The Practice of Cathy Armstrong offers Integrative Holistic Wellness Services for the Mind, Body and Spirit. Cathy is an experienced clinical hypnotherapist, labor and birth doula, childbirth educator, licensed professional counselor-supervisor, registered nurse and ordained minister. Cathy is available to help you help you awaken to your fullest potential. Cathy provides a warm and nurturing environment where you can explore the possibilities of creating your dreams, reaching your goals, and creating a happier and more peaceful life.

Our Mission Is To Empower You On Your Healing Journey To Success and Inner Peace

Cathy Armstrong provides a range of traditional and non-traditional services in both a private practice setting and distance learning. In her office you will quickly find yourself feeling supported, understood and relaxed. Cathy is available for distance learning trainings and Web based professional life coaching, counseling, Tranquil Birth Program, and a variety of Mind, Body educational classes. Cathy offers a variety of health and wellness programs to choose from. Schedule an appointment and discuss what the next step is to design your own personalized journey to healing, renewal and transformation. Become the Master of Your Ship by creating optimum well-being on all three levels of: Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Cathy Armstrong is a dedicated professional that has been a Registerd Nurse since 1974 and a mental health provider as a Licensed Professional Counselor serving Corpus Christi, Texas and the surrounding area for more than 20 years. Cathy Armstrong is committed to helping you or your family members make necessary changes leading to lasting joy and wholeness.




Services: Couples & Individual Counseling, Tranquil Birth Childbirth Classes, Marriage Counseling & Relationship Repair,  Family Therapy, Group Therapy, Clinical Hypnosis, Jungian Therapy, Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Play Therapy,  Integrative Holistic Counseling, Jungian Dream Work, Spiritual Direction, Professional Life Coaching, Health & Wellness Counseling, Stop Smoking, Weight Loss, Evaluations and Assessments, Meditation Classes, Workshops, Trainings, and Supervision for Licensed Professional Counselor Interns.




Cathy Armstrong’s Philosophy: We have the power to transform, heal, and grow, but sometimes we need help to fully tap into the unlimited potential of our own healing wisdom, and we need to examine our unconscious parts the we don't see ourselves. We need to look at how our negative programming interconnected to our current situation. Cathy's goal is to support you in creating a healthy, more balanced, joyous, and peaceful lifestyle. Whether you find yourself experiencing a life change, dealing with a past issue you can’t ignore anymore, or you want  to get more satisfaction out of life, call Cathy Armstrong. We are here to help you grow and create a more abundant life.


Holistic Integrative Therapy and Counseling with Cathy Armstrong, RN, LPC-S
A Personal Note from Cathy Armstrong

rovide individual, couples, group, and family counseling in a relaxed, confidential, and supportive office setting. On line services and Web Based services are also available.

As a holistic therapist with extensive training in a variety of effective therapeutic methods, I work together with you to optimize your emotional, physical, and spiritual health. Treatment programs are tailored to the needs of the individual, and include identifying your goals, revealing the underlying causes of symptoms or issues, and implementing behavior change techniques and strategies as well as  CAM tools to help heal the emotional, mental, psychological and spritual distress that brought you to my office. I am here to be a partner in your journey to wholeness. It is a privilede to teach my cllients new skills for transformation, healing and self empowerment. If you are having health issues, please know that I am available to be part of your team and ensure that you will  receive continuity of care form this office.

Through solutions-based therapy, I help you rapidly remove blocks to uncover your true potential and lead a more fulfilling life. By applying powerful therapeutic approaches and techniques, we can quickly transform long-standing behavior patterns, beliefs and negative perceptions that may have been blocking you from living your best life.

Discover how holistic therapies can help you heal and evolve in the most effective and comprehensive manner. Many patients report impressive results even from their first session. You’ll find that the growth and results you’ve been hoping for really can begin today.


Taking the First Step: I invite you to please contact me with any questions you might have. I look forward to meeting you and working together. Call (361) 688-8200



Treatment specialization areas: (They include but aren’t limited to) issues such as: significant life transitions, infertility issues, conception, birth fears,new parent adjustments, transitions and changes, relocation stress, anxiety disorders, fears of upcoming future events, phobias, fears and feelings of impending doom (fear of the unknown...what if feelings), OCD, depression, anger management, play therapy, stress management, post traumatic stress disorder, pregancy anxiety & depression, postpartum depression, infidelity, addictions, insomnia, compulsive behaviors, substance abuse, health problems, smoking cessation, weight loss, pain management, performance enhancement, and personal and spiritual growth.

Therapy & Coaching methods/tools: clinical hypnotherapy, self-hypnosis, autosuggestion/reinforcement,  integrative and whole person, family systems, cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness, relaxation, breathe work, imgery, visualization,energy psychology, mind-body therapy, dream analysis, EFT (emotional field therapy) Medical Meditation, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and Jungian Therapy.



News and Updates- we’re now offering:

Tranquil Birth Childbirth Education On Line/In Office
Spiritual Direction,Coaching and Jungian Therapy 
:  Do you feel lost, not all there, missing something vital, have repeated bouts of depression, or been diagnosed with Cancer or an Autoimmune Disorder?  You may be suffering from a disconnection from your authenic "true self." This is a condition where you might feel overwhelemed, lost or confused possibly related to a loss, fear, or due to something traumatic happening to you. Do you feel like a small part of your very "soul", inner being, or "core" self feels disconnected, all alone, or abandoned? Perhaps your feel the heartache of a loss, a traumatic event, are having intense feelings of anxiety, worry, self-doubt, intense guilt, shame about your past, maybe you have an anxiety condition. If you are tired of the feelings you have been dealing with, call today to determine if one of these programs wll help you. We can integrate traditional talk therapyy, CBT, and Expressive and Creative Art Exercises and Journaling with spiritual direction and Jungian Theapy. Learn about archetypes, your shadow self, learn to create a mandala, balance your energy centers, learn to use self-hypnosis, guided imagery and create inner balance and peace with a variety of media including Sand Tray.

Saturday Morning Mediation Group: RSVP Only!
Tranquil Chidbirth Education Classes  8:30 am
Saturday Meditation Group for Beginners 10:00 am
Energy, Chakras, Mindfulness  11:30 am
Saturday Afternoon Wise Women's Counsel 2:00 pm
Master Mind Group 3:30 Pm
Sunday Morning Heart Song Group 7:00 am
Sunday Afternoon Spiritual Direction and Meditation 4:00 pm

Health Coaching and Counseling for Coping and Stress Management for Medical and Health Related Concerns: Whether you are wanting to create a lifestyle change and start a journey to vitality and well-being or if you are having trouble dealing with a newly diagnosed medical problems such as cancer, autoimmune disorder or diabestes, Cathy Armstrong has a program to fit your specific needs. She offers traditional counseling and is on some insurance plans and also offers a  health coaching service for clients not in need of traditional psychotherapy. Cathy will tailor and customize your coaching or counseling experience and help you explore ways to help you feel your best, and joyf transition from “just surviving” to really thriving. Together we’ll build a framework for abundant health that perfectly suits your unique lifestyle, preferences, and goals- one designed to effectively resolve even long-standing physical challenges and issues. Our health coach will partner with you to create new patterns and sustainable, enjoyable changes that activate the profound healing capabilities of your body, mind, and spirit.