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    Hello, and thank you for visiting. Feel free to read and look around as much as you like. You are welcome to come back anytime. You are not here by chance. You are probably here trying figure out what to do with your current relationship. It is common for couples to go through ups and downs in a marriage or exclusive relationship. If you and your partner are experiencing more downs than ups lately couples counseling can be helpful. One of my roles is to help "decoupled" relationships re-connect and be fun, enjoyable, peaceful, and loving.  The sooner you pick up the phone and call: (361) 688-8200 and ask for help the better – before problems become even more out of control.

  • I am here to help you change and improve the dynamics of your relationship and to step out of your own ways that are not helping but hurting the relationship more. You must be willing to identify your personal strengths and weakness that you both bring to the relationship and the parts you both play that keep it in the "stuck" or "off" position. Learn to take responsibility for the part you play and take a good look at yourself and explore  the changes you need to make, instead of pointing your finger at your partner and expecting him or her to do all the changing.

    I will be teaching you new tools to communicate, which will bring about trust, compassion, and connection.

    Some of the reasons couples seek counseling:

  • To Improve Communication
  • Reconnect
  • Resolve Trust issues
  • Address Feelings of Abandonment and Loneliness
  • Constant Repeated Arguments that are not solved
  • Family Issues –  Parenting,Children, In-laws
  • Financial Issues
  • Power and Control Issues
  • Affection, Intimacy and Sexual Issues
  • Infidelity/Cheating
  • Addictions/Drugs/Alcohol Abuse
  • Household responsibilities/Duties/Chores
  • Pornoghraphy
  • Weight/Appearance/Smoking
  • Fees vary depending on which package and program you purchase.

  • Call us to discuss rates and options! We do not accept insurance for marriage and couple work!

  • Have You Lost Faith That Your Marriage Will Improve?  

    • Is your relationship on the brink of a divorce or separation? 
    • Are you having infidelity issues?
    • Do you are your partner have issues with prostitution or experiencing a porn addiction problem?
    • Are you looking for a good time outside of your marriage on Facebook or Craig's List?
    • Are you having communication problems that end in anger or "shutting down"? 

    Are you feeling like you have "lost that loving feeling?"

    There is hope for damaged relationships! You can heal your relationship and move forward! I have found that the intensive jump start program tends to make a significant difference in getting your relationship headed in the "right direction" when both people are "walking on thin ice" and intense frustration. If you feel that it is a matter of time before your relationship is over and your frustration level with each other is like a "ticking time bomb," this might be the program for you! Schedule a face to face appointment or via confidential web cam and let us create a plan to move forward in the right direction and built trust, respect and hope. Create a deeper connection in a shorter time.

  • Take a Quick Inventory about your Relationship or Marriage

  • I am satisfied with my sex life.

  • We have problems with sex and intimacy in our relationship.

  •  My partner doesn't really listen to me and I feel ignored and unwanted.

  •  I do not trust my partner

  • I feel bullied by my partner, picked on and put down.

  •  It is not easy to share my feelings with my partner and I feel all alone.

  • My partner fails to say, "I love you or seldom kissed me.

  • Sometimes I feel rage towards my partner.

  •  I do not feel appreciated and adored.

  •  I am out of control in this relationship.

  • My partner can be cruel and harsh in his or her criticism.

  • My partner does not understand me.

  •  My partner doesn't like to share what's on his or her mind.

  • I daydream and imagine myself divorced.

  • My partner is a taker and user.

  • I feel like I am with an emotional vampire.

  • Sometimes I just want to hurt my partner, break things, or punch walls.

  • I would rather lie by omission than deal with a problem with my partner.

  •  I feel like I am trapped with no escape.

  • Our relationship has gotten boring.

  • My partner is ashamed of me and is disgusted by my body.and we have become nothing more than roommates. My partner constantly compares me to others.

  • My partner and I are drifing apart and seem to want different things.

  • I feel crowded by my partner and feel like I cannot visit with friends or talk on the phone,

  • My partner has shut me out,

  • I feel judged and rejected by my partner.

  •  I never satisfy my partner and fail to measure up.

  • I feel trapped and chose my partner for the wrong reasons.

  • My partner thinks I am boring in bed and wants me to do things sexually that I do not like.

  • My partner treats me like an employee or like a child. 

  • My partner has to win our disputes.

  •  I envy my friends' relationships and never feel content with mine.

  •  I am suspicious of my partner and feel the need to spy or check up on my partner.

  • My partner is jealous of me.

  • These are Red Flag to Relationships in Need of Repair


     Your relationship could look like this!

  • Do you want to see positive changes by Summer, Easter , or in in next 30 days?
  • Change is possible if your have the courage and Faith to Believe, Desire to Accept That It Can Work, no matter what you current situation is!!!!
  • You need to be able to name it, claim it, see it, accept it as so...and so it is..      
  • You Can Do IT!  
  • Make it happen!
  • The ball is in your court with the right training and tools to shape and mold your direction to a happy life together.
  • Be careful of the words you say and the thoughts you have becuase they have a strong impact on your reality.
  • Ask about in office and secure on line services.
  • We offer many relationship repair programs to choose from. 
  • Cathy Armstrong's practice was developed out of her deep passion for seeing individuals of all ages overcome the obstacles that stop others from happiness, peace of mind, health issues, and success of achieving the life they deserve to have. Cathy is here to help couples solve their problems and provide help that leads to transformation, healing, and success. Cathy is available via security hipaa protected web cam to provide educational classes, training, and life coaching, locally, nationally, and internationally.

    Let's Fix It Now JumpStart Bundle Intensive Programs 

    We accept Paypal!  Start your homework assignments and get your e-book to start you on your way today! Please set up a PayPal account to start this amazing program.

    Call us today at (361) 688-8200. All it takes is faith and 2 people that love and respect each other and WANT TO MAKE IT NOT ONLY WORK BUT LAST!!!

    An intensive program in communications, conflict resolution, and change. Stop self-defeating behaviors that you both have that are destroying your relationship.  Take responsibility for your own actions, thoughts, beliefs and behaviors. Use NLP Transformation Hypnosis and Affirmations combined with the power of positive thinking and prayer to get the love you want !

    The Jump Start Intensive Program is important to get your marriage or relationship off in the right direction when your are running out of time to save your life together as a couple. This is an intensive 3 session program that must be used within a 7 day period.  You will be scheduled for an in depth session on your first visit.  You must have completed your Step 1, Phase 1 assignments to be seen for that initial session. 

    Take responsibility for making your life happier, more peaceful, and more fulfilled. Call today. Start the program now!

    The Jump Start Intensive Program beginswith an in depth exploration of your see yourselves as partners as we go more deeply into the reason that brought you to my practice. This sessions will help you learn the rules to "fighting fair " ,explore communication obstacles, identify boundary issues with yourself, your partner, children, step children, extended family members, friends, work, physical boundaries, intellectual boundaries, emotional boundaries, sexual boundaries, material boundaries and time boundaries. The double session can be uses to explore, improve and understand and learn: 

  • techniques to handle feelings of hurt, anger and hostility that have created your incompatibility
  • identify communication patterns and why talking to each other does not work
  • how addictions can destroy hope
  • how abuse -emotional, physical, sexual, spiritual, psychological and destroy the essence of the soul
  • disinterest of one partner can lead to doubt, fear and anger in the other
  • to improve your communication
  • to let go, get unstuck, and move forward
  • why being stubborn and having to have the last word is a "deal breaker" in a healthy relationship
  • to redirect and release your anger and resentment
  • to cope with the empty nest syndrome
  • to cope with a mid-life crisis
  • create a mission statement for your relationship
  • sign a contract to create a healthy and happy life together
  • create an action plan with an individual and couple vision board for success
  • learn about emotional intelligence and how it impacts you as a person, a couple, and a family
  • learn to get centered, relax, pray, and have fun
  •  This intensive jump start program is different than the traditional initial visit that is information gathering, history taking, goal setting, and scheduling another session. This program includes education and training. The program also gives couples " a safe place" to discuss their problems in a professional, therapeutic environment where they learn about themselves as individuals. From doing personality inventories, communication and stress management inventories each person learns to identify how their interactions have both a positive and negative impact their relationship as " a couple." Couples will be able to identify "core issues" that are possible triggers that shoot fire into the partnership by creating an automatic response to damage the relationship even further. The jump start program includes 3 sessions within a 5 day period. These can be taken in the forms of classes in relationship building, fair fighting, and strength building or 3 sessions within a week on interse marriage counseling or life coaching depending on the severity and nature of the marital problem.

  • We offer another program that is pay as your go. The fee for a one time consultation is $80.00 to $180.00 depending upon the length of your session. Sessions are available for 30 minutes to 2 hours for couples and individuals with relationship problems. Follow up sessions are offered from 15 minutes to 120 minutes. Fees vary from $45.00 to $180.00. Bundle packages range from $200 to $350.

  • Our most popular program  is a 4 week program for building a healthy relationship from the ground up. It includes assessments, outside homework, communication exercises, reading material and much more. Each session is 60 minutes long and offers you financial savings of $100.00 a month. The program is $300.00 and must be completed in four weeks. 
    What if my partner refuses to attend sessions with me?
     Do not let it stop you, if your partner does not want to attend couples sessions with you! Schedule an appointment anyway!

  •  Many times over the weekend I receive desperate emails and phone calls from a sad and fearful partner that wants help and the other partner doesn't. It is not uncommon for one partner to say, "I am not ready," or "I do not want to tell my information to a stranger" or "I do not believe in counseling and it does not work." This creates more fear in the already panicked partner.In the beginning of the program after you schedule and register for your first visit, upon receipt of payment we will email you pages from our manual that is full of strategies and exercises to help you start the healing process immediately.

    You can actually begin now by doing the homework page on my website! After you complete and return each set of questions and assignment, we will send you another set. You will be keeping in touch with us between visits. Do not let your relationship get worse by waiting for your partner and rebuilding the relationship will only become harder. Your partner will see positive changes that you make in your attitude, body language and tone when you talk and communicate. You will learn how your energy impacts others with your personal thoughts, feelings, beliefs, attitudes and actions. You will learn the skill of mindfulness and apply it to all situations with practice. 

    Fee: for the I Can Do It Program is $350.00 payable on PayPal. A deposit fee is required that is non refundable and the remainder is due at the time of your first  emailed session. Ask us about our incentive programs for abundant living. This is an online program with hipaa protected web cam and 6 modules that will be emailed to you one at a time. After completing each module you will have one follow up in office visit or webcam visit for 30 minutes of coaching. You will send your homework back via email and have ongoing daily email support between your coaching sessions. Emails are limited to one per day during Monday thru Friday between 8 am and 5 pm. This program is not for clients with mental health diagnosis and does not take the place of mental health counseling.

     Life Coaching & Counseling Services

  • Learn Strategies to Win the Battle of Negative Thinking

  • Learn to use Power Thoughts, Affirmations, & Prayer

  •  Coping With a Broken Heart   

    Adults and teenagers of all ages from time to time suffer from a Broken Heart. Most of us by the time of age 60 have had two or more losses that made their lives feel unmanageable and shattered.

     Life Coaching Fees Vary and range from an average of $45.00 for a 15 minute consultation to  $125.00 an hour for a one hour visit. Extended visits are $150 to $180 and last from 70 to 120 minutes long. Depending on the amount of time spend and the number of individuals in the session.  We do offer bundle packages of 3 and 4 visits.   

    A lost love can be very painful whether it is from an unexpected breakup or the death of a loved one. When you find it coming out of the blue, suddenly, an unexpected loss can be very painful and leave a person feeling devastated and broken. Feelings of feeling, lost, alone, confused, rejected, abandoned, hopeless and helpless are common to men and women when we loose that one person we so much loved and wanted to spend the rest of our life with.

    Common Issues I Treat In My Office include: The Loss of a Loved One Through Death, Divorce, or Breakup. I see men and women who are having to rebuilt a life for themselves after discovering that their partner, mate, or spouse has announced that that are no longer in love with them, has filed for divorce, or unexpectedly moved out. Often partners admit to having a current or past affair. Clients often report feeling like they have just been stabbed in the chest and had their heart torn out.

  • After the First Visit

    This Homework Assignment is to be done after the first visit and completed before your second session. Failure to complete the exercise if a true statement of your lack of commitment to improving the relationship. Relationships take work and it is a lot of tender loving care to maintain a healthy and loving relationship. There are not right or wrong answers and the goal is to learn to listen to each other and reflect back what you heard. This is the start to a new life of listening to each other. Please use a "talking stick" and follow the rules given to you at your first visit. Remember do not exceed more than 3 question per day. Write your short and long term goals and daily affirmations based on your alone  time together doing this exercise. Please be honest with yourself and with your partner.

    Circle “True” for all of the statements that identify as reflecting red zone areas in your relationship. Journal about your answers and share your findings with your partner using the tools you learned from your first session.

    1. I can’t  find the right words to express what I want to say and keep my feelings bottled up inside and most times do not tell my partner what I feel inside because I am avoiding being criticized or having an argument.    
    2. I worry that exposing myself by sharing my thoughts and feelings to my partner will result in rejection by being put down, ignored, or laughed at.    
    3. I often don’t talk because I’m afraid my opinion is wrong and I have lost my voice in the relationship.I feel like I walk on eggshells.    
    4. Speaking up to my partner will only make things worse. for me and the children.I do not feel capable and confident to tell my partner how I feel in all situations.    
    5. I have to have the last word and I either cut my partner off or talk too much and don’t give my partner a chance to talk..    
    6. I don’t look forward to talking to my partner or going on trips with my partner because if end up in a fight or argument..    
    7. Once I get started in an argument, I have trouble stopping and I bring up the past and want the last word..    
    8. My speech is often defensive and angry. I am intimidating and want to win.    
    9. I frequently bring up his or her past failures in arguments.     
    10. My actions don’t match what I say and give my partner mixed and confusing messages.     
    11.I shut my partner out. I don’t really listen when my partner is speaking. I have reached burn our and tune our my partner automatically when he or she talks.    
    12. I am vindictive and do pay backs,    
    13. I tease my mate too much by saying hurtful things and then say, "I am just joking or kidding."    
    14. I seldom bring up issues and concerns that weigh heavy on my mind.    
    15. I often lie by omission to avoid conflict or being told no.    
    16. I hate conflict and confrontation and want to run  when my partner brings up a problem.    
    17. I think it’s important to lay out to my partner all of the complaints I have about him or her as they come up from time to time..    
    18. I state my complaints in a heated manner rather than using words, a pleasant tone, and open body language that would support an open and healthy conversation.    
    19. I tend to over exaggerate by saying, “You always” or “You never,” when discussing my complaints with my partner and approach conflict in a controlling and one up manner.I     
    20. I rarely state my complaints to keep from hurting my spouse and as a result I feel alone, angry, and misunderstood..    

    21. I don’t like to argue even when I want to disagree and state a difference of opinion. I feel that I have no voice in the relationship because I feel arguing reflects badly on the relationship.

    22. I don’t like to discuss our negative feelings because it only makes us look bad as a couple.    

    23. I don’t feel I should have to bring up what’s bothering me because I expect my partner to already know what is on my mind and how I am feeling.

  • Fees: Initial Visits Range from $180.00 for a 2 hour assessment with treatment plan, $150 for an 85 to 90 minute session or $125.00 for a 55 to 60 minute session1
  • Bundle packets avialbe to reduce your session fees to $80.00 per session and $240.00 for THREE SESSIONS of 55 to 60 minutes per session! Most chosen packet! NO REFUNDS
  • Payment of bundle packet is due at the beginning of the first visit. No exception! We do not take insurance or credit cards.
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