughts. Should an unwanted thought intrude, you can send it away, imagine throwing it away in an imaginary trash can, label it and release it, or remove it by having it dissolve into thin air or down the drain. Your imagination provides you unlimited possibilities for your participation and concentration.  Breathe in serenity and enjoy your time of relaxation.

Creating Your Personal Inner Sancuary
At this point think of a scene or a place that is your favorite place to relax, this will be your own personal inner sanctuary. You can think of a real location or create an imaginary place to you have been before. If you have trouble thinking of one, it can be a place outdoors such as the mountains, the beach, sitting in a rocking chair, swinging in a hammock, sailing, flying a kite, walking along a country path, walking in a meadow, or riding a horse on a beautiful country road. You can have your special place indoors also. Sitting in a cozy cabin, watching a crackling fireplace, the possibilities are endless. Focus on participating in the scene and not as an observer in the scene, see yourself ther. Become aware of the sights, sounds, smells, and see yourself touching and feeling objects and textures in your special place. This this your owns safe place designed by you for you to relax. As you think of all of the special aspects of your special place you think to yourself, allow yourself to become deeper and deeper relaxed, again telling yourself, "Deeper down. ” Try it and feel yourself go deeper and deeper each time your practice!

You are now ready to take the weight loss goal you have created and place it into your subconscious mind. It is very important that you create mental pictures of yourself achieving your goal using visualization and the power of your imagination, For some reason, the subconscious mind understands pictures and the words you put there as if were real and happening NOW. With the pictures will be adding powerful word called affirmations.. You will be taught how to write your own personal script and mimi self-hypnosis sessions for your home program for weight loss. You will learn how to control your words, thoughts, and beliefs about dieting, exercise, and making healthy food choices for your self-hypnosis sessions and when you are thinking on your own time or talking to yourself or others about weight loss YOU MUST see yourself being successful at your goal as you create the pictures and the scenes of successfully reaching your goal. You can make the pictures into  a movie where you are the star, a slide show, or snapshots in a photo album and reinforce it with thinking of your outcome using powerful daily affirmations.

For example: ” I am at peace and totally relaxed. my Mind, body, and spirit are thrilled with the new sense of control and confidence I have over creating a lean, trim, and shapely body. I wake up excited about moving my body and giving it the exercise, flexibility it needs to be healthy. I like being in control of my life, creating healthy choices about fueling my body with nutritious foods. I enjoy eating healthy foods like lean protein, vegetables, and fruits. I drink plenty of good clean water and keep my body well hydrated with healthy fluids. "

When you create your affirmations: Make them POSITIVE, in the now, permissive and direct! Avoid negative words. Affirmations will affirm the negative or the positive based on the words you choose to say to yourself and to others. Avoid ‘don’t’, ‘will be’, ‘going to be’, ‘not’, ‘no’.."It is easy for me to eat healthy foods, I am in control about the choices I make in my life. I am confident about my ability to lose weight and I eat my food slowly as I enjoy each bite. I allow myself to let go of negative tapes that have kept me from being slender and shapely, healthy and strong.

Repeat your suggestions 3 TO 7 TIMES and lock them in place into your subconscious mind and your memory bank. You can even think to yourself, ” I am locking in my goal and take a deep breath in and on the exhale press your thumb and next two finger together as you. ” Imagine hearing and seeing it lock and sealing them into your subconscious. When you are stressed and worried about being in a situation that fear and doubt shadows your success remember to take a breath in and exhale saying your affirmations about your goals and practice the Release Exercise You have learned in Session.

You are now ready to return to your fully conscious state. Remember you were never asleep just very, very relaxed and able to fully concentrate on the desired goals you had for yourself. This is also called your normal waking state. To wake up, count from one to five and with each count think and say to yourself silently:

” One…I am beginning to come up and gain an awareness of my surroundings, Two… my mind and body feel rested and refreshed, Three… becoming more and more alert and feeling confident, Four… moving my fingers and toes and letting all of my muscles return to I slowly reorient myself to the room, the sounds I hear,  feeling a positive energy moving throughout my body as I come on up, AND Five… EYES OPEN. Wide awake,wide awake, wide awake, feeling wonderful and so refreshed and relaxed!” Take a deep breath and stretch and yawn if you need to!

Remember to commit yourself to practicing self-hypnosis upon awakening and when you go to bed at night.. Set aside a specific day and time f if you want to reinforce your  hypnosis session in the office. Remember you can record the sessions or read the script upon request to record your reinforcement self hypnosis sessions.(Remember do not play these when driving your vehicle or operating machinery) The more sessions you do, the better you will be at self-hypnosis and reaching the trance state ! The results are profound and pleasing if your put committment to your desire for a positive weight loss experience.

Five Minute Phone consultations are  free of charge. Sessions are offered by appointment in the Corpus Christi office and via phone, or protected web cam. Many snowbird visitors to the Corpus Christi area have already enjoyed Cathy Armstrong's services and expertise. If you are vacationing or attending a retreat or conference on The Island or Rockport, schedule your appointment and enjoy the benefits of hypnosis sessions during your stay to achieve results for the positive changes you want in your life. Call us today and start letting hypnosis work for you and achieve your goals and maintain your success,

Referral is NOT REQUIRED for non-medical hypnosis sessions. If you are a physician, dentist or mental health therapist and would like to refer a patient/client, please call (361) 688-8200 or send an email to:

Before Bariatric Surgery Evaluation/Assessment, Pre Hypnotic Suggestions and Affirmation Took Kit

A pre-surgical bariatric psychological evaluation/mental health evaluation is often required by your surgeon and your insurance company. Most bariatric surgeons recognize that weight loss surgery is not just a surgical procedure, but also a life-changing event.  Your surgeon wants to make sure that you, the patient, is emotionally ready for the surgery and have the support needed to make life changes after surgery. You will benefit from guidance regarding the emotional impact of surgery and changes to expect. This information will be tailored especially to you.  Let you take you on a meditative journey after the evaluation to help your mind, body, and spirit work in perfect harmony for a faster recovery, less pain after the surgery, and confidence to follow your prescribed eating plan by your bariatric surgeon. Lean about the power of your mind to implement, maintain, and succeed reaching and maintaining your desired weight loss. Fee is $125.00 for the bariatric evaluation, and pre hypnosis session for bariatric weight loss success! You are welcome to record your hypnosis session and play it back daily to help you succeed.

Dear Bariatric Surgery Candidate,

TODAY is a New Day to release all of your emotional blocks. Today is a new day for you to begin creating a joyous, fulfilling life. Today is the day to being to release all limitations that keep you stuck. Today is the Day to learn the Secrets of Life. You can change your life for the better. You already have the tools within you.
True or False Take the Quiz
Examine Your Positive Core Beliefs.
1.___ My body is a powerful vehicle with stamina and resistance.
2.___ I am worth caring for my health and schedule time each day to care for my body.
3.___ I am consistent in caring for my body and each day plan my daily goals of rest, balanced living with daily consistent exercise, healthy eating habits and striving to achieve or maintain a healthy weight.
4.___ All systems in my body work perfectly and working in good condition as I respond to the signals my body gives me.
5.___ My body is vibrant and healthy as I send my body thoughts of acceptance and love.

Affirmations are really anything that you say or think. Be it negative or positive. It is important to change and retrain thinking and speaking patterns to have what you want and deserve in life.

Say your affirmations in the present tense…I am… I have….
Within me is the ability to be successful in reaching my goals. I set healthy goals for myself and check with myself and monitor my thoughts feelings and actions.I love every cell of my body and treat my body with dignity and respect. I treat my body as a temple. I eat and drink only foods and liquids that are healthy for my body. I enjoy the foods that are good for my body. I am constantly looking for new ways to improve my emotional wellbeing, health, my body and mind. I stay motivated for success. I return my body to optimum health by giving it what it needs on every level, mind body and spirit.I am happy and in sync with life and my life works for me. My body and mind work in complete harmony to create health and wellbeing. I do all things for my higher good and well being.

 I have the ability to create a lean, strong and healthy body and I am mindful of everything that enters my mouth. I am mindful of my food choices and by ability to choose success I am confident in myself to make good food and beverage choices that create daily successes for my wellbeing, healthy and weight loss.My confidence in myself helps me to create a lean, strong and healthy body. My confidence in myself helps me to release weight and I know that being in control of my eating helps me know that I am in control of my life.

When I am in control of my life I am in control of my eating and being in control of my life. I know that it is only necessary for me to want to do something and to know how to do something to achieve my goals.I can choose to do whatever I want to do and I have the right of free choice to decide what the things are that I want to do to create a lean, fit, attractive, strong and healthy body. I love and respect myself and a am becoming stronger and more powerful every day to exercise my right to have a lean, fit, attractive, strong and healthy body.Each and every day I make choices that allow myself to be the way I truly want to be and so it is.

After Bariatric Surgery :  Post Bariatric Weight Loss Hypnosis, NLP, Life Coaching and Counseling
Food Coach Services with a Registered Nurse and Professional Licensed Counselor
Bariatric Group and Individual Therapy
The clients I usually see after surgical bariatric procedures:

  • Lack of emotional and physical preparation for lifestyle changes required to be successful.
  • Lack of emotional support.
  • Lack of coping skills to deal with life style change.
  • Lack of motivation required to stay positive.
  • Failure to address underlying causes for emotional eating or failure to address food addictions problems before surgery.
  • Look in the mirror and still do not see happy, successful, beautiful, or loved.     
  • Want to maitain their results of weight loss and are aware that the emotional triggers did not leave with the removal of the weight loss.
  • Feel frustrated and anxious about the food choices they have been limited to.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
  • Bariatric Evaluations for Bariatric Surgical Patients and Bariatric Hypnotherapy Patients

Your bariatric surgeon will be asking you to obtain a psychological evaluation or a bariatric assessment/ evaluation prior to your bariatric procedure. Common questions are related to compliancefailures, success, and achievements with how you cope with stress and emotional eating.

Most insurance plans require a bariatric evaluation and not all insurance plans will pay for the assessment. I see bariatric patients pre and post op to help with lifestyle changes, forgiveness therapy, self-esteem building, improved communication skills, stress and anger management, letting go of emotional blocks, stress, failure to work through past issues that lead to emotional eating and excessive weight gain.  I am able to see you for your bariatric assessment, provide you with bariatric counseling and bariatric hypnosis before and after surgery.

The bariatric evaluation is required prior to having weight loss surgery for a number of reasons. The evaluation helps to  determine if the patient wanting weight loss surgery has any psychological or emotional conditions, including eating disorders, anxiety disorders, depression or addictions, that have not been appropriately treated, or that may interfere with a patient’s ability to be successful with the required treatment protocol postoperatively. Bariatric surgery is an elective procedure that is life changing in many respects.

It is important that you are educated and fully aware of how this procedure is going to impact your life. Additionally, the patient’s expectations regarding the surgery, how you manage stress if you are an emotional eater, the amount of weight loss you expect to lose, and affect on their health, body image, clothes you wear and quality of life also needs to be assessed. Looking at any unrealistic expectations need to be addressed so they do not lead to disappointment, frustration, anger, and a sense of failure. Possible issues of self sabotage are addressed. 

Although these are the some of the most important factors to be assessed in a psychological evaluation, The bariatric evaluation will help you identify your eating triggers, how you manage stress eating, inquire about emotional eating habits, and lifestyle changes you can put into place by addressing these issues pre surgery and followed up post op.

Your success is important and learning ways to cope with stress and emotional eating can be addressed and a treatment plan can be devised to ensure pre and post op bariatric surgery.

Bariatric Evaluations and Counseling are typically a requirement to complete the presurgical work-up for all Bariatric procedures.  Fee for a Bariatric Evaluation is $125.00. You will be seen the same week and a report will be faxed or mailed to your physician within 7 working days. Usually turn around time is 24 hours.

Bariatric weight loss, maintenance and success classes and workshops are offered.

Please be honest when you have a psychological or mental health evaluation with your chosen mental health care  provider. It is not always possible to safeguard your answers of not being honest with your provider so in the end you could be putting your own life in jeopardy if you are not truthful.

Please be honest if you have trouble with depression, anxiety, anger, binge or emotional eating and are not under the care of a mental health counselor to help you cope with mood stabilization, portion control, stress and emotional regulation after surgery.

Usually weight loss occurs rapidly after surgery, but the long term goal is to keep it off.

Counseling, hypnosis, and group therapy are ways to keep the weight off long term.

Many bariatric surgeons offer free weekly support groups to their post op bariatric patients. If your bariatric surgeon does not offer a support group in your area, please consider attending a local bariatric group at this office or with another local counselor or psychologist.

If you need to schedule a Bariatric evaluation or Bariatric counseling, please call us today. You will not have to wait more than 48 hours to get in Monday - Sunday.  Saturday and Sunday hours: 8am to 12 pm.

Other Bariatric Services

Ask us about the non surgical hypnosis bariatric lap band and the non surgical hypnosis course for the gastric sleeve.

We also offer weight release hypnosis. Three sessions are $200.00.

 I offer professional services in all areas of Bariatric Counseling including: Nutritional Education, Diet Counseling, Weight Loss Success Coaching, NLP and Hypnotherapy for Weight  Loss  Management & Maintenance, Health & Wellness Counseling, Bariatric Surgery Evaluations, and General Bariatric Counseling

Cathy Armstrong, RN, LPC-S at (361) 688-8200 to schedule an appointment.

Please provide us with the name of the physician and the number you want your report faxed.

 Call: (361) 688-8200                                                                

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