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Don't let others steal your thunder, take away your sparkle, or make you feel less than. Find your North Star. Connect to the Power of I Am and learn to raise your energy, self-esteem, confidence, and productivity. I am here to help you with your personal and/or professional concerns and get you off  that "tight rope." 
Do your feel like the people you know and care about, really do not understand you and what you are going through? Do you feel like an imposter in the office and a monster at home? Do you feel like you are walking on the tight rope of life and feel worried that you are about to fall and crash? Learn to take the challenges in your life and view them as a "practice lab" to create "magic" by learning to take a negative experience or negative situation and turn it into a "golden opportunity" to become happy and successful in your relationship with yourself, others, and in the work place. The majority of my practice is in the form of workshops, groups, educational sessions, and life coaching. I do see clients for psychotherapy as well.Do your feel like the people you know and care about, really do not understand you and what you are going through? Do you feel like an imposter in the office and a monster at home? Do you feel like you are walking on the tight rope of life and feel worried that you are about to fall and crash? Learn to take the challenges in your life and view them as a "practice lab" to create "magic" by learning to take a negative experience or negative situation and turn it into a "golden opportunity" to become happy and successful in your relationship with yourself, others, and in the work place. The majority of my practice is in the form of workshops, groups, educational sessions, and life coaching. I do see clients for psychotherapy as well.
I help couples, children, teenagers, and individuals look at their "blind spots," to promote growth, gain positive insights as they create positive energy and personal strength to to "unplug" the negative fuel disrupting )their lives. Learn about alchemy, the laws of attraction and how you get in your own way of creating that very desire you are longing for. I am here to help you manifest the life you want and truly desire. I am currently accepting new patients on most commercial insurance, some government assisted insurance and self-pay.
My name is Cathy Armstrong and I am a Registered Nurse (RN), Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor. I offer counseling, life coaching, and holistic health and wellness education to individuals, groups, couples, families, and marraiges.
I have both secular and non-secular education and advanced training in the areas of registered nurse education, psychology, counseling, religious and holistic studies. I have studied world religions and healing practices from various cultures around the world and incorporate this into my workshops and trainings. I believe in the power of Faith, Prayer, the Power of the Mind/Body/Spirit Connection to help heal and move us forward in a positive direction. Most of my work is done with group training and workshops. I do see a limited number of clients on insurance panels for mental health diagnostic assessments, treatment planning, and psychotherapy. Life Coaching and LPC Intern Supervision are  also a large part of my practice.I use an integrative approach when working with clients wanting a more holistic and integrative way to look at the problems bringing them to therapy. I combine a variety of approaches but typically focus on Mindfulness, The Whole Person (Mind, Body, and Spirit}, and include the works of Carl Jung. I work with my clients to build a therapeutic working relationship where you are allowed a safe space to make changes within yourself to learn, grow, and create a relationship with yourself (what Jung referred to as "The Self"} When providing Jungian counseling and play therapy the clients individuality, their potential, and awareness of their greater good, oneness with Creation or all of life and their connection with their own Higher Self. This resembles very closely with metaphysicl principalse, and Holsitic Counseling and Life Coaching using a Mind, Body, Spirit Model for change and personal growth.

As a Life Coach ...

I help others conquer their self-sabotaging ways that no longer work for them and keep them from feeling love, joy, and peace of mind, usually because they have let others get in their way of success. We all have a blind side that we sometimes don't see and others can. We all sometimes get caught in negative thinking that leads to fear, doubt, frustration, anxiety, depression, and worry.

My focus is on self-empowerment, communication, self-esteem and confidence building, marriage enrichment, creating happy and stable families, personal and professional growth.

 I have over 36 years of combined mental health experience.therapist working with individuals from diverse backgrounds, in a variety of settings and with different needs and goals. I use a Jungian therapy, mindfulness, collaborative, integrative, & strength-based approach with my clients. I am very dedicated to your success in meeting your goals for change,as well as your health and wellness journey,  I am empathic, warm, and genuine. I work very hard to help my clients feel confident and in control of their own lives. I will provide you with tools and coping skills for self-monitoring, mood stabilization and emotional regulation to help you respond rather than react to life stressors. I am here to teach you effective communication skills, how to set healthy boundaries and express your needs, feelings, and desires in a productive and healthy way. I help clients identify their strengths and weaknesses and explore what healthy and unhealthy thinking, relationships, and life style can do to damage your mind, body, and the human spirit. My role as as your therapist and life coach is to educate, empower, guide, and support you and your loved ones during our work together.

As a LPC Intern Supervisor...

I am currently taking applications for individuals in need of LPC Intern Supervision in the Corpus Christi, Texas area. Please call my office and leave a message regarding your interest in seeking internship with me. I am taking new LPC interns that have an interest in a Holistic Wellness Model of Mind, Body and Spirit Counseling with an emphasis on psychoneuroimmunology, CAM, and Mindfulness CBT. I am here to help new interns learn to create a private practice and learn advanced skills in Cognitive Behavior Therapy, ACT, DBT, Play Therapy, Jungian Therapy, Clinical Hypnosis, Couples and Marriage Counseling. I use an integrative model and try to match up the skills I use in my own practice and have advanced clinical experience, education, and training in with your LPC Internship placement. I am here to help you develop your own personal syle and learn more about personal branding for success.I am available to supervise interns pursing their careers as Licensed Professional Counselors and offer after work hours supervision if needed. 

Wellness Counseling and Spiritual Living

As a Wellness Counselor and Professional Life Coach my practice emphasizes education, training, goal setting and personal development. I have had the privilege to have helped countless seekers realize their greatest aspirations since I started my career as a Life Coach, Childbirth Educator, and Registered Nurse in 1974. Since that time I have attended graduate school and obtained licensure as a professional counselor and licensed professional supervisor.

Attend a class, schedule an appointment for Professional Life Coaching and learn “How to Create Change, Growth, and Balance when when the Laws of Attraction Work for and Against your success. I am here to encourage you to believe in yourself and improve the person you already are and to provide you with feedback as to how you get in the way of your personal success and growth. I help you look at your "blind spots and sabatour side." Most of my practice is working with individuals, families, couples, and companies in the area of Personal Development and Professional Development. Here my role is a  Professional Life Coach and Relationship Strategist. 

I have authored several E-Books for my clients to use in their Journey to Change and Personal Transformation. These books are full of resources and information about how to move forward, become successful, and create a happier, healthier and more positive lifestyle.

These books and work sheets are a combination of Self-Assessments, Expressive and Cretive Art Homework Exercises. Writing and Journaling Exercises are inclluded. You will learn about the use of Positive Affirmations, the Power of your Words, and how your thoughts become your words, beliefs, actions and manifestions. Learn how to medicate, create a vision board and learn how to use guided imagery to help get you the results you want. Tools for Self-Hypnosis, Improved Creativity,and Mindfulness are included. Learn to Stop your Negative Thought Patterns and Reprogram Your Thinking and Mindset for Success. Results are  Achievable and at your fingertips!

Reprogram your Stinking Thinking for Success and Results today! The requirements are acceptance of where you are, what you are doing, what you are failing to do, the desire to change and the commitment to put the necessary work i place that is required to reap the results! Stop getting in your own way. Learn. Grow. Succeed!

Classes, Workshops, Life Coaching, NLP, Mentoring, and Hypnosis at affordable fees. Insurance does not pay for Life Coaching, Hypnosis, EFT, NLP, and Couples Counseling Sessions! Compare your co pays to our affordable classes, workshops, and hypnosis services. Groth Sessions are available for Individuals, Couples, Groups, and Families. Insurance does not cover these services.

Personal growth, exploration,committment,  acceptance, and change for success!

Professional Counseling Services by a Licensed Profesisonal Counselor-Supervisor

I am here to offer a therapeutic environment to help you explore, grow, learn, and become empowered on your journey to mental health wellness. 

If you have mental health problems and suffer from a mood disorder, anxiety, OCD, depression, trauma, ADD/ADHD or obesity and we are a provider for your insurance plan, please give us a call and we can see you as soon as possible after you speak to your insurance provider. I look forward to working with clients that are self pay, a government assisted program (Driscoll Star), and on some of the tiers of Humana, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, Aetna, and Unitedhealthcare. Even though I am shown as being on these insurance plans there are various plans within the Major Plans and I am not on all of them. Some do require a referral from your physician before I can schedule an appointment. 

We will be happy to coordinate your mental health care with your psychiatrist or the health care provider prescribing your medications

About Using Your Insurance for Counseling Services

Please call your insurance plan and find out detailed information about your specific mental health coverage.

1. Make sure that I am on your specific plan as a provider. 2. As a Licensed Professional Counselor what services am I allowed to provide you that are covered and allowed by your specific plan. 3. Ask if you have a deductible and how much it is should you have one. 3. Find out what your charges will be to see me if you have not met your deductible. 4. Find out what your co pays are once your deductible is met. 5. If you do not have a deductible find out how many sessions you are allowed each calendar year and what your so pay is for the initial visit, 45 minute and 60 minute appointments. 6. If you are wanting services for family counseling, relationship counseling, or marriage counseling please discuss to see if your plan will cover theses services. Most insurance plans do not allow for V Code Diagnosis such as Grief and Relationship Issues. Most insurance plans do not cover marriage or couples counseling. Please talk to your insurance provider. 

Change is Possible and You Can Do It!

I offer Integrative Holistic Wellness Counseling, Education, & Life Coaching Services in Corpus Christi. Office and Web based "tele counseling", and telephone services are available for self paying clients only. Unfortunately, insurance does not cover these services.. My office setting is available  to those on insurance and creates a warm, friendly, and nurturing environment where you can explore the possibilities of creating your dreams, reaching your goals, and creating a happier and more peaceful life. Groups, workshops, retreats, and classes are offered during the year. 

My Mission Is to Empower You on Your Healing Journey to Success and find Inner Peace.

I am your guide for transformation and change.  You will learn to follow the laws of attraction, identify the "blocks" that keep you from being happy, learn about your own blind spots and take responsibility for the part you play in attracting the wrong person, issues with coworkers, employers, friends, working in the wrong place or attracting repeated patterns of negative experiences in your life. I take a holistic, whole person, and integrative approach to help facilitate you in making the changes you want to see happen in your life.

Stop your negative thinking, rid yourself of unhealthy patterns that lead to isolation, heart ache, and pain.  Get that job you want, create a happy home life, improve your finances, get that promotion, and create a happy family life. Move forward and resolve issues from the past that create anger that keep your mind stuck in misery, hatred, and fear.  Learn to let go of old thinking patterns that are no longer working for you.

I offer an integrative approach to therapy which is more than traditional counseling or talk-psychotherapy. With education and training in religious studies, clinical hypnotherapy, professional life coaching, holistic wellness, Mind, Body, Spirit Connection,  I combine these tools with that of traditional counseling education. 
I use Whole Person approach that specific for your style of learning and need. I offer clients a variety of tools, resources, and coping skills in the treatment of a variety of issues and disorders. In addition to talk therapy, I provide Play Therapy for children over the age of 6, Hypnosis to children teens, and adults, Relationship, Marriage, and Couples Counseling,. I offer Spiritual Direction and Faith-Based Counseling upon request. I have found that the integration of Energy Psychology works very well in treating anxiety disorders, obsessive thinking (OCD), addictions, emotional trauma, panic attacks and issues of betrayal and infidelity.


Counseling/Psychotherapy     Professional Life Coaching      Certification/Trainings    Business Mastermind Coaching              

Individuals, Couples, Groups, Families

  • Couples Therapy, Premarital Counseling, Relationship Repair
  • Marriage Counseling, Couples Counseling, Relationship Classes
  • Family Issues
  • Professionals,Consultations, Trainings, Supervision
  • Business Set Up Training, Master Mind Groups
  • Childbirth Educator and Doula Certification
  • Prental and Postpartum Counseling
  • Managing Anxiety, Stress, or Depression
  • Pregnancy Loss
  • Infertility
  • Divorce or Break-up
  • LPC Intern Supervision
  • LGBTQ Issues
  • Death of a Loved One
  • Grief, Loss, Transistions, Adjustments
  • Loss of a Pet
  • Chronic or Terminal Illness
  • Diagnosistic Assessment and Screening
  • Bariartic Evalutations
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Recovery from Rape or Other Violent Assault
  • Unhealthy Relationships & Dating Problems
  • Adolescent / Teen Anxiety, Obesity & Behavioral Issues
  • Integrative  & Holisitc Counseling
  • Expressive and Creative Arts
  • Prescriptive Play Therapy
  • Interpersonal Psychotherapy 
  • Jungian Psychotherapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 
  • Behavioral Activation  
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  • Family Systems 
  • Psychoeducational
  • Motivational Interviewing 
  • Partner-Assisted Therapy
  •  Gestalt Therapy
  •  Mindfulness
  •  Family Systems
  • Dialectic Behavior Therapy (DBT)
  • Holistic/Whole Person Approach
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy & NLP
  • Pet Assisted Therapy Upon Approval

Ask us how Life Coaching and Hypnosis and benefit you and create fast, affordable and positive results.

Hypnosis Services for:

  •  Infertility
  • Stop Smoking
  • Weight Loss and Weight Loss Maintenance
  • Anxiety Fears Phobias
  • Anger
  • Motivation
  • Test Anxiety
  • Performance Anxiety
  • Stress Management
  • Sports Enhancement
  • Nail Biting
  • Thumb Sucking
  • Bed Wetting
  • Pain Management
  • Natural Childbirth                                                                                         

Professional Coaching


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